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Pokémon: Ultra Sun & Moon

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Ula'ula Meadow

Vincent Lau

(1 of 2) This meadow is where the passionate Baille Style Oricorio dwells.

This meadow is where the passionate Baille Style Oricorio dwells. (left), (right)

Pokemon Encounters - Ula Ula Meadow

Name Type(s) Location (Rate)
"Ledian" IconLedian Bug/Flying [Day] All grass patches (20%)
"Ariados" IconAriados Bug/Poison [Night] All grass patches (20%)
"Oricorio" IconOricorio (Baile Form) Fire/Flying All grass patches (20%)
"Floette" IconFloette Fairy All grass patches (20%)
"Cottonee" IconCottonee Grass/Fairy [Ultra Sun] All grass patches (20%)
"Petilil" IconPetilil Grass [Ultra Moon] All grass patches (20%)
"Ribombee" IconRibombee Bug/Fairy All grass patches (20%)

On your way to Team Skull’s domain, you’ll pass through this misty meadow. As you arrive, there’s a golfer in a red tee standing to the left, just before the boardwalk. He’s up for a fight, but only after you’ve proven your skill by beating all the other trainers in this meadow. Well, time to get moving and start proving, huh?

To begin with, travel north along the wooden boardwalk towards Faba in the distance. He’ll spout some of his usual egotistical nonsense before departing. Once he’s gone, follow the boardwalk north-east after the corner. Where the boardwalk juts out slightly to the south-east, there’s a Photo Spot here for your amusement.

After the next corner, the boardwalk stretches all the way north, with multiple paths branching to the left and right. First, head east along the first path on the right. This path loops back round to the central boardwalk. Towards the easternmost part of this path, there’s a woman surveying the meadow. Give her a poke if you want a battle.

Office Worker Michelle

Pokémon Level Type
"Torkoal" IconTorkoal 36 Fire
"Whimsicott" IconWhimsicott 36 Grass/Fairy

Michelle’s "Torkoal" IconTorkoal has the Drought Ability, which summons sun, enhancing Fire-type moves and weakening Water-type moves. Even though Water-types are super-effective, they will actually do neutral damage here. Hit it with Ground or Rock-type moves if possible.

Her next Pokémon, "Whimsicott" IconWhimsicott is weak to Fire, Ice, Flying and Steel and doubly weak to Poison. If you defeated Torkoal quickly enough, the sun should still be up, thus allowing your Fire-types to deal massive damage to Whimsicott.

In any case, approach the corner of the boardwalk north-west from Michelle. In the pond just above the corner, there’s something shiny floating on the water–aha, it’s Totem Sticker #072. Get up close and press the A button to fish it up. Afterwards, head west from here, back towards the central boardwalk.

Upon exiting the looped path, head south along the central boardwalk, then go down the steps between the two ends of the path. In this enclosed space, there’s a dancer spinning left and right, while facing south. It’s possible to avoid her by running behind her as soon as she starts looking right, but you have to be quick.

Dancer Mireille

Pokémon Level Type
"Floette" IconFloette 36 Fairy

Mireille’s "Floette" IconFloette, evolved from "Flabébé" IconFlabébé, is a pure Fairy-type. Although funnily enough, hers is lacking Fairy-type moves. Instead, it has Petal Blizzard, a strong Grass-type move. But without STAB to back it up, it shouldn’t cause too much damage unless it’s super-effective.

Around here, there’s a glowing spot above the steps, which yields Red Nectar.

Meanwhile, to the east of Mireille, is a Repeat Ball by the side of the boardwalk. After tossing it with the rest of your Poké Balls, return to the central boardwalk and follow it north towards the path branching out to the left. Enter the side path, but as you do, look out for a Pokémon trainer walking to and fro along the north.

