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Pokémon: Ultra Sun & Moon

Mount Hokulani

Vincent Lau

(1 of 2) For a change, you’ll be trekking down a mountain.

For a change, you’ll be trekking down a mountain. (left), (right)

Pokemon Encounters - Mount Hokulani Peak

Name Type(s) Location (Rate)
"Minior" IconMinior Rock/Flying [Day] Grass patches near Pokémon Center (40%), [Night] (30%)
"Elgyem" IconElgyem Psychic [Day] Grass patches near Pokémon Center (30%), [Night] (20%)
"Beldum" IconBeldum Steel/Psychic Grass patches near Pokémon Center (20%)
"Ditto" IconDitto Normal Grass patches near Pokémon Center (10%)
"Cleffa" IconCleffa Fairy [Night] Grass patches near Pokémon Center (20%)
"Clefairy" IconClefairy Fairy SOS from "Cleffa" IconCleffa
"Happiny" IconHappiny Normal SOS from "Cleffa" IconCleffa

Pokemon Encounters - Mount Hokulani Base

Name Type(s) Location (Rate)
"Fearow" IconFearow Normal/Flying [Day] Grass patches near bus stop (30%), [Night] (10%)
"Elgyem" IconElgyem Psychic Grass patches near bus stop (20%)
"Ditto" IconDitto Normal Grass patches near bus stop (10%)
"Elekid" IconElekid Electric Grass patches near bus stop (10%)
"Electabuzz" IconElectabuzz Electric SOS from "Elekid" IconElekid
"Skarmory" IconSkarmory Steel/Flying Grass patches near bus stop (10%)
"Beldum" IconBeldum Steel/Psychic Grass patches near bus stop (10%)
"Minior" IconMinior Rock/Flying Grass patches near bus stop (10%)
"Cleffa" IconCleffa Fairy [Night] Grass patches near bus stop (20%)
"Clefairy" IconClefairy Fairy SOS from "Cleffa" IconCleffa
"Happiny" IconHappiny Normal SOS from "Elekid" IconElekid and "Cleffa" IconCleffa

This is Alola’s second highest mountain; atop its summit lies Hokulani Observatory, where your first Ula’ula Island trial will take place. As you arrive, Kukui will give you a tantalizing hint of what’s in store once you’ve finished your island challenge. You’ll then be left off near the summit’s south-west corner.

Begin going anywhere, head east and enter the nearby Pokémon Center. There’s much to do, so you should rest your Pokémon and fill up with supplies. Of note, the right Poké Mart clerk is selling expensive vitamins that boost stats (or rather, Effort Values). At this point, you shouldn’t need to buy any, but it’s useful to know.

Out on the summit, start heading towards the entrance to the observatory.

Before following him inside the observatory, head east.

(1 of 2) Did Samson drop some of his balls down the mountain?

Did Samson drop some of his balls down the mountain? (left), (right)

As you reach the north-east corner of the summit, check the bottom-right corner of the observatory to find Totem Sticker #059. From this corner, head south behind the car park. Towards the left, squeeze in-between the railings and retrieve the Level Ball behind the red trucks. Afterwards, continue south to the south-east corner.

Standing dangerously close to the summit’s edge is your traveling friend, Samson Oak. Try to warn him about his perilous position and you’ll receive a rare Moon Ball. Evidently, the man knows no fear. Afterwards, make your way west to return to the Pokémon Center. From here, you can head south to descend the mountain.

You’ll pass by a worker who warns you that it’s a long way down, as well as an aged Pokémon trainer who refuses to battle until you’ve defeated all the other trainers. Nearby to the south, there’s a woman stretching up and down along the left side of the road. Note that she can see you passing by her right when she’s stretched down.

Office Worker Jessica

Pokémon Level Type
"Clefairy" IconClefairy 30 Fairy

An evolved "Cleffa" IconCleffa, but still yet to reach its full potential. Like its baby form, it’s weak to Poison and Steel. This one doesn’t have any Fairy-type moves, but it can use the annoying Minimize, so you’ll want to quickly defeat it regardless.

Follow the road as it bends towards the south-east, then stop when you reach the gap in the barriers to the north-east, just before the "Mudsdale" IconMudsdale rider. Go down the short slope between the gap to reach a broad mountain ledge surrounded by tall grass.

Here, make your way south-east, through the tall grass. On the other side, there’s another short slope that you can go down. Past here, there’s a golden ball sitting close to the cliff edge, containing TM72 Volt Switch. This versatile move inflicts damage, then switches the user out. If you’re going to switch out your Pokémon, you may as well cause some damage in the process, right?

