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Pokémon: Ultra Sun & Moon

Trial 8 - Mina's Abode

Vincent Lau

The world has been saved, but your job is far from over. Speak to Mina inside her house at Seafolk Village to accept her island trial. Mina doesn’t beat around the bush and challenges you to a Pokémon battle.

Captain Mina

Pokémon Level Type
"Mawile" IconMawile 51 Steel/Fairy
"Granbull" IconGranbull 51 Fairy
"Ribombee" IconRibombee 51 Bug/Fairy

Evidently, Mina is the Fairy-type captain. Her first Pokémon is "Mawile" IconMawile, which is part Steel. If you sent out a Poison or Steel-type, tough luck. This deceptive Pokémon can use Iron Head and Play Rough to deal STAB damage, and Sucker Punch to go first if your Pokémon is attacking. Fire and Ground-types are recommended.

Next up can be "Granbull" IconGranbull, an evolved "Snubbull" IconSnubbull that boasts excellent Attack, but isn’t the fastest pup in the house. Mina’s Granbull can use Play Rough to inflict STAB damage, Earthquake to hurt Fire, Poison and Steel counters, and Stone Edge for all other purposes. Poison and Steel-types are your best bets, but they’ll need to be bulky.

Finally, Mina has a "Ribombee" IconRibombee, which is an evolved "Cutiefly" IconCutiefly with amazing Speed and decent Special Attack. Her one can use Pollen Puff and Dazzling Gleam for STAB damage, and Psychic to punish Poison-types. It also has the Fairy Z-Crystal. Steel-types are ideal as they’re super-effective and resist all of its attacks.

Fend off Mina’s fairies and you’ll receive her Fairium Z… wait, a Pink Petal? Of course, this is just the beginning of the trial. Now you must travel across Alola and obtain six other colored petals from the other captains you’ve met. Your first target is Ilima, who’s probably hanging around Verdant Cavern on Melemele Island.

When you’re ready, fly to the Route 2 or Verdant Cavern glide spot. After arriving, go to the tour guide standing near the entrance to Route 2, towards the far north. He’ll inform you that Ilima is currently at Hau’oli Cemetery. Without a moment to waste, fly to Hau’oli Cemetery. As you enter, Hau will pop along and give you a Max Elixir.

Afterwards, head over to the east side of the cemetery to find Ilima himself.

Captain Ilima

Pokémon Level Type
"Gumshoos" IconGumshoos 51 Normal
"Smeargle" IconSmeargle 51 Normal
"Komala" IconKomala 51 Normal

Captain Ilima’s Pokémon are all Normal-types, so have those Fighting-types at the ready! His first Pokémon is "Gumshoos" IconGumshoos, which has high Attack and decent HP, but otherwise middling stats. His one can use Hyper Fang for STAB damage, Super Fang to halve your current HP, and Crunch to hit Ghosts.

Next up can be "Smeargle" IconSmeargle. This painter Pokémon has generally poor stats, save its decent Speed. But it has the advantage of having access to nearly every move. Ilima’s Smeargle has Extreme Speed to deal STAB damage and go first, and Flamethrower, Surf and Energy Ball to counter common Types.

Finally, his "Komala" IconKomala has high Attack and decent special bulk. This koala is always asleep, so it’s immune to status conditions, but susceptible to Dream Eater and Nightmare. It can use Slam to deal STAB damage, Wood Hammer to hurt Rock-types, and Sucker Punch to go first if you’re attacking. It also has the Normal Z-Crystal.

Triumph against the improved Ilima and you’ll receive his Orange Petal. For convenience, he’ll offer to take you straight to the next captain at Lush Jungle. You can either follow him there now or head there yourself later, after you’ve made preparations etc. Either way, as you enter Lush Jungle, you’ll hear a disturbing sound.

Make your way north towards the north zone, where you collected Honey during Mallow’s trial. You’ll bump into Lana and Mallow, who try to silence you with a Pokémon battle. Who you battle with next depends on which game version you’re playing.

