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Pokémon: Ultra Sun & Moon

Route 8

Vincent Lau

(1 of 2) Theres a long road ahead of you. Literally.

Theres a long road ahead of you. Literally. (left), (right)

Pokemon Encounters - Route 8

Name Type(s) Location (Rate)
Trumbeak Normal/Flying All grass patches (30%)
Yungoos Normal [Day] All grass patches (30%)
Gumshoos Normal [Day] SOS from Yungoos
Rattata (Alolan) Dark/Normal [Night] All grass patches (30%)
Raticate (Alolan) Dark/Normal [Night] SOS from Rattata
Fletchling Normal/Flying All grass patches (15%)
Fletchinder Fire/Flying SOS from Fletchling
Salandit Poison/Fire All grass patches (15%)
Stufful Normal/Fighting All grass patches (10%)
Crabrawler Fighting Underneath berry trees (100%)
Wimpod Bug/Water Chasing Wimpod (100%)

Pokemon Encounters - Surfing

Name Type(s) Location (Rate)
Tentacool Water/Poison Surfing everywhere (40%)
Mantyke Water/Flying Surfing everywhere (20%)
Remoraid Water SOS from Mantyke
Finneon Water Surfing everywhere (20%)
Wingull Water/Flying Surfing everywhere (20%)

Pokemon Encounters - Fishing

Name Type(s) Location (Rate)
Magikarp Water Standard fishing spots (50%), bubbling fishing spots (40%)
Gyarados Water/Flying SOS from Magikarp
Wishiwashi Water Standard fishing spots (30%), bubbling fishing spots (20%)
Remoraid Water Standard fishing spots (15%), bubbling fishing spots (5%)
Octillery Water SOS from Remoraid
Chinchou Water/Electric Standard fishing spots (5%), bubbling fishing spots (35%)
Lanturn Water/Electric SOS from Chinchou

This oceanside route stretches across the entire northern breadth of Akala Island. After the fiery trial at Wela Volcano Park, you’ve got ample opportunity to let off steam before the next trial, the Grass-type trial at Lush Jungle. Anyway, start by heading north towards the Route 8 signpost. Past the signpost, there’s a slope going down.

Below, there’s the exit side of a ledge to the left, as well as a bubbling fishing spot to the north-east. Invisible to the naked eye is a Max Repel found by searching the top of the grassy mound, near the water’s edge. Return back up the slope.

(1 of 2) Ha, just like stealing candy from a baby. Okay, it was a bit harder than that.

Ha, just like stealing candy from a baby. Okay, it was a bit harder than that. (left), (right)

East from this pair is a trailer belonging to the Aether Foundation.

To the left is an employee who takes care of Vulpix. If you rescued the Vulpix back in Paniola Town, it will appear here. If you’re feeling kind, you can give it a Big Malasada, from any of the malasada shops. The next day, you can return to see how it’s doing.

Back outside, start to head west from the Aether Foundation trailer. You’ll be stopped by the scientist staying at the 3rd floor of Tide Song Hotel. Why, it’s Colress who first appeared in Pokémon Black 2 and White 2! Sigh, if only they made Pokémon Sun 2 and Moon 2. But Ultra Moon and Ultra Sun are still a lot of fun.

Colress will give you TM43 Flame Charge as a meeting gift. This move lets Fire-types deal damage and boost their Speed at the same time. Like he says, it could be useful for the Grass-type trial. Once he’s gone, you can finally retrieve Totem Sticker #039 stuck to the bottom-left corner of the Aether Foundation trailer.

To its right, there’s a sneaky Spot as well. Next, enter the tall grass next to the trailer. Towards the north of the tall grass is a narrow path leading east. On the other side, you’ll bump into a trainer walking around in a circle. Past her is a Big Pearl. Afterwards, you can leap over the ledge to return to the main road.

Backpacker Kiana

Pokémon Level Type
Eevee 20 Normal

Eevee, the Pokémon with so much potential, but a weak Pokémon itself. Fighting-types will ensure Eevee causes minimal damage, but most of your (hopefully) evolved Pokémon will be more than a match for it.

