Number Name Type How to Obtain
301 Sandile Ground/Dark Breed Krokorok
302 Krokorok Ground/Dark Evolves from Sandile at Lv 29. Haina Desert
303 Krookodile Ground/Dark Evolves from Krokorok at Lv 40
304 Trapinch Ground Haina Desert
305 Vibrava Ground/Dragon Evolves from Trapinch at Lv 35
306 Flygon Ground/Dragon Evolves from Vibrava at Lv 45
307 Gible Dragon/Ground Breed Gabite
308 Gabite Dragon/Ground Evolves from Gible at Lv 24. [SOS Only] Haina Desert
309 Garchomp Dragon/Ground Evolves from Gabite at Lv 48
310 Baltoy Ground/Psychic [Ultra Moon] [SOS Only] Haina Desert
311 Claydol Ground/Psychic [Ultra Moon] Evolves from Baltoy at Lv 36
312 Golett Ground/Ghost [Ultra Sun] [SOS Only] Haina Desert
313 Golurk Ground/Ghost [Ultra Sun] Evolves from Golett at Lv 43
Number Name Type How to Obtain
314 Klefki Steel/Fairy Abandoned Thrifty Megamart
315 Mimikyu Ghost/Fairy Abandoned Thrifty Megamart
316 Shuppet Ghost Abandoned Thrifty Megamart
317 Banette Ghost Evolves from Shuppet at Lv 37
318 Frillish Water/Ghost Route 14
319 Jellicent Water/Ghost Evolves from Frillish at Lv 40
320 Bruxish Water/Psychic Route 13, 14, 15
321 Drampa Normal/Dragon [Ultra Moon] Mount Lanakila
322 Absol Dark Mount Lanakila, Tapu Village
323 Snorunt Ice Mount Lanakila, Tapu Village
324 Glalie Ice Evolves from Snorunt at Lv 42. Mount Lanakila
325 Froslass Ice/Ghost Evolves from Snorunt when using a Dawn Stone (female only)
326 Sneasel Dark/Ice Mount Lanakila
327 Weavile Dark/Ice Evolves from Sneasel when leveled up at night while holding Razor Claw
Number Name Type How to Obtain
328 Sandshrew* Ice/Steel [Ultra Moon] Mount Lanakila, Tapu Village
329 Sandslash* Ice/Steel [Ultra Moon] Evolves from Sandshrew* using an Ice Stone
330 Vulpix* Ice [Ultra Sun] Mount Lanakila, Tapu Village
331 Ninetales* Ice/Fairy [Ultra Sun] Evolves from Vulpix* using an Ice Stone
332 Vanillite Ice [SOS Only] Tapu Village
333 Vanillish Ice Evolves from Vanillite at Lv 35. [SOS Only] Mount Lanakila
334 Vanilluxe Ice Evolves from Vanillite at Lv 47. Mount Lanakila
335 Scraggy Dark/Fighting Route 16, 17
336 Scrafty Dark/Fighting Evolves from Scraggy at Lv 39
337 Pawniard Dark/Steel Breed Bisharp
338 Bisharp Dark/Steel Evolves from Pawniard at Lv 52. Route 17
339 Snubbull Fairy Breed Granbull
340 Granbull Fairy Evolves from Snubbull at Lv 23. Ancient Poni Path, Poni Gauntlet, Poni Wilds
Number Name Type How to Obtain
341 Shellos Water Breed Gastrodon
342 Gastrodon Water/Ground Ancient Poni Path, Exeggutor Island, Poni Breaker Coast, Poni Wilds
343 Relicanth Water/Rock Poni Breaker Coast
344 Dhelmise Ghost/Grass Seafolk Village
345 Carvanha Water/Dark Poni Breaker Coast
346 Sharpedo Water/Dark Evolves from Carvanha at Lv 30
347 Skrelp Poison/Water [Ultra Moon] Breed Dragalge
348 Dragalge Poison/Dragon [Ultra Moon] Evolves from Skrelp at Lv 48. Poni Breaker Coast
349 Clauncher Water [Ultra Sun] Breed Clawitzer
350 Clawitzer Water [Ultra Sun] Evolves from Clawitzer at Lv 37. Poni Breaker Coast

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