Captain Mallow (Ultra Sun)

Pokémon Level Type
"Trevenant" IconTrevenant 51 Grass/Ghost
"Shiinotic" IconShiinotic 51 Grass/Fairy
"Tsareena" IconTsareena 51 Grass

Mallow is a connoisseur of Grass-type Pokémon. Her first Pokémon is "Trevenant" IconTrevenant, an evolved "Phantump" IconPhantump. This ghostly tree has high Attack, but moves as quick as a normal tree would. This one can use Horn Leech and Shadow Claw for STAB damage, and Leech Seed to slowly drain HP. Banish it with Fire, Flying, Ice or Dark-types.

"Shiinotic" IconShiinotic is an evolved "Morelull" IconMorelull with high Special Attack and Special Defense, but appalling Speed. Mallow’s Shiinotic can use Giga Drain and Moonblast to deal STAB damage, and Spore to send your Pokémon straight to sleep. Poison-types are ideal since their attacks do 4x damage, while Fire, Flying, Ice and Steel-types are also good.

Finally, Mallow’s "Tsareena" IconTsareena is a fully evolved "Bounsweet" IconBounsweet and "Steenee" IconSteenee that boasts stunning Attack and decent bulk. It can use Trop Kick to deal STAB damage and lower your Pokémon’s Attack, Low Sweep to tackle Ice-types, and U-Turn to deal damage and switch out if there are partners available. It also has the Grass-type Z-Crystal.

Captain Lana (Ultra Moon)

Pokémon Level Type
"Lanturn" IconLanturn 51 Water/Electric
"Cloyster" IconCloyster 51 Water/Ice
"Araquanid" IconAraquanid 51 Water/Bug

Despite her youth, Lana is an experienced Water-type user. Her first Pokémon, "Lanturn" IconLanturn, has very high HP, but otherwise mediocre stats. It can use Hydro Pump and Discharge to deal STAB damage, and Thunder Wave to cause paralysis. Grass-types are ideal. Avoid Ground-types unless you want to risk a Hydro Pump.

"Cloyster" IconCloyster is an evolved "Shellder" IconShellder with almost unbelievable Defense, but it melts against most special attacks. Lana’s Cloyster can use Icicle Crash to deal STAB damage, Spike Cannon to handle other targets, and Spikes to annoy Pokémon switching in. Electric-types are preferred, and most special attackers should do very well.

Last but not least, "Araquanid" IconAraquanid is the same as Brooklet Hill’s Totem Pokémon. This evolved "Dewpider" IconDewpider has incredible Special Defense and decent Defense, but is painfully slow. This one can use Liquidation and Leech Life to deal STAB damage, and Crunch just in case. It’s also holding Waterium Z. Electric and Flying-types are recommended.

Show Mallow or Lana their folly and you’ll receive their Green Petal and Blue Petal. Next, the two girls will offer to accompany you to Wela Volcano Park, where Kiawe is. As before, it’s up to you whether you want to head there right now or later, in your time. At the volcano’s summit, you’ll find the hiker standing in for Kiawe.

After amusing the hiker, Kiawe will return and–if you’re ready–reprise his role as captain.

Captain Kiawe

Pokémon Level Type
"Arcanine" IconArcanine 51 Fire
"Talonflame" IconTalonflame 51 Fire/Flying
"Marowak" IconMarowak (Alolan) 51 Fire/Ghost

It should be no surprise that Kiawe favors the Fire-type. His first Pokémon is "Arcanine" IconArcanine, which is an evolved "Growlithe" IconGrowlithe with extremely balanced stats. For attacks, it can use Flare Blitz for STAB damage, Crunch to damage Psychics and Ghosts, and Extreme Speed to attack first. Obviously, you should use Water, Rock or Ground-types.

"Talonflame" IconTalonflame is a fully evolved "Fletchling" IconFletchling and "Fletchinder" IconFletchinder with stupendous Speed. For attacks, it can use Brave Bird, a hugely damaging Flying-type move, Flame Charge to deal damage and boost its Speed further, and Quick Attack to finish off weakened foes. Rock-types are ideal, and Water and Electric-types are fine choices as well.

