Fingers crossed your Pokemon return with something cool!

At Isle Aphun , your Pokemon will go on 24-hour long missions exploring a cave. After that, they will give you a handful of uncommon or rare items depending on the mission you sent them on. This Isle is easily one of the most useful Isles in the entire of Pokemon Pelago, especially in Ultra Sun & Ultra Moon.

Different missions will give you different items, and require Isle Aphun to be at different ranks to unlock. Here’s all the missions available to you:

Mission Isle Level Item Rewards
Path for Odd Shard Hunting! 1 Various colored shards
Path for Brilliant Stone Hunting! 2 Various evolution stones
Path for Interesting Item Hunting! 2 Any of the missions’ rewards
Path for Rare Treasure Hunting! 3 Pearls, Gold Nuggets, Bones, etc.

Path for Odd Shard Hunting! is one of your most (and only) reliable methods by which to “farm” shards to trade for Bottle Caps if you want to Hyper Train your Pokemon (Hyper Training is discussed elsewhere in the guide).

Path for Brilliant Stone Hunting! is how you can find various evolution stones aside from what you can purchase at Konikoni City and the finite supply you pick up in various areas.

Path for Rare Treasure Hunting! is how you can get things like Gold Bottle Caps and, most importantly, fossils . Revive the fossils at the Fossil Restoration Center on Akala Island to complete the Pokedex and collect all the fossil Pokemon!

Path for Intereting Item Hunting! is a mixed bag of a quest. You basically have a chance of getting anything and everything possible. It’s not specialized but if you have nothing else to do, you can send your Pokemon on this quest.

Here are the requirements to build up Isle Aphun:

Isle Level Plain Beans Pokemon in PC
1 30 Beans 30 Pokemon
2 90 Beans 45 Pokemon
3 150 Beans 60 Pokemon

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