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Pokémon: Ultra Sun & Moon

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Portal Levels

Vincent Lau

Portal Rarity Levels

Not all portals are made equal in Ultra Space, so let’s go over which portals are worth stopping by and which just aren’t worth your time. Note that rarer portals do not guarantee rarer Pokemon or even Legendaries. They merely increase your chances of getting something good.

(1 of 4) A bog-standard Tier 1 portal.

The first two rarity levels are very common, though they become less common as you travel further into Ultra Space.

The first level of rarity is just the wormhole, plain and simple. They have a very low chance of giving you Legendary Pokemon. The second level of rarity will have the wormhole surrounded by a single golden ring. It looks enticing, but if you can go further you will find better wormholes.

The last two rarity levels are where it’s at, but they can be very difficult to find and require that you master the minigame to go as far out into Ultra Space as you can.

The third rarity level has a wormhole surrounded by two golden rings, and the final rarity level has the wormhole surrounded by two golden rings and a flower-shaped aura. These are the best wormholes to enter and the flower-y wormholes give you the best chance of getting a Legendary Pokemon.

The following table shows the percentage chances of getting the four wormhole rarities at certain distances. When you enter a wormhole, the game will tell you how many light years away from Alola you are.

Distance Tier 1 Tier 2 Tier 3 Tier 4
0 Light Years 100% 0% 0% 0%
1,000 Light Years 78% 20% 2% 0%
1,500 Light Years 66% 30% 4% 0%
2,000 Light Years 52% 40% 8% 0%
2,500 Light Years 33% 50% 16% 1%
3,000 Light Years 32% 50% 16% 2%
3,500 Light Years 31% 50% 16% 3%
4,000 Light Years 30% 50% 16% 4%
4,500+ Light Years 29% 50% 16% 5%

Portal Colors

You’ll notice that the Ultra Wormholes are all differently colored. It does mean something: Different colors means a different pool of Pokemon to pick from. If you are aiming for one Legendary Pokemon, you will need to aim for one specific portal color.

There are five colors: Blue, Red, Green, Yellow, and White . White Ultra Wormholes are special. They will always lead to Ultra Beasts! Which Ultra Beast you will get is random. Check out the Ultra Beasts listing for more information on how to tell which Ultra Beast you will be getting.

The other four colors will lead to a waterfall locale, a cliffside locale, a meadow locale, and a cave locale, respectively. They are all called Ultra Space Wilds and will house either Pokemon you can’t find in Alola or a Legendary Pokemon.

Shiny Pokemon

Shiny Hunters Alert! Did you know that Ultra Warp Ride is a great way to get some shiny Pokemon? The further you can travel, the higher the shiny Pokemon rate will become. At its cap, you have a 36% chance of getting a shiny Pokemon!

Furthermore, if you encounter a non-Ultra Beast, non-Legendary Pokemon and it is shiny, you can soft reset the game for better natures and IVs and it will still be shiny. Ultra Beasts and Legendary Pokemon do not have that kind of lock so you can save right in front of them and soft reset for shininess as normal.

Distance Tier 1 Tier 2 Tier 3 Tier 4
0 Light Years 1% N/A N/A N/A
1,000 Light Years 1% 2% 3% N/A
1,500 Light Years 1% 3% 5% N/A
2,000 Light Years 1% 4% 7% N/A
2,500 Light Years 1% 5% 9% 16%
3,000 Light Years 1% 6% 11% 20%
3,500 Light Years 1% 7% 13% 24%
4,000 Light Years 1% 8% 15% 28%
4,500 Light Years 1% 9% 17% 32%
5,000 Light Years 1% 10% 19% 36%
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