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Pokémon: Ultra Sun & Moon

Legendary Pokémon

Vincent Lau

(1 of 2) If you enjoy catching Legendary Pokémon, you’re gonna love this game!

If you enjoy catching Legendary Pokémon, you’re gonna love this game! (left), (right)

Ultra Sun and Moon have one of the largest selections of Legendary Pokémon in one game.

Before attempting to catch most Legendary Pokémon, make sure to bring along…

  • Plenty of Poké Balls (and various types of them, eg. Timer Ball for drawn out battles).
  • A Pokémon that can use False Swipe (reduces opponent to no more than 1 HP). If facing a Ghost/Rock/Steel-type, a Pokémon can that can use Soak would also be useful.
  • A Pokémon that can inflict a status ailment, eg. Thunder Wave to cause paralysis.
  • Lots of healing items, just in case.

Main Story

A few Legendaries will appear near the end of the main story.

Pokémon Type Obtain
Solgaleo Psychic/Steel Plank Bridge, after Hapu’s grand trial (Ultra Sun).
Lunala Psychic/Ghost Plank Bridge, after Hapu’s grand trial (Ultra Moon).
Necrozma Psychic Middle of Mt. Lanakila

Ultra Warp Ride

Many, many Legendary Pokémon are waiting at the end of the rarest-grade wormholes in Ultra Warp Ride. Please refer to that section for full details.


You’ll also find a bunch of Legendaries during your post-game adventures.

Pokémon Type Obtain
Zygarde Dragon/Ground Resolution Cave
Cosmog Psychic Lake of the Sunne/Moone in the reverse world.
Tapu Koko Electric/Fairy Ruins of Conflict, at end of Mahalo Trail.
Tapu Lele Psychic/Fairy Ruins of Life, past Memorial Hill.
Tapu Bulu Grass/Fairy Ruins of Abundance, at end of Haina Desert
Tapu Fini Water/Fairy Ruins of Hope, past Poni Breaker Coast.


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