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Move Tutors

Vincent Lau

(1 of 2) Beach Points are interchangeable with Battle Points.

Beach Points are interchangeable with Battle Points. (left), (right)

There are many prize tents on the surfing beaches of Alola. Four of them will teach your Pokemon unique moves they often can’t pick up anywhere else! Here is a list of all the move tutors so you can see where to go to really bring out the full potential of your Pokemon.

Melemele Island

Move BP Cost
Snore 4 BP
Heal Bell 8 BP
Electroweb 8 BP
Defog 8 BP
Low Kick 8 BP
Uproar 8 BP
Bind 4 BP
Helping Hand 8 BP
Shock Wave 4 BP
Block 8 BP
Last Resort 12 BP
Worry Seed 8 BP
Covet 4 BP
Bug Bite 4 BP
Snatch 8 BP
Recycle 8 BP

Akala Island

Move BP Cost
Iron Tail 8 BP
Spite 8 BP
After You 8 BP
Giga Drain 8 BP
Synthesis 8 BP
Ally Switch 8 BP
Signal Beam 8 BP
Gravity 8 BP
Stealth Rock 8 BP
Iron Defense 8 BP
Telekinesis 8 BP
Magnet Rise 8 BP
Bounce 8 BP
Role Play 8 BP
Fire Punch 8 BP
Water Pulse 4 BP

Ula’ula Island

Move BP Cost
Iron Head 8 BP
Aqua Tail 12 BP
Pain Split 8 BP
Tailwind 8 BP
Thunder Punch 8 BP
Endeavor 16 BP
Focus Punch 16 BP
Icy Wind 12 BP
Zen Headbutt 8 BP
Seed Bomb 12 BP
Laser Focus 12 BP
Trick 8 BP
Drill Run 8 BP
Magic Coat 8 BP
Magic Room 8 BP
Ice Punch 8 BP
Wonder Room 8 BP

Poni Island

Unlike the other tents, the Poni Island BP move tutor is located in the Battle Tree. As such, you will have to beat the Elite Four and get through the Poni Island postgame before you can get these moves.

Move BP Cost
Liquidation 16 BP
Gastro Acid 8 BP
Foul Play 12 BP
Super Fang 12 BP
Outrage 16 BP
Sky Attack 16 BP
Throat Chop 16 BP
Stomping Tantrum 12 BP
Skill Swap 8 BP
Earth Power 12 BP
Gunk Shot 16 BP
Dual Chop 12 BP
Drain Punch 8 BP
Heat Wave 12 BP
Hyper Voice 12 BP
Superpower 16 BP
Knock Off 12 BP
Dragon Pulse 12 BP
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