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Pokémon: Ultra Sun & Moon

Optional - Outer Cape

Vincent Lau

(1 of 2) Pokémon are useful for everything, including waste management!

Pokémon are useful for everything, including waste management! (left), (right)

Pokemon Encounters - Outer Cape

Name Type(s) Location (Rate)
"Grimer" IconGrimer (Alolan) Poison/Dark All grass patches (30%)
"Trubbish" IconTrubbish Poison All grass patches (30%)
"Magnemite" IconMagnemite Electric/Steel All grass patches (20%)
"Minccino" IconMinccino Normal All grass patches (20%)

Located north of Malie City, this area houses the city’s Recycling Plant. Visitors are sadly not permitted inside the plant, but everyone is welcome to loiter around the area outside! Coming from Malie City, continue north along the road to bump into an employee who’s taking a break to challenge Pokémon trainers.

If you don’t want to get your hands dirty, you can avoid him by going behind him via the tall grass to his right, or the left side of the road.

Janitor Melvin

Pokémon Level Type
"Trubbish" IconTrubbish 28 Poison
"Trubbish" IconTrubbish 28 Poison

This janitor has not one, but two "Trubbish" IconTrubbish. It’s a pure Poison-type so Ground and Psychic are ideal for dishing out super-effective hits, or Steel to wall its attacks. When it’s not chucking Sludge around, it can use Stockpile to boost its defenses, and Swallow to cancel its defense boosts and restore HP instead.

After cleaning out the trash, go west from Melvin’s position, towards the tall grass on the left side of the road. Just above the tall grass, there’s an Antidote that could be useful. Next, head directly north to the corner where the Recycling Plant building meets the hill. Attached to the bottom of the building is Totem Sticker #058.

From here, go west and approach the people standing below the Recycling Plant building. Eventually, after listening to their backstory, you’ll be asked to take part in a Pokémon battle.

Janitor Shawn

Pokémon Level Type
"Muk" IconMuk (Alolan) 28 Poison/Dark

Shawn has a "Muk" IconMuk, which is the evolved form of "Grimer" IconGrimer. The Alolan variant is a Dark-type in addition to Poison, so it’s weak to Ground-types only. Annoyingly it can use Minimize to boost its evade. If you have any 100% accurate moves like Smart Strike or Aerial Ace, they could rescue you from a dire situation.

Immediately afterwards, you’ll be asked for another battle.

Ace Trainer Chase

Pokémon Level Type
"Grimer" IconGrimer (Alolan) 30 Poison/Dark

This is the unevolved version of Muk, so if you could beat Muk, there should be nothing stopping you winning this battle. That said, be cautious as this Grimer knows Knock Off, a Dark-type move that can get rid of your held item and gain boosted damage while doing so.

Win against father and son and you’ll receive a Twisted Spoon. This item isn’t junk found lying around–it increases the power of Psychic-type moves. Moving on, carry on east towards the front of the employee car park. Standing by the side of the car park bays is a man dressed in red. Speak to him to customize your battle style.

This refers to your pose at the start of multi-player battles, as well as the way you throw your Poké Balls to send out your Pokémon. To start you off, he’ll teach you the elegant style. To learn the rest of the battle styles, you need to come back after fulfilling certain requirements, outlined below.

(1 of 2) First impressions can be very important!

First impressions can be very important! (left), (right)

Style Requirement
Girlish Beat Lana during the postgame.
Reverent Beat Mallow or Kiawe during the postgame.
Smug Beat Gladion at Mount Lanakila.
Left-handed Beat Ilima during the postgame.
Passionate Win 50 battles in a row in the Battle Tree.
Idol Clear Master Rank in the Battle Royal Dome.
Nihilist Defeat Giovanni during the postgame.

A lot of those are pretty far away, so let’s not waste anymore time and get this show back on the road! Head north-east towards the familiar-looking fellow dressed in holiday gear, who’s staring at the ocean. Let him know you’re here and he’ll give you a rare Friend Ball. Once he’s gone, go west behind the yellow truck.

Hiding over here is a X Speed that belongs in your pocket. From here, head south from the center of the car park. When you reach the patch of tall grass below the road, wade through it to the other side. At the end is a shiny Nugget that nobody seems to have noticed. With that, you’ll have done a fantastic job of cleaning the area.

Return back to the main road and follow it west, then south back to the main part of Malie City. From here, continue following the road south until you’re at the south-west corner, where the road turns towards the west. Nearby, there’s a tourist standing in front of a tourist sign. Try to leave via the west and he’ll warn you about angry birds.

Thanks for the warning, but we’re sure you’ve seen much worse than that!

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