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Pokémon: Ultra Sun & Moon
Strategy Guide

Author(s): Vincent Lau, Cassie Sun
First Published: 23-12-2017 / 00:00 GMT
Last Updated: 01-11-2019 / 16:09 GMT
Version: 1.1 (????) 14-12-2019 / 10:21 GMT

Pokémon: Ultra Sun & Moon Guide

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Melemele Island

Route 2 (North)

Pokémon Encounters - Tall Grass

Name Type(s) Location (Encounter Rate)
Ekans Poison Grass to the west of Pokemon Center (20%)
Makuhita Fighting Grass to the west of Pokemon Center (20%)
Drowzee Psychic Grass to the west of Pokemon Center (20%)
Yungoos Normal [Day] All grass (10%)
Rattata (Alolan) Dark/Normal [Night] All grass (10%)
Smeargle Normal All grass (10%)
Cutiefly Bug/Fairy Grass to the west of Pokemon Center (10%), grass to the east (30%)
Growlithe Fire All grass
Spearow Normal/Flying Grass to the west of Pokemon Center (10%), grass to the east (30%)

Pokémon Encounters - Special Spots

Name Type(s) Location (Encounter Rate)
Ekans Poison Shaking grass (50%)
Makuhita Fighting Shaking grass (30%)
Dunsparce Normal Shaking grass (15%)
Drowzee Psychic Shaking grass (5%)
Crabrawler Fighting Underneath Berry Trees (100%)
How many detours have we had so far? Well, you'll be pleased to know there won't be any more. From the entrance to the Berry Fields, follow the dirt path as it bends around towards the north-east. You'll encounter the mysterious visitors who were waiting outside Iki Town, but they'll be gone before you can catch up.

At the end of the dirt path, there will be a thick patch of tall grass up ahead, with the tell-tale sound of an ambushing Pokémon. If you’re unafraid, simply step into the tall grass, fend off the attacker, then carry on north to the other side. Or you can head directly north-east to avoid the tall grass altogether.

Stardust can be sold at Poké Marts.

We’re by no means afraid, but we’ll be heading north-east. After passing the tall grass, stop for a moment. Just above should be an inaccessible grassy mound with two bushy trees. If you’re patient, search the area near the mound, along its south-east side, to find a secret Stardust .

Beyond here is another deep patch of tall grass. If you want to avoid wild Pokémon, head north while keeping to the west. That said, you’ll encounter a feisty Pokémon trainer this way.

Lass Isabella

Pokémon Level Type
Flabébé 9 Fairy

Contrary to its appearance, this flower-like Pokémon is a pure Fairy-type. That means Steel and Poison-type moves will do the most damage. If you have none of those, you ought to do fine so long as your Pokémon isn’t Dark or Fighting.

Once you’re past the tall grass, grab the Super Potion behind Isabella. Then follow the short grass up and around towards the west. Soon, you’ll return to the main path, all the way north from the first patch of tall grass. Hau will come along and invite you to the nearby Pokémon Center to relax. He’ll also give you 3 Revives .

Before he leaves, Hau pesters you to try out the Roto Loto . Well, he did just give you something… On the bottom screen, tap Rotom’s flashing yellow eyes. This will trigger a slot machine of sorts. Tap again to stop the machine and get your reward–one of Rotom’s exclusive Rotom Powers.

Powered Up Rotom

Every now and then, when Rotom’s eyes are half-closed on the bottom screen, you can poke Rotom’s eyes to chat or bond with it. After poking Rotom enough times, its eyes will flash yellow, at which point you can tap its eyes to play Roto Loto.

Each time you play, you’ll receive a random Rotom Power, which can have various effects, such as increasing experience points, prize money, restoring HP, reducing wild Pokémon encounters etc. These Rotom Powers can be used via the relevant tab in the Bag menu.

After Hau leaves you alone, don’t hesitate to borrow the Pokémon Center’s services. Of note, the right Poké Mart clerk sells special Poké Balls and battle items. Also, while you’re here, speak to the tourist lady standing between the café and the nurse. If you can show her the Pokédex entry for Crabrawler, she’ll fork over 3,000 Poké Dollars .

What a Load of Balls (1)

Poké Balls don’t just go from Poké, Great, Ultra to Master. There are other balls too, which may work better under certain circumstances. Heal Balls don’t offer a better catch rate, but will restore the caught Pokémon back to full HP. Not important if it’s being sent to a Box though.

Meanwhile, Nest Balls have an increased catch rate when catching low Level Pokémon. So if you’re going to use them, you should use them now before the wild Pokémon get too strong. Finally, Luxury Balls again do not boost the catch rate, but they make Pokémon caught inside start with a higher Happiness stat.

Hawlucha is an extremely versatile Pokémon.

You can often find Crabrawler when searching berry stacks. Meanwhile, east from the entrance is a lass who wants to trade her Hawlucha for your Spearow . This is an excellent trade since Hawlucha is a Fighting-type and thus ideal for the upcoming Normal-type trial. If you haven’t got one, Spearow can be found in the tall grass in the upper half of Route 2.

Once you’ve healed up or otherwise, exit back to Route 2. Before dashing straight to the next trials, here’s just a tiny bit more of Route 2 to cover. Just outside the Pokémon Center, go around its west side. Perhaps no surprise at this point, there’s something stuck on its side-- Totem Sticker #017 .

Head down the steps back to the dirt path. Follow the path up towards the barricade. Next, either cut through the tall grass to the left of the path, or go around it from above. On the other side is the berry stack visible from the Pokémon Center–inspect it to uncover some berries and maybe even a wild Crabrawler.

Return to the Pokémon Center steps and follow the path south back towards the first patch of tall grass in this upper half of the route. Right where the tall grass begins, to the left should be a gap in the fence. Sneak through the gap, then follow the trail south and around to the west side, overlooking the sea.

At the far end, near the corner by a tall palm tree is a Revive that you should pocket with haste. After that rare find, drop down over the ledge to the right. A few paces south, you’ll come into contact with a battle-ready Pokémon trainer. If skipping battles is your thing, don’t jump over the ledge and instead go backwards.

Pokémon Breeder Jay

Pokémon Level Type
Rockruff 10 Rock

This puppy Pokémon is a favorite of Kukui’s. As its name suggests, it’s a Rock-type. Meaning Water, Grass, Fighting and Steel-types will do a lot of damage. Failing that, just hit it with anything that isn’t Normal, Fire, Flying or Bug.

South from Jay is the gap in the fence where you came in. From here, return to the area just outside the Pokémon Center. If you need to heal up and stock up on items, do so now or forever hold your peace. Once you’re ready to challenge the first trial of Melemele Island, follow the path leading north-east. Ilima will lead you in.

Pokémon Checklist

Cutiefly is a Bug/Fairy, which is fairy–ahem, fairly novel. It has high Speed and decent offensive capabilities, but is fragile beyond belief. Handle with care, basically. Growlithe is a reliable Fire-type, but recommended for experts only since it’s a Pokémon that evolves with an evolution stone.

These Pokémon generally stop learning new moves after evolving, so the timing is crucial. That said, you can teach new moves using TMs, if applicable. Finally Spearow is nothing worth shouting home about–if you catch one, you may as well trade it for the more versatile Hawlucha.

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