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Pokémon: Ultra Sun & Moon

Route 11

Vincent Lau

(1 of 2) It’s time to leave the comforts of the big city.

It’s time to leave the comforts of the big city. (left), (right)

Pokemon Encounters - Route 11

Name Type(s) Location (Rate)
"Komala" IconKomala Normal All grass patches (30%)
"Ledian" IconLedian Bug/Flying [Day] All grass patches (20%)
"Ariados" IconAriados Bug/Poison [Night] All grass patches (20%)
"Pancham" IconPancham Fighting All grass patches (20%)
"Pangoro" IconPangoro Fighting/Dark SOS from "Pancham" IconPancham
"Trumbeak" IconTrumbeak Normal/Flying All grass patches (20%)
"Toucannon" IconToucannon Normal/Flying SOS from "Trumbeak" IconTrumbeak
"Parasect" IconParasect Bug/Grass [Day] All grass patches (10%)
"Shiinotic" IconShiinotic Grass/Fairy [Night] All grass patches (10%)

The long road to the next island trial starts here. As you enter this route from Malie City, there’s a female trial guide on the right. Speak to her and she’ll heal your Pokémon–handy if you’re lazy to run back to the Pokémon Center. Next, step into the tall grass below her and search near the east for a hidden Stardust.

Afterwards, head west towards the tall grass south-west from the entrance. Over in the corner, partially obscured by the grass, is a Big Mushroom that you can take with you. Near here, there’s a hiker who’s deep in thought and not quite up for a battle. Go past him and head east along the dirt path. Soon, the path with fork.

As you go near the fork, "Rotom" IconRotom will enable Roto Exp. Points, which slightly increases the experience points you receive. Near the beginning of the upper path, a pair of athletic trainers are looking east and south for a scrap. If you’re nimble, you can run past while they’re looking east. Or you could simply go along the lower path.

Athletic Siblings Alyssa and Sho

Pokémon Level Type
"Lilligant" IconLilligant 28 Grass
"Whimsicott" IconWhimsicott 28 Grass/Fairy

A Double Battle with two evolved Grass-types. "Lilligant" IconLilligant can use Quiver Dance to boost its Special and Speed stats. Meanwhile "Whimsicott" IconWhimsicott can use Tailwind to boost its allies’ Speed and Cotton Spore to lower Speed. Unleash your best Fire, Flying, Ice and Poison-types before you get left behind in the mud.

No matter which path you go through, step into the tall grass between both paths, then search in the middle of the grass for some more Stardust. After that delightful find, head east between the grassy mounds with bamboo leaves growing. At the end of this leafy path is TM74 Gyro Ball.

From here, return to the tall grass, then carefully head north towards the upper path. Follow the path east until you reach the tall grass by the corner. Search west from the tall grass, just before it begins, to find a hidden Star Piece. After that, head towards the east side of the tall grass, where you can retrieve a Tiny Mushroom.

Towards the east, the two paths converge. Around here, there’s a young boy walking and practicing martial arts near the end of the lower path.

Preschooler Hayden

Pokémon Level Type
"Dedenne" IconDedenne 28 Electric/Fairy

You may have been (un)fortunate enough to encounter this little pipsqueak during the previous Totem Pokémon battle. It’s weak to Ground and Poison-types. If not using a Ground-type, beware of its Nuzzle and Thunder Wave, which cause instant paralysis.

Further east, there’s a proper martial artist and a "Bewear" IconBewear standing by the side of a trainer tips sign. Try to walk past them and you’ll be forced to battle them to proceed.

Black Belt Alvaro

Pokémon Level Type
"Bewear" IconBewear 30 Normal/Fighting

The evolved form of Bewear is not to be sneezed at. It has formidable Attack and the Fluffy Ability, which halves the damage of direct contact moves, but adds a weakness to Fire. Hit it with Fire, Flying or Fairy-types. Psychic-types also work, but need to be wary of Bewear’s Dark-type moves.

After that bearable brawl, you’ll receive TM66 Payback. Continue east towards the end of the route. Just ahead, there’s a martial artist doing push up exercises below a rock. If you want to avoid a fight, run past while he’s lying back or wade through the tall grass below.

Black Belt Clayton

Pokémon Level Type
"Hariyama" IconHariyama 30 Fighting

An evolved "Makuhita" IconMakuhita, this intimidating warrior boasts incredible HP and Attack, but its other stats are below average. Clayton’s "Hariyama" IconHariyama has the Thick Fat Ability that weakens Fire and Ice moves. It can use Belly Drum, which halves its HP and maximizes Attack, and Knock Off to punish Psychic-types.

Past Clayton, be sure to grab the Quick Ball in the corner of the tall-grass to his east. Meanwhile, there’s a Big Mushroom that you can pilfer along the east side of the tall grass along the south. Further east is the exit, which is currently blocked off. But if you show your Electrium Z, you’ll be allowed through.

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