Back on the main road, continue west from the Aether trailer. Past the tall grass by the side of the trailer, there’s a female Pokémon trainer standing next to a grassy mound. She’ll battle you, but only after you’ve defeated the other trainers on Route 8. Further west, there’s a male trainer standing on higher ground.

If you try to proceed west along the road, you’ll end up crossing the trainer’s line of sight, which is fine if you’re ready for a fight. Should you wish to avoid his challenge though, step into the tall grass to his right, then climb up the short slope. From here, you can simply walk behind the trainer while on higher ground.

Rising Star Mikey

Pokémon Level Type
Phantump 20 Ghost/Grass
Trumbeak 21 Normal/Flying

Phantump is a possessed tree, found towards the southern side of Akala Island that you’ve yet to visit. It’s weak to Fire, Flying, Ice, Ghost and Dark-types. Trumbeak is the middle evolution of Pikipek; like its predecessor, it’s weak to Electric, Ice and Rock.

Past Mikey, there’s a Hyper Potion to his left, on lower ground. If you snuck behind him, you can descend the short slope a short distance west to return to the main road. After nabbing the potion, go directly south, across the road. There’s a patch of tall grass that’s easy to miss. On the other side of the grass is a Miracle Seed.

Following the main road, to Mikey’s west is a female trainer also on higher ground. Like Mikey, you’ll run into her vision if you try to continue along the road. Before going anywhere, search the corner immediately to the female trainer’s right for a hidden Adrenaline Orb. To avoid a battle, clamber up the short slope towards the right.

Next, wade your way west through the small patch of tall grass. Past the grass, there’s a berry stack near the corner. Afterwards, you can follow the path south, then west to reach a slope leading back to the road, past the trainer’s field of vision.

Rising Star Nicki

Pokémon Level Type
Stufful 21 Normal/Fighting

This cute-looking teddy bear is extremely vicious, although not a massive threat in its unevolved state. It’s weak to Fighting, Flying, Psychic and Fairy-types. Ghost-types are immune to its STAB moves, but will need an alternative way to inflict damage.

Further west, the road will start to bend south. Before following the road, head through the tall grass to the left side of the slope west from Nicki. At the end of this narrow, grassy path is an Ultra Ball . Back on the road once more, there’s a scientist walking to and fro by the bottom of the road south from the slope.

Scientist Tyrone

Pokémon Level Type
Amaura 20 Rock/Ice
Omanyte 20 Rock/Water

This scientist has two resurrected fossil Pokémon. Sadly, there’s a reason they became extinct… Amaura takes a whopping 4x damage from Fighting and Steel and 2x damage from Water, Grass and Ground. Omanyte is like a primeval Corsola, taking 4x damage from Grass and 2x damage from Electric, Ground and Fighting.

Continuing on, head south-west along the road, while staying close to the east. Not far from Tyrone, there’s a sightseer standing in front of a side exit. Follow his line of sight to reach the Fossil Restoration Center.

After checking it out or otherwise, follow the remainder of the road south. You’ll bump into Hau speaking with a local. If you haven’t used it yet, you’ll be whisked away to the Festival Plaza and forced to do the tutorial. Noooooo, anything but the forced tutorial!

Once you’ve regained control, head west along the road to reach the Route 8 Pokémon Center. There’s still more to explore, but you should check in just to be safe. Actually, just before entering, there’s a young lad standing to the left of the Pokémon Center entrance. Talk to him and you’ll be invited to a battle.

Preschooler Kaleb

Pokémon Level Type
Kangaskhan 19 Normal

A Normal-type with good stats overall, but limited by its inability to dish out STAB super-effective hits. After it Mega Evolves, it becomes an altogether different beast, but obviously this one won’t do that. Smack it with Fighting-types or your most stalwart Pokémon companions.

For your troubles, you’ll receive a Lum Berry. With that family problem resolved, step inside the Pokémon Center.

Meanwhile, the right Poké Mart clerk sells a couple of special Poké Balls and battle items. The latter can help boost your Pokémon’s survivability againsts the totems.