Finally, Kiawe’s Alolan "Marowak" IconMarowak is the same as the Totem Pokémon fought here. This evolved "Cubone" IconCubone has high Defense, and decent Attack and Special Defense. It can use Flame Wheel and Shadow Bone for STAB, and Bonemerang to hurt Rock-types. It’s also holding Firium Z. Water, Ground and Dark-types are recommended.

Immediately afterwards, Kiawe’s hiker buddy will be so excited that he can’t help himself to a battle with you.

Hiker David

Pokémon Level Type
"Magmar" IconMagmar 48 Fire

Coming straight from your battle with Kiawe, this should be a very easy Pokémon to deal with. Given the chance, it can use Sunny Day to power up Fire-type moves and weaken Water-type moves. If you’re using Water-types, you’ll need to hurry up. Otherwise, it can use Confuse Ray to try mess up your Pokémon.

Put out David’s fire and you’ll receive the Red Petal from Kiawe. Being the helpful gentleman he is, Kiawe will elect to escort you to the observatory on Mount Hokulani, where Sophocles is. In any case, you’ll find Sophocles in the room where you first met him. If you playing Ultra Moon, he will be too upset to battle.

Captain Sophocles (Ultra Sun)

Pokémon Level Type
"Togedemaru" IconTogedemaru 51 Electric/Steel
"Magnezone" IconMagnezone 51 Electric/Steel
"Golem" IconGolem (Alolan) 51 Rock/Electric

Sophocles is a fan of Electric-types. His first Pokémon is "Togedemaru" IconTogedemaru, which you fought as a Totem Pokémon. It has deceptively high Attack and Speed, but lackluster bulk. It can use Zing Zap for STAB damage, Fell Stinger to finish off foes, and Spiky Shield to negate damage and hurt physical attackers. Go with Ground-types for an easy win.

"Magnezone" IconMagnezone is a fully evolved "Magnemite" IconMagnemite and "Magneton" IconMagneton. This UFO boasts stellar Special Attack and decent bulk. Sophocles’s Magnezone can use Discharge and Flash Cannon for STAB damage, and Tri Attack as a last resort. Like Togedemaru, Ground-types will finish it in record time. Fire or Fighting-types also work well.

Finally, the Alolan "Golem" IconGolem has impressive Attack and Defense, but is slow as you’d expect. For attacks, it can use Stone Edge and Thunder Punch to deal STAB damage, and Steamroller to hurt Grass-types. It’s also carrying Electrium Z. Again, Ground-types are the clear winners, but Fighting-types have a fighting chance (pun not intended).

Regardless of the situation, Sophocles will give you his Yellow Petal. If you want, you can let him take you to your next destination: Aether House on Route 15. When you arrive at the Aether House, there’s someone standing in front of the entrance. He’ll give you a Grip Claw before walking off into the distance.

Inside the Aether House, you’ll find Nanu in place of Acerola. If playing Ultra Sun, he’ll be too tired to battle you.

Island Kahuna Nanu (Ultra Moon)

Pokémon Level Type
"Sableye" IconSableye 52 Dark/Ghost
"Absol" IconAbsol 52 Dark
"Persian" IconPersian (Alolan) 53 Dark

You should remember Nanu being the Dark-type kahuna. His first Pokémon is still "Sableye" IconSableye, a very middle of the road Pokémon. This time it doesn’t bother using Fake Out, and instead relies on Dark Pulse and Shadow Ball to deal damage, and Power Gem just in case. As before, it’s only weak to Fairy-types.

New to Nanu’s party is "Absol" IconAbsol, a pure Dark-type that boasts exceptional Attack, but otherwise mediocre stats. Nanu’s Absol can use Night Slash to deal STAB damage, Psycho Cut to punish Fighting-types, and Sucker Punch to go first if your Pokémon is attacking. Bug or Fairy-types are recommended.

Nanu’s final Pokémon is once again his Alolan "Persian" IconPersian. This pampered feline has high Speed, but otherwise middling stats. However its Fur Coat Ability weakens physical damage. This one can use Fake Out for a first turn flinch, Dark Pulse for STAB, and Power Gem… just because. It also has a Darkium Z. Hit it with Bug or Fairy-types.

