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Pokémon: Ultra Sun & Moon

Alolan Forms

Vincent Lau

(1 of 2) Normal (Kantonian) Meowth

Normal (Kantonian) Meowth (left), Alolan Meowth (right)

During your travels in Alola, you may come across Pokémon found in earlier games that have changed drastically to adapt to their Alolan habitats. These Pokémon are classified as Alolan Forms.

Alolan Form Pokémon share the same Pokédex number as the original Pokémon, but may have different stat distributions or types. Because Alolan Form Pokémon have become this way to match their surroundings, they cannot suddenly change to their originally discovered form and vice versa.

Furthermore, a small selection of unchanged Pokémon can evolve into Alolan Forms rather than their original forms. For example, a regular Pikachu will evolve into the Alolan Raichu. It doesn’t matter where these Pokémon originate from, as long as they evolve while within the confines of Alola.

Pokémon Type(s) Ability
Ratata, Raticate Dark/Normal Gluttony, Hustle, Thick Fat*
Raichu Electric/Psychic Surge Surfer
Sandshrew, Sandslash Ice/Steel Snow Cloak, Slush Rush*
Vulpix Ice Snow Cloak, Snow Warning*
Ninetales Ice/Fairy Snow Cloak, Snow Warning*
Diglett, Dugtrio Ground/Steel Sand Veil, Tangling Hair, Sand Rush*
Meowth Dark Pickup, Technician, Rattled*
Persian Dark Fur Coat, Technician, Rattled*
Geodude, Graveler, Golem Rock/Electric Magnet Pull, Sturdy, Galvanize*
Grimer, Muk Poison/Dark Poison Touch, Gluttony, Power of Alchemy*
Exeggutor Grass/Dragon Frisk, Harvest*
Marowak Fire/Ghost Cursed Body, Lightning Rod, Rock Head*

Essentially, Alolan Forms provide old–and often outclassed–Pokémon with a new lease of life. The biggest winners from moving to Alola are Marowak (great typing combined with bulky stats), Ninetales (access to Aurora Veil and Snow Warning) and Muk (fantastic defense typing). The rest are either marginably better, no different or worse.


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