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Pokémon: Ultra Sun & Moon

Mount Lanakila (Part 1)

Vincent Lau

(1 of 2) Up and away we go!

Up and away we go! (left), (right)

Pokemon Encounters - Outside Mount Lanakila

Name Type(s) Location (Rate)
"Glalie" IconGlalie Ice Grass patches outside (30%)
"Vulpix" IconVulpix (Alolan) Ice [Ultra Sun] Grass patches outside (30%)
"Sandshrew" IconSandshrew (Alolan) Ice/Steel [Ultra Moon] Grass patches outside (30%)
"Sneasel" IconSneasel Dark/Ice Grass patches outside (20%)
"Absol" IconAbsol Dark Grass patches outside (20%)
"Vanillish" IconVanillish Ice SOS in the hail
"Castform" IconCastform Normal SOS in the rain, sun, hail, or sandstorm

Pokemon Encounters - Inside Mount Lanakila

Name Type(s) Location (Rate)
"Glalie" IconGlalie Ice Walking inside caves (30%)
"Golbat" IconGolbat Poison/Flying Walking inside caves (30%)
"Sneasel" IconSneasel Dark/Ice Walking inside caves (20%)
"Absol" IconAbsol Dark [Ultra Sun] Walking inside caves (20%), [Ultra Moon] (10%)
"Drampa" IconDrampa Normal/Dragon [Ultra Moon] Walking inside caves (10%)

Coming from the stair lift, there is a cave entrance directly ahead that didn’t exist in Pokémon Sun and Moon. Meanwhile the road towards the east that you would’ve followed at the beginning has been blocked off by a landslide. This means you’ll be taking a different path through the mountain, compared to Sun and Moon.

It’s not just your path that’s changed–Pokémon trainers can now be found wandering the mountain, where there previously were none. Plus there’s one more significant change that we’ll talk about later… All of these combined make this final area leading up to the Pokémon League a much more interesting place to explore than before!

Anyway, first step into the tall grass to the right. Although the road ahead is impassible, if you continue past the grass, there’s an Escape Rope waiting to be found. Next, enter the cave entrance surrounded by the torch lights. Inside the icy cavern, there’s a trainer immediately ahead who you cannot avoid.

Ace Trainer Seth

Pokémon Level Type
"Scyther" IconScyther 51 Bug/Flying
"Malamar" IconMalamar 52 Dark/Psychic

"Scyther" IconScyther is a fast and hard-hitting Bug and Flying-types. This one can use X-Scissor to deal powerful STAB damage, Air Slash to potentially cause flinch, and Night Slash to combat Psychics and Ghosts. Rock-types are ideal, as they do 4x damage, while Fire, Electric and Ice should also suffice.

"Malamar" IconMalamar is an evolved "Inkay" IconInkay with high Attack and otherwise well-balanced stats. Seth’s Malamar can use Night Slash and Psycho Cut to deal STAB damage, and Superpower to hurt Dark-types and boost its physical stats thanks to its Contrary Ability. It’s weak to Fairy, and doubly weak to Bug.

Head west along the nearby slope, then towards the east after it bends around. At the top, there are two large rocks in the middle of the eastern path, with a female trainer patrolling in an infinity (or rotated eight) shape around the rocks. If you’re trying to avoid fights, it’s easy to go past her if you take it slowly.

Ace Trainer Kailee

Pokémon Level Type
"Shiinotic" IconShiinotic 51 Grass/Fairy
"Clefable" IconClefable 51 Fairy

"Shiinotic" IconShiinotic is an evolved "Morelull" IconMorelull that has high special-based stats, but abysmal Speed. Kailee’s one can use Moonblast for STAB, Spore to inflict sleep, Dream Eater to siphon HP from sleeping Pokémon, and Strength Sap to lower Attack. It’s weak to Fire, Ice, Flying and Steel, and doubly weak to Poison.

"Clefable" IconClefable is a fully evolved "Cleffa" IconCleffa and "Clefairy" IconClefairy that also has high special-based stats and low Speed, although not as bad. This one can use Metronome to trigger any move at random, Minimize to boost its evade, and Sing to cause sleep with low accuracy. As with all Fairies, Poison and Steel-types are recommended.

After weaving through the two rocks, you’ll reach a point where there’s a slope on the left, a very narrow space above, and a rock blocking the road on the right. Go north, into the narrow space, and search the rock at the end to discover a Rare Candy. Next, squeeze through the rock on the right via the small gap below it.

On the other side of the rock, make your way south. As the path starts to bend, there’s a trainer to the south-west that you’ll need to defeat to get past.

Veteran Alonsa

Pokémon Level Type
"Lickitung" IconLickitung 52 Normal
"Goodra" IconGoodra 52 Dragon

"Lickitung" IconLickitung is a slow and bulky Normal-type found in the postgame areas. For attacks, it can use Chip Away to deal STAB damage that ignores its opponent’s stats changes, Rollout which slowly gets stronger when used in succession, and Power Whip to hurt Rock-types. Fighting-types are recommended.

