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Pokémon: Ultra Sun & Moon

West Staircase - Versus Cyrus

Vincent Lau

At the top of the west staircase, there’s another Grunt walking near a teleporter. Past here is a puzzle room featuring the return of the spinning arrow tiles from the original Red and Blue! If you weren’t around to experience them, stepping on an arrow tile will make you spin uncontrollably in the arrow’s direction.

Team Rainbow Rocket Grunts

Location Pokémon
Entrance. "Fearow" IconFearow (Lv. 62)
1st puzzle room. "Haunter" IconHaunter (Lv. 62)
2nd puzzle room. "Raticate" IconRaticate (Lv. 62)
Before the boss room (1st opponent). "Hypno" IconHypno (Lv. 62)
Before the boss room (2nd opponent). "Arbok" IconArbok, "Golbat" IconGolbat (Lv. 62)

If you end up spinning into another arrow tile, you’ll start spinning in the new direction and this will keep happening if you spin into more arrow tiles. The only way you’ll stop is when you hit a wall. A good way to navigate the maze of arrow tiles is to imagine yourself moving into the arrow tiles and following the path you’d take.

Or you could just follow our maps and guidance!

In the first puzzle room, there’s a Grunt in the north-east corner, and a Revive near the center. Step onto the lower of the west-facing arrow tiles near the east side. This will propel you towards the north-west corner, where you can reach the teleporter. To get the item, step on the south-facing arrow tile near the west side.

This will take you towards the center of the room. After retrieving the Revive, step onto the north-facing arrow tile near the west side to return to the north-west corner.

In the second puzzle room, you’ll start near the south. In the north-east corner, there’s a Rocket Grunt and a Zinc. Step on the north-facing arrow tile immediately ahead of you. You’ll end up below a west-facing arrow tile underneath the next teleporter. That’s where you want to go, but first, carefully navigate to the north-east corner.

Pick up the Zinc near the Grunt, then go back and step onto the arrow tile just below the teleporter to the next area. You’ll be sent to the far south-west corner. From here, make your way north along the west side of the room. Finally step onto the north-facing arrow tile near the next corner to reach the teleporter.

The third and final room begins with nothing but arrow tiles. Towards the far north is the final teleporter, and a HP Up in the north-west corner. While there’s certainly a lot going on, the path through the maze isn’t too complicated. First, step onto the higher of the two east-facing arrow tiles near the entrance.

After spinning a short distance, step onto the nearby north-facing arrow tile. This will send you towards the north-east corner. Next, step onto the higher of the two west-facing arrow tiles towards the left. You’ll be propelled all the way to the final teleporter. Afterwards, you’ll need to re-enter the room to grab the HP Up.

As usual, at the end is a pair of Grunts dutifully guarding the boss’s door. Nearby to the left is a Hyper Potion for your pleasure. Beyond the door, you’ll find Cyrus, the leader of Team Galactic. Even though he’s thrust into an unfamiliar world, his dreams have not changed. You’d better stop him before he gets ahead of himself.

Team Galactic Cyrus

Pokémon Level Type
"Houndoom" IconHoundoom 65 Dark/Fire
"Honchkrow" IconHonchkrow 65 Dark/Flying
"Crobat" IconCrobat 65 Poison/Flying
"Weavile" IconWeavile 65 Dark/Ice
"Dialga" IconDialga (Ultra Sun) 67 Steel/Dragon
"Palkia" IconPalkia (Ultra Moon) 67 Water/Dragon

Cyrus’s team is based off his final encounter in Platinum. First up is "Houndoom" IconHoundoom, a competent Dark and Fire-type with excellent Special Attack, but poor Defense. It can use Fire Blast and Dark Pulse for STAB, and Sludge Bomb and Shadow Ball to hit resistant types. Water, Rock, Ground and Fighting-types should prove useful.

"Honchkrow" IconHonchkrow is a Pokémon also used by Lysandre. As before, it has great offensive stats, but poor defensive and speed stats. Attack-wise, it can use Night Slash and Sky Attack to deal STAB damage–the latter dealing high damage, but requires a turn to charge. It also has Icy Wind and Heat Wave. Electric, Rock or Fairy-types are ideal.

"Crobat" IconCrobat is another repeat Pokémon, used by both Archie and Maxie. Again, it has excellent Attack and decent Speed. For attacks, it can use Cross Poison for STAB, X-Scissor to hurt Psychics, Zen Headbutt to cause flinch, and Super Fang to halve HP. Electric, Rock or Ice-types are recommended.

"Weavile" IconWeavile is Cyrus’s signature Pokémon–an evolved "Sneasel" IconSneasel with scarily high Attack and Speed, but poor bulk. It can use Night Slash and Ice Punch to deal STAB damage, Brick Break to hurt Rock and Steel-types and Quick Attack to finish off foes. Fighting-types will nail it in record time; Fire and Fairy-types are also good.

If playing Ultra Sun, Cyrus’s Legendary Pokémon is "Dialga" IconDialga, the master of time. This Steel and Dragon-type can use Flash Cannon and Roar of Time to inflict STAB damage–the latter being incredibly damaging, but leaves it vulnerable for one turn. In addition, it has Earth Power and Thunderbolt to combat resistant Types.

Meanwhile, in Ultra Moon, Cyrus has a "Palkia" IconPalkia instead. This space-controlling Legendary can use Surf and Spacial Rend to dish out STAB damage–the latter has a high critical hit ratio. Just like Dialga, it has Earth Power and Thunderbolt to tackle resistant Types, most notably Electric-types with Earth Power.

Both of these Legendary Dragon Pokémon have extremely solid stats, with Special Attack being the highest. Against Dialga, Fighting or Ground-types are your safest bets. Meanwhile Palkia is susceptible to Fairy-types. Sadly, Ultra "Necrozma" IconNecrozma has a poor match up, although it can potentially outmuscle Palkia.

Shatter Cyrus’s fathomless dreams and he’ll hand you a Galactic Key. Use this on the card reader at the back of the room to activate the teleporter behind the mirror in Lusamine’s room. At the same time, the teleporter in this room will activate, allowing you to quickly return to the entrance of the castle.

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