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Route 3 (South)

Vincent Lau

Pokemon Encounters - Route 3 (South)

Name Type(s) Location (Rate)
"Mankey" IconMankey Fighting Grass beyond Melemele Meadow (30%)
"Cutiefly" IconCutiefly Bug/Fairy Grass beyond Melemele Meadow (30%)
"Spearow" IconSpearow Normal/Flying Grass beyond Melemele Meadow (29%)
"Hawlucha" IconHawlucha Fighting/Flying Grass beyond Melemele Meadow (10%)
"Bagon" IconBagon Dragon Grass beyond Melemele Meadow (1%)
"Salamence" IconSalamence Dragon/Flying SOS from "Bagon" IconBagon

After rescuing Nebby from Seaward Cave, Lillie will give her thanks, and heal your party Pokémon as well. The three of you will then leave the meadows back to Route 3, whereupon a familiar face comes to greet you… with a Pokémon battle!

Pokémon Trainer Hau

Pokémon Level Type
"Popplio" IconPopplio (if you picked "Rowlet" IconRowlet) 13 Water
"Rowlet" IconRowlet (if you picked "Litten" IconLitten) 13 Grass/Flying
"Litten" IconLitten (if you picked "Popplio" IconPopplio) 13 Fire
"Noibat" IconNoibat 11 Flying/Dragon
"Pikachu" IconPikachu 12 Electric

Hau begins the battle with his beloved starter Pokémon. Hopefully you did the same! Next, he’ll send out either "Noibat" IconNoibat, which he must have caught from Verdant Cavern, or "Pikachu" IconPikachu, which he evolved from "Pichu" IconPichu.

"Pikachu" IconPikachu is pretty straightforward–Diglett is a perfect counter, but most Pokémon not weak to Electric ought to do fine. "Noibat" IconNoibat is a bit trickier, as it’s only weak to Ice (tremendously) and Rock. That said, it’s extremely frail, so you could just brute force it.

When the dust settles, Kukui will casually enter the fray. He’ll inform you that your next destination is Hala’s Grand Trial back at Iki Town. The easiest way to get there is to traverse the remainder of Route 3. Well, what are we waiting for?

From the meadow entrance, head south towards the suspension bridge separating the northern and southern halves of Route 3. Just before the bridge, there’s a man who’ll show you something nice during the day. Either way, cross the bridge to the south. On the other side, there’s a trainer lying in ambush, although you can slip behind him.

Rising Star Joshua

Pokémon Level Type
"Growlithe" IconGrowlithe 12 Fire

This Fire-type Pokémon is known to inhabit the northern half of Route 2. Because it’s a pure Fire-type, Water, Rock and Ground-types will fare extremely well. Provided you’ve trained your Pokémon well, it should be all bark and no bite.

South from Joshua is a Super Potion lying along the right side of the path. After doing your part in keeping Alola clean, follow the path south-west, down the gentle slope. When the slope ends, head north-east towards the patch of tall grass. On the other side, there’s a berry stack and, right near the edge, a Nest Ball.

Once you’re done here, head back through the tall grass, then dash south towards the route’s exit.

You’ve explored the breadth of this route, but there’s still one more to do. Head back north towards the entrance to Melemele Meadow. If you defeated all the Pokémon trainers located in Route 3, you’re eligible to battle the trainer standing south-east from the meadow entrance.

Ace Trainer Makana

Pokémon Level Type
"Slowpoke" IconSlowpoke 14 Water/Psychic
"Butterfree" IconButterfree 14 Bug/Flying

You ought to have encountered "Slowpoke" IconSlowpoke near Kukui’s lab. This dopey Pokémon likes to use Yawn, which causes your Pokémon to fall asleep on its next turn. Quickly finish it with Grass, Electric, Ghost or Dark-type moves before your whole team is off in dreamland!

"Butterfree" IconButterfree is the final evolved form of "Caterpie" IconCaterpie, a pretty mediocre Bug Pokémon all things considered. This one knows Roost, which restores HP and temporarily removes "Butterfree" IconButterfree’s Flying Type. For an easy win, stick with Fire, Ice, Electric or Rock-type moves.

Win and you’ll earn the coveted TM19 Roost for yourself. Generally this move can only be used by Flying-types and is recommended for Pokémon with reasonable bulk. Alright, that’s Route 3 all done and dusted. In your own time, exit via the south, which will take you back to the playful "Rockruff" IconRockruff on Route 1.

From there, you do remember how to get back to Iki Town, right? If not, well, that’s what the "Rotom" IconRotom Dex is for! (You need to head west.)


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