No matter what, Nanu will give you Acerola’s Purple Petal. That’s all seven petals collected! Make your way back to Mina in her home at Seafolk Village. Before speaking to her, ensure that your Pokémon are prepared for battle. Mina will combine your petals into the Rainbow Flower. In doing so, the Totem Pokémon will be lured in.

Totem Pokémon

Pokémon Level Type
"Ribombee" IconRibombee 55 Bug/Fairy

Normally, you wouldn’t fear a Ribombee, but when facing a gigantic Ribombee with all of its stats boosted by two stages, you should be scared, very scared. This final Totem Pokémon is extremely oppressive, although not as much as Ultra "Necrozma" IconNecrozma. With its stat boosts, it has unrivalled Speed and sky-high Special Attack.

However it gets worse, as Ribombee can use Quiver Dance to boost its Special Attack, Special Defense and Speed. If allowed to use Quiver Dance, it can quickly surpass Ultra Necrozma in raw strength and basically becomes unstoppable. Even if you’re using Pokémon that resist Ribombee’s attacks.

Speaking of which, it can use Bug Buzz and Dazzling Gleam to deal impressive STAB damage, and Draining Kiss to deal damage and restore a lot of HP. For defense, it’s holding an Occa Berry that weakens the damage of one super-effective Fire-type attack. Therefore preventing most Fire-types from one-shotting it.

Its allies are almost as bad. If "Pelipper" IconPelipper shows up, it’s pretty much Game Over for your Fire-types. Thanks to its Drizzle Ability, which summons rain, Fire-type moves will be weakened. In addition, Water-type moves are powered up, which is bad news for when Pelipper starts spamming Scald.

Meanwhile, "Blissey" IconBlissey poses zero threat and instead supports Ribombee to ensure no Pokémon can survive its carnage. It can use Light Screen to raise its team’s Special Defense, Heal Pulse to restore Ribombee’s HP, and Helping Hand to boost Ribombee’s damage. All of these are scenarios you don’t want to see.

As your final totem battle, this is a tough one, alright. Ideally, you want to finish this battle ASAP, before Ribombee powers up to the point where you can’t survive a single hit. Thankfully, even with its stat boosts, Ribombee’s bulk isn’t anything to write home about. So a couple of powerful super-effective hits should be able to stop it.

The best Pokémon for the task are Poison and Steel-types, since they’re super-effective and resist Ribombee’s STAB moves. Ideally, you should give them a Z-Crystal so they can dish out massive damage with a Z-Move. Obviously, Steel-types are disadvantaged against Pelipper, but you can deal with it after defeating Ribombee.

Fire-types are extremely risky because of Ribombee’s Occa Berry and also because there’s a good chance that Ribombee will call Pelipper, who will instantly rain on your parade. However, if you must, you can use Sunny Day to shift the weather into your favor. You can buy the Sunny Day TM from the Royal Avenue Pokémon Center.

Otherwise, you’ve got Flying-types as the final option. However, unlike the above Types, they do not resist Ribombee’s Fairy-type moves, which puts them at a disadvantage. Still, if that’s all you have, you could try and make it work. So long as they can survive a turn, you can surprise Ribombee with a Flying-type Z-Move.

An interesting way to fight Ribombee is by sending out an "Oricorio" IconOricorio and using your Battle Items, such as Roto Boost or X Sp. Def to boost its stats until they’re comparable to Ribombee’s. Each time Ribombee uses Quiver Dance, Oricorio will copy the move, without expending its own turn, thus giving it two chances to boost its stats.

No matter which Pokémon you use, priority moves are also very useful to have during this battle. Especially Bullet Punch. Chances are Ribombee will outspeed all of your Pokémon, but priority moves allow you to attack first regardless of Speed. This could be a life-saver if you somehow let Ribombee get strong enough to one-shot your party.

When you leave Mina’s house, you’ll bump into Hala and Hapu. Now that you’re both ready, Hapu invites you to "Exeggutor" IconExeggutor Island to accept her very first Grand Trial–and your final Grand Trial.

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