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Pokémon: Ultra Sun & Moon

Trial 7 - Dragon's Den

Vincent Lau

(1 of 2) No captain is watching, but the Pokémon on the other hand…

No captain is watching, but the Pokémon on the other hand… (left), (right)

As you enter, there’s a stone monument ahead that proclaims the beginning of an island trial. Although nobody is watching, you are still being judged. So the same rules apply: no catching Pokémon while the trial is underway and no leaving, unless you wish to start the trial from the very beginning.

For your information, this is the Dragon-type trial, so Pokémon that are strong against Dragons are essential–namely, Ice, Dragon and Fairy-types. As it happens, the totem is part Fighting, so Psychic and Flying-types are also great to have. Furthermore, this Type combination results in the totem receiving 4x damage from Fairy-types.

Once the trial begins, cautiously head north. Before you can reach the alcove on the right, you’ll be ambushed by a wild "Jangmo-o" IconJangmo-o. This tiny dragon is a pure Dragon-type, so send your dragonslayers after it. Next, head into the alcove and pick up the TM02 Dragon Claw inside. Teach this to any of your Pokémon that can learn it.

Moving on, carry on north towards the Z-Crystal pedestal in the far distance. Roughly halfway along, a wild "Hakamo-o" IconHakamo-o will attack. This evolved Jangmo-o has gained the Fighting-type, so it’s weak to Flying, Ice, Psychic and Dragon, and doubly weak to Fairy. Finally, approach the pedestal at the end of the path.

Try to touch the Z-Crystal and the Totem Pokémon will appear right before your eyes.

Totem Pokémon

Pokémon Level Type
"Kommo-o" IconKommo-o 49 Dragon/Fighting

This fully evolved Jangmo-o and Hakamo-o boasts exceptional physical-based stats and respectable special-based stats, but mediocre Speed. At the start of battle, it will receive a boost to all of its stats. If it wasn’t already a threat, it certainly is one now. Depending on the strength of your Pokémon, this can be a really hard fight–or an easy one.

Like its previous form, "Kommo-o" IconKommo-o is a Dragon and Fighting-type. Therefore it’s weak to Flying, Ice, Psychic and Dragon, and doubly weak to Fairy. As you ought to know by now, using a Dragon against a Dragon is very risky. In addition, be wary as the totem has moves that are super-effective against Ice, Flying and Fairy-types.

For attacks, the scaly dragon can use Dragon Claw to hurt fellow Dragon-types, Drain Punch to restore HP, Thunder Punch to punish Flying-types, and Poison Jab to punish Fairy-types. For defense, it has a Roseli Berry equipped, which weakens the damage from one super-effective Fairy-type attack, allowing it to survive a hit in most cases.

In terms of teammates, there’s "Scizor" IconScizor, a Bug and Steel-type with incredible Attack and solid Defense. This metallic bug can use Light Screen to raise its team’s Special Defense, hindering special attackers. It can also use Bullet Punch, which goes first and deals a lot more damage than usual thanks to its Technician Ability.

Otherwise it may call "Noivern" IconNoivern, a Flying and Dragon-type with exceptional Speed and respectable Special Attack. This flying dragon can use Screech to greatly lower your Pokémon’s Defense, making them susceptible to Kommo-o, and Boomburst, which is an incredibly damaging Normal-type attack.

In terms of raw ability and teammates, this Totem Pokémon has it all covered. Therefore to stand a chance, you’ll either need Pokémon with even more overwhelming power or Pokémon that are extremely well-suited to the task. If you have none of those, you will struggle to survive the totem’s relentless onslaught.

Fairy-types are the most obvious solution, but they must be bulky enough to withstand two Poison Jabs from Kommo-o. This is because Kommo-o will almost definitely survive the first attack thanks to its Roseli Berry. In addition, most Fairies are slow, so it’s very likely that Kommo-o will attack before your Fairy does.

Ice and Dragon-types should be avoided, except as a last resort. While Fairies take heavy damage from Poison Jab, Ice and Dragon-types will take even heavier damage from Drain Punch and Dragon Claw because of STAB. This leaves Flying and Psychic-types as possibly the best choices for this battle.

While Flying-types take super-effective damage from Thunder Punch, it is not STAB damage so they should survive. Meanwhile, Psychic-types do not take super-effective damage at all, but they still need to be mindful of a hard-hitting Dragon Claw. Most importantly, Flying and Psychic-types have access to super-effective Z-Moves.

By the way, if you’re struggling, a really good Pokémon to use is "Mimikyu" IconMimikyu, found rarely in the abandoned Thrifty Megamart. Because Mimikyu is a Ghost and Fairy-type, it’s immune to both Dragon and Fighting, and only takes neutral damage from Poison Jab. Not only that, but Disguise lets it negate one of Kommo-o’s attacks.

If catching a Mimikyu is too tough, another thing you can try is teaching Dazzling Gleam to Pokémon that aren’t Fairy (by using the TM found in Vast Poni Canyon). Such Pokémon include Akalazam, "Espeon" IconEspeon and "Gengar" IconGengar. These Pokémon won’t benefit from STAB, but the totem takes 4x damage from Fairy-type moves, so it balances out.

After completing this slightly unorthodox trial, head straight for the exit, past the now empty pedestal.

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