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Pokémon: Ultra Sun & Moon

Malie City

Vincent Lau

(1 of 2) It’s time to kick back after your tense encounter in Aether Paradise.

It’s time to kick back after your tense encounter in Aether Paradise. (left), (right)

Your Ula’ula Island adventures begin at the island’s one and only city. From where you arrive, start by heading east, back towards the ferry terminal. On the wall immediately to the right of the ferry terminal entrance is Totem Sticker #051 that you should peel off for good luck. Next, step into the building itself.

Inside, go north-east towards the man in red standing along the wall. You’ll receive a Nugget. Wow, the good luck is paying off already! Afterwards, leave the ferry terminal and travel west towards the rest of the city. After crossing the stair bridge, the city’s Pokémon Center is directly ahead. It would be smart to pay it a visit.

Continuing west from the Pokémon Center, will lead you to Hau and his starter Pokémon blocking the road. Approach Hau and he’ll request a rematch. He might be blocking the road, but at least he doesn’t just up and surprise you with a battle like in Pokémon Sun and Moon!

Pokémon Trainer Hau

Pokémon Level Type
"Brionne" IconBrionne (if you picked "Rowlet" IconRowlet) 30 Water
"Dartrix" IconDartrix (if you picked "Litten" IconLitten) 30 Grass/Flying
"Torracat" IconTorracat (if you picked "Popplio" IconPopplio) 30 Fire
"Flareon" IconFlareon (if you picked "Rowlet" IconRowlet) 28 Fire
"Vaporeon" IconVaporeon (if you picked "Litten" IconLitten) 28 Water
"Leafeon" IconLeafeon (if you picked "Popplio" IconPopplio) 28 Grass
"Noibat" IconNoibat 28 Flying/Dragon
"Tauros" IconTauros 28 Normal
"Raichu" IconRaichu (Alolan) 29 Electric/Psychic

Wow, it’s been a while since you last battled against Hau back at Paniola Town. As before, he leads with his starter Pokémon, so you should do the same. Especially as his starter can use a STAB Z-Move. Just keep in mind that Hau is smart and will withdraw his starter if it’s disadvantaged.

Next, Hau has evolved his "Eevee" IconEevee into the Type that’s strong against yours. Now that’s pretty smart of him. At this point, you’ll obviously want to switch your starter Pokémon out and replace it with a Pokémon that’s super-effective or at least resists the evolved Eevee.

His third Pokémon can be "Noibat" IconNoibat, which hasn’t changed much–and it can’t physically change since it evolves at Level 48, which is miles away. If you have any, blast it with chilling Ice-type moves. Rock, Dragon or Fairy moves are also good.

New to Hau’s team is "Tauros" IconTauros, like the one Hala gave you to ride. Although it’s slightly intimidating (and literally has Intimidate to lower Attack), it’s not terribly hard to handle. What with it being a plain old Normal-type and having the pitiful Horn Attack as its only STAB move.

Finally, Hau’s "Pikachu" IconPikachu has evolved into the Alolan variant of "Raichu" IconRaichu. Of his Pokémon, this is perhaps the most dangerous, between its high Speed and powerful STAB Psychic and Electro Ball. Ground or Dark-types are ideal to inflict super-effective damage, and resist its moves.

Afterwards, you can’t explore the city just yet. So follow Hau by heading north-west.

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