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Pokémon: Ultra Sun & Moon

Heahea Beach

Vincent Lau

(1 of 2) Your arrival on Akala Island starts differently to Sun and Moon.

Your arrival on Akala Island starts differently to Sun and Moon. (left), (right)

Leaving Mememele Island behind, you’ll first arrive at Akala Island’s Heahea Beach. This newly opened beach is the counterpart to Big Wave Beach and offers largely the same services. Before you can go anywhere, you’ll receive Battle Points (BP) for participating in Mantine Surf, the amount depending on your final score.

These valuable points can be spent in the BP shops found in the "Mantine" IconMantine Surf spots, the Battle Royal Dome or even the Battle Tree. Also, if you did well in Mantine Surf, scoring over 12,200 points and thus overthrowing the previous high score, you’ll a Star Piece, as well as the instructions for the "Lanturn" IconLanturn 360 trick.

With that out of the way, you’re free to explore the new island, naturally starting with the beach itself. From where you dismounted, search the area directly south from Mantine, right where the waves touch the sand. With luck, you should uncover a hidden Pearl. South from here, you’ll find a familiar face.

At this point in time, you can have up to 16 stickers, which is sadly short of the first milestone. No matter, you’ll always find Samson Oak standing here, so the only thing to worry about is finding the blasted things! Fortunately, as well as pointing them out throughout our guide, we also have a Totem Sticker List at the end of our guide!

(1 of 2) Soon, finding these hidden items won’t be a stab in the dark!

Soon, finding these hidden items won’t be a stab in the dark! (left), (right)

From where you found the bottle, slowly walk east, while making sure Samson Oak and the signpost he’s standing next to are visible on screen. When you reach the point where Oak and the signpost are about to vanish off screen, stop, then position yourself so that Oak and the signpost are just about visible in the top-left corner.

Now walk around in a very tight circle a few paces to the right, while searching frantically with the A button. If successful, you should pick up a buried Revive. For guidance, you can check our pictures. But if it’s too much hassle, don’t worry about it. Very soon, you’ll have the means to find hidden items much more easily.

Moving on, make your way north-east towards the area with the stalls and scoreboard. The ladies managing the stalls can teach you new moves or give you rare items in exchange for BP. Of note, the moves you can learn here are different to the ones at Big Wave Beach. So make sure to have a gander at least!

Finally, carry on north-east past the stalls, into the slightly secluded area in the far corner. At the end of this area, by the side of the wall, you can find a discarded Soda Pop. That was just the warm up. As soon as you’re ready to properly explore Akala, exit the beach via the south, directly opposite the BP shops.

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