After you’ve hopefully healed and stocked up, head south-west from the Pokémon Center towards Route 8’s motel area. At the main reception, there’s not much to do, although the vending machine here does have Soda Pop for sale, in addition to Fresh Water. Visiting the guest room to the west will result in a “fun” experience.

South from the motel building, there’s a lone golfer practicing on the car park. Good thing there aren’t any cars nearby or there could be a lot of smashed windows!

Golfie Maile

Pokémon Level Type
Natu 20 Psychic/Flying

A tiny bird native to the Johto region with strong Psychic powers. Although, in its unevolved state, dropping it out of the sky should be a simple matter. Just like the Pa’u Style Oricorio, it’s weak to Electric, Rock, Ice, Ghost and Dark.

Next, head towards the west side of the motel building, by the edge of the sea. Carefully squeeze through the narrow path next to the motel wall, grabbing the Dive Ball in the far corner. Just be mindful of the golfer practicing around here. Is he just really shy? Or maybe he accidentally get his ball stuck here?

Golfer Alan

Pokémon Level Type
Hoothoot 20 Normal/Flying

Another bird native to Johto, found during the night only. Like Natu, it’s yet to evolve so a cakewalk for your more experienced Pokémon partners. Although even when evolved, it’s not immensely dangerous either. In any case, Electric, Rock or Ice moves will ground it fast.

Moving on, return towards the front of the motel building. Next, head south-east past the tarmac, onto nature’s own road–the dirt path. Nearby is a woman looking towards the exit. Before heading in the direction of her gaze, go south down the slope. You’ll arrive at a rocky coast that home to some cowardly critters.

(1 of 2) Dont let that Wimpod escape!

Dont let that Wimpod escape! (left), (right)

From the base of the slope, you should notice a small shape towards the north-west. This is a Wimpod, which will run at top speed when you get near. If you haven’t already, summon Tauros. Next, charge directly north-west to chase after the Wimpod as it tries to run west. With luck, you should catch up before it escapes to its the small den.

Regardless, make your way west to the water’s edge. Call Lapras and paddle west across the water. After passing the bubbling fishing spot, head south to reach dry land. Here, a pair of martial artists are training in isolation. They will slowly turn around 360 degrees while training, so you’ll need good timing to avoid them.

Karate Family Samuel and Guy

Pokémon Level Type
Machop 19 Fighting
Machop 21 Fighting

Master and pupil both use the same Pokémon: a lowly Machop. You can safely counter their moves with Flying, Psychic or Fairy-types. Ghost-types work well, but Samuel’s Machop knows Foresight, allowing it to hit Ghost-types after it’s used.

After beating down the Karate pair or otherwise, jump back into the water to their south. Follow the water south-west until you reach the far end of this lagoon. Submerged in the center is a Water Stone. This item can be used to evolve these Water-type Pokémon: Staryu, Shellder and Poliwhirl. It also evolves Eevee into Vaporeon.

To return to the mainland, simply head north-east along the waters. That covers the exploration of Route 8. In case you’ve forgotten, there’s also the “boss” trainer found towards the west of the Aether Foundation trailer, near the start of the route. If you’ve defeated all the trainers thus far, speak to her to request a battle.

Ace Trainer Eileen

Pokémon Level Type
Fletchinder 23 Fire/Flying
Fearow 23 Normal/Flying

Fletchinder is the middle evolution of Fletchling. It has gained the Fire-type, making it double weak to Rock and typically weak to Water and Electric. Fearow is an evolved Spearow and still weak to Electric, Ice and Rock. It has Flyinium Z, so Electric or Rock-types are recommended to resist its Z-Move.

Successfully brace against Eileen’s sky attack and you’ll receive TM58 Sky Drop. This move sends the user and the target into the air on the first turn, then inflicts damage on the second turn. If the user is faster, it makes them almost invulnerable in single battles. However it cannot be used on “heavy” Pokémon.

From here, leave the route via the eastern exit, reached by heading south-east from the motel and Pokémon Center. On the other side, you’ll emerge on the northern half of Route 5.


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