Lass Rylee

Pokémon Level Type
"Sneasel" IconSneasel 35 Dark/Ice
"Komala" IconKomala 35 Normal

"Sneasel" IconSneasel is a fast and hard-hitting Dark and Ice-type. It’s weak to Fire, Rock, Bug, Steel and Fairy, and doubly weak to Fighting. So you’ve got lots to pick from. While it is strong, it has low durability and Rylee’s does not have any STAB moves.

"Komala" IconKomala is a Normal-type that never stops sleeping thanks to its Comatose Ability, yet it can still attack normally. Don’t bother trying to inflict a status condition as Comatose will override it. Also be careful as Komala can use Yawn to make your Pokémon sleep on the next turn.

Towards the far west, the side path connects back to the ground. Here, go south-west along the nearby slope. When you reach the top, wade through the tall grass below. At the far end, there’s an X Sp. Def sitting comfortably outside the grass. Afterwards, double back to the central boardwalk and go down the steps just above.

Past the steps, travel west through the bright red flowers. Halfway across, there’s a second glowing spot that you can inspect to gather Red Nectar. Beyond here, pick up the Adrenaline Orb lying on the ground, away from the flowers. If you didn’t battle Rylee, watch out because she can see here from the leftmost part of her path.

Finally, continue north along the central boardwalk to reach the opposite side of the meadow. Heading north from here, will take you straight to Route 17. But you’re not quite finished here. If you battled Meredith at Melemele Meadow and Royal Avenue, you’ll find her standing to the left of the exit, once again wanting to test her skills.

Actor Meredith

Pokémon Level Type
"Oricorio" IconOricorio (Baille) 36 Fire/Flying

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that Meredith’s Oricorio has taken on the form that’s popular in this meadow. As such, it’s weak to Water and Electric, and doubly weak to Rock. In terms of moves, it can use Air Slash to try and flinch and Teeter Dance to inflict confusion.

Fulfill Meredith’s request and she’ll leave to prepare for her final show. Regardless of whether you battled Meredith or not, if you defeated all the other Pokémon trainers, you should return to the southern entrance and challenge the Golfer to a fight.

Golfer Dean

Pokémon Level Type
"Hariyama" IconHariyama 39 Fighting
"Alakazam" IconAlakazam 39 Psychic

Dean’s Pokémon both have a Flame Orb equipped. This item inflicts a Burn on the user at the end of the first round of battle. Which sounds terrible, since Burn cripples your Attack stats, but there are ways to cleverly use this item, as you’ll soon see.

His first Pokémon is "Hariyama" IconHariyama, an evolved "Makuhita" IconMakuhita. This brutish Pokémon has a high HP and Attack stat. It also has the Guts Ability, which boosts its Attack when inflicted with a status condition. Not only that, but it ignores the Attack reduction from Burn.

Aha, so that’s why it has a Flame Orb! Thanks to Guts and the Flame Orb, Dean’s Hariyama is very deadly, especially for Pokémon that are rather frail. To make matters worse, it has Fake Out for a first turn flinch and Knock Off to beat up Psychics and Ghosts.

Next, his "Alakazam" IconAlakazam is a fully evolved "Abra" IconAbra and "Kadabra" IconKadabra. This sprightly wizard has exceptional Special Attack and Speed stats. Its trick is to use Trick to give your Pokémon its Flame Orb, thus inflicting them with a Burn. It can then spam Recover to outlast you.

There are many ways to deal with Alakazam. Firstly, it cannot use Trick on a Pokémon with a Z-Crystal equipped. Secondly, it only has Psybeam for attacking moves, so Dark-types are immune. You could even let a Dark-type hold Normalium-Z for example.

Conquer Dean’s fiery tactics and you’ll receive a Flame Orb for yourself. If you’re not in a hurry, make your way east from the top of the central boardwalk. Pass through the row of tall grass continue north-east towards the Lake of the Moone/Sunne. Along the way, there’s a female Ace Trainer standing around absorbing the atmosphere.

Otherwise, go directly north from the central boardwalk to reach Route 17.

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