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Pokémon: Ultra Sun & Moon

Redeeming Stickers

Vincent Lau

(1 of 2) Regular-size Mimikyu.

Regular-size Mimikyu. (left), Totem-size Mimikyu. (right)

To redeem your Totem Stickers, you will need to travel to Heahea Beach on Akala Island. That’s where Samson Oak loves to chill. If you pay attention you might see his name on the bulletin board for "Mantine" IconMantine Surf!

Whenever you get enough Totem Stickers, Samson will also call you to remind you, but you are free to redeem your stickers any time. Note that the Totem Pokemon you get are mostly version exclusive. If you want them all you’ll have to trade or own both versions.

Milestone Totem Pokemon Notes
20 Stickers Gunshoos Ultra Sun exclusive
20 Stickers "Raticate" IconRaticate (Alolan) Ultra Moon exclusive
40 Stickers "Marowak" IconMarowak (Alolan) Ultra Sun exclusive
40 Stickers "Araquanid" IconAraquanid Ultra Moon exclusive
50 Stickers "Lurantis" IconLurantis Ultra Sun exclusive
50 Stickers "Salazzle" IconSalazzle Ultra Moon exclusive
70 Stickers "Vikavolt" IconVikavolt Ultra Sun exclusive
70 Stickers "Togedemaru" IconTogedemaru Ultra Moon exclusive
80 Stickers "Mimikyu" IconMimikyu N/A
100 Stickers "Ribombee" IconRibombee Ultra Sun exclusive
100 Stickers "Kommo-o" IconKommo-o Ultra Moon exclusive
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