"Goodra" IconGoodra is a fully evolved "Goomy" IconGoomy and "Sliggoo" IconSliggoo with stunning Special Defense and solid offensive stats, but lackluster Defense. Alonsa’s Goodra can use Outrage for STAB damage, and Aqua Tail and Power Whip to combat common Types. Naturally, Ice and Fairy-types are ideal, and physical attackers in general.

Beyond Alonsa is an exit leading to a very small section of Mount Lanakila’s south-eastern side, just past the landslide near the main entrance. Over here, you’ll find TM84 Poison Jab. Return to the cavern and walk back to the point just before you squeezed past the rock. From there, follow the remaining path west.

Ahead, there are two giant cube-shaped blocks. With "Machamp" IconMachamp’s help, push the block to the left so that it falls straight into the nearby gap, then cross over the block to the other side. Now approach the new block to the left from its north side and shove it down. It’ll fall straight into a gap, creating a shortcut back to the entrance.

Moving on, head north-east from this shortcut and battle the Worker so you can get past.

Worker Ovid

Pokémon Level Type
"Relicanth" IconRelicanth 50 Water/Rock

This presumed extinct Pokémon has exceptional Defense and decent HP and Attack. For attacks, it can use Hydro Pump for STAB, Double Edge to deal with resistant foes, Rest to sleep and restore HP, and Yawn to make your Pokémon sleep. It’s weak to Electric, Ground and Fighting, and doubly weak to Grass.

After Ovid’s toast, run east and push the remaining block into the huge gap on its right. Once you’ve gotten rid of the block, head north and pick up the Max Elixir just above, as well as the Max Revive to the west. Now return to Ovid’s position, then climb up the slope on his left, all the way up to the exit.

Outside, you’ll be at Mount Lanakila’s western side, which–like the cavern you just came from–is new to Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon. There are two paths you can take. You can either go through the narrow path towards the west or you can wade your way through the wide patch of tall grass directly north. The two paths will converge.

If you go through the tall grass, towards the east side is a small triangular area where no grass has grown. Search the bottom of the larger rock here to find a hidden Full Restore. Further north, after the two paths converge, there are two pairs of martial artists standing far apart of one other near the next cave entrance.

Should you attract their attention or enter their line of sight, you’ll trigger a Double Battle with the martial artists along that row. To avoid the martial artists, simply run past when they’re facing away from the path to the cave entrance.

Sparring Partner Allon and Eimar

Pokémon Level Type
"Mienfoo" IconMienfoo 51 Fighting
"Machamp" IconMachamp 51 Fighting
"Bewear" IconBewear 51 Normal/Fighting

Allon has two Pokémon. First up is "Mienfoo" IconMienfoo, an unevolved Pokémon with decent Attack. It can use High Jump Kick to deal STAB damage, U-turn to deal damage and switch out, Bounce to escape and deal damage on the next turn, and Quick Guard to protect its team from priority moves. Your fully evolved Pokémon will make short work of it.

Next is Machamp, which is an actually threatening Pokémon this time, with eye-watering Attack and respectable bulk. This one can use Cross Chop and Submission to deal STAB damage, Dual Chop to surprise Dragons, and Bulk Up to boost its Attack and Defense. Again, a job for your Flying, Psychic and Fairy-types.

Eimar has a "Bewear" IconBewear, which is an evolved "Stufful" IconStufful with impressive HP and Attack, but worrisome Speed. Eimer’s Bewear can use Hammer Arm, Thrash and Take Down to deal STAB damage, and Pain Split to equally divide its and its opponent’s remaining HP. Flying, Psychic, Fighting and Fairy-types are all good choices.

Sparring Partners Craig and Jason

Pokémon Level Type
"Crabominable" IconCrabominable 51 Fighting/Ice
"Hawlucha" IconHawlucha 51 Fighting/Flying
"Pangoro" IconPangoro 51 Fighting/Dark

Craig has one Pokémon: a "Crabominable" IconCrabominable. This evolved "Crabrawler" IconCrabrawler packs a punch, but is slow like an iceberg. It can use Close Combat and Ice Hammer to deal heavy STAB damage, Iron Defense to boost its Defense, and Dynamic Punch to cause confusion. Pummel it with capable Fire, Psychic or Fairy-types.

Jason has two Pokémon. His "Hawlucha" IconHawlucha is strong and extremely nimble. For attacks, it can use High Jump Kick to deal STAB damage, Sky Attack to charge up a powerful attack, Feather Dance to lower Attack, and Endeavor to make your Pokémon have the same HP. Electric, Psychic and Fairy-types are recommended.

Next up is "Pangoro" IconPangoro, an evolved "Pancham" IconPancham with formidable Attack, but pitiful Speed. This one can use Crunch for STAB damage, Body Slam to try and cause paralysis, and Entrainment to make your Pokémon have the same Ability. Against this fearsome panda, Fairy-types are ideal, while Flying and Fighting-types also work well.

Once you’ve made it past the martial artists, enter the cave above them.

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