Return to the main road and carry on following it south-east. After a while, the barrier below the road will give way. Before the barrier reappears, step off the road and pick up the nearby Fast Ball. Further east, the barrier above the road will stop. Search the rocks next to the end of the barrier for a hidden Rare Candy.

From here, the road will start to bend around towards the south-west. Around here, there’s a hiker walking up and down near the barrier to the west.

Hiker Thomas

Pokémon Level Type
"Geodude" IconGeodude (Alolan) 30 Rock/Electric

The Alolan "Geodude" IconGeodude has swapped its Ground Type for Electric. It therefore has a double weakness to Ground, and is weak to Water and Fighting. The other thing to note is that it has the Sturdy ability, preventing one-hit KOs.

As you follow the road south-west from the corner, keep an eye out for the barrier above the road. Halfway along this straight part of the road, somebody–perhaps the nearby Trial Captain–has stuck Totem Sticker #060 onto the barrier. If you didn’t fight the hiker, be careful as he’ll stop here along his path.

Further west, there’s a gap in the barrier to the left. Climb down the short slope past the gap to reach another wide mountain ledge. Below, head north through the tall grass towards the northernmost part of the ledge. Here, there’s a Heavy Ball you can pick up. However, there’s a golfer out of sight that’s watching this ball.

Golfer Sky

Pokémon Level Type
"Minior" IconMinior 30 Rock/Flying
"Minior" IconMinior 30 Rock/Flying
"Minior" IconMinior 30 Rock/Flying

This extreme golfer has brought along three Miniors. All three start in their “naked” core forms, but regain their rocky shields at the start of battle, at least until you knock them below half HP again. No matter their guise, they’re weak to Water, Electric, Ice, Rock and Steel.

If you’re feeling courageous, there’s a Photo Spot if you stand near the north edge. So long as you haven’t fallen off the mountain, step back into the tall grass and head all the way south through it. When the tall grass ends, watch out for the Pokémon trainer walking left and right towards the south-east.

Collector Todd

Pokémon Level Type
"Passimian" IconPassimian 30 Fighting
"Oranguru" IconOranguru 30 Normal/Psychic

Todd has two apes found in the Lush Jungle, but only one per version. Huh, did he trade with someone? Anyway, "Passimian" IconPassimian is special since it can receive the Ability of a fainted ally. However it’s the first Pokémon Todd sends out, so you won’t be seeing that today.

"Oranguru" IconOranguru is Normal and Psychic, so Dark and Bug-types will be advantageous to have, while Ghost-types should stick to the sidelines. This ape can use Instruct to make its partner use its previous move, but in this case it doesn’t have a partner (and doesn’t even know the move).

Past Todd, leap over the ledge near the south-east corner. After landing, there’s some more tall grass to wade through. First, go south and pick up the Max Potion sitting outside the grass. Next, head east through the grass, then leap over the ledge on the other side. Further ahead, there’s one more patch of tall grass to slog through.

Finally, you’ll arrive below a slope leading back up to the main road. Over here, there’s a bus waiting to the right that’s also conveniently blocking the rest of the road. Oh well, it was worth a shot. If you want, speak to the bus driver to return to Route 10. Otherwise, call "Charizard" IconCharizard and glide back to the summit of Mount Hokulani.

If you’ve defeated all the Pokémon trainers along the mountain, head south from the Pokémon Center and speak to the “boss” trainer to demand a battle.

Veteran Akira

Pokémon Level Type
"Persian" IconPersian (Alolan) 33 Dark
"Absol" IconAbsol 33 Dark

This experienced trainer has two Dark-types. "Persian" IconPersian is an evolved "Meowth" IconMeowth with high Speed and… that’s about it. This one has the Technician Ability, which powers up weak moves, allowing it to inflict surprising damage with its first turn Fake Out.

Likewise, "Absol" IconAbsol boasts incredible Attack, but its other stats are middling at best. Most importantly, it has the Dark-type Z-Crystal. If you don’t have super-effective Fighting, Bug or Fairy-types, you’ll want Pokémon that can withstand heavy physical damage.

Successfully shine light at Akira’s darkness and you’ll be rewarded with TM95 Snarl This move deals damage to both Pokémon in Double Battles and lowers Special Attack. Very handy if you need to defang a special attacker. That covers the road leading up to the observatory; when ready, enter the observatory itself.

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