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Pokémon: Ultra Sun & Moon

Ula'ula Clean-up

Vincent Lau

Cryptic Books

(1 of 2) The great GamerGuides won’t be stumped by such a simple conundrum!

The great GamerGuides won’t be stumped by such a simple conundrum! (left), (right)

Books are pretty great and Acerola seems to think so too. You can find her chilling in the Malie City Library, at the north-west corner of the ground floor. Speak to her and she’ll present a riddle based on four book titles. Your only clue is the first book title: “Springing Forth from Alola”.

In which case, the books you need to choose are, in this order: “Some Myriad Z-Move Notes”, “Falling In with the Seafolk” and “When Terrific Tapu Travel”. If you haven’t sussed it out already, the four books begin with “Spring”, “Summer”, “Fall” and “Winter”. If you use your imagination a little!

Your reward for solving the riddle is insight into the Legendary Pokémon.

Desert Wanderer

Haina Desert is a pretty mysterious place, but one mystery remains unsolved. If you return to the desert, you can find a strange man in the empty area that you can reach by exiting north and then east from the entrance. Show him a "Solrock" IconSolrock (Ultra Sun) or "Lunatone" IconLunatone (Ultra Moon) and you’ll receive a Sun Stone or Moon Stone respectively.

Tapu Interview

If you recall, Tapu Village wasn’t always a bunch of ruins–apparently it was destroyed by "Tapu Bulu" IconTapu Bulu long ago. However nobody really knows the truth. A reporter researching this incident can be found just outside the abandoned Thrifty Megamart on Route 14. Bring Tapu Bulu to her and you can go back home with a Grassy Seed.

Virtual Gifts

(1 of 2) We’ll gladly accept these gifts.

We’ll gladly accept these gifts. (left), (right)

After completing Episode RR, two Aether Foundation employees will show up inside the Aether House on Route 15. Specifically in the room on the right. The employee in the helmet will offer you a rare "Porygon" IconPorygon, while the woman gives you an Up-Grade to evolve it. However you’re missing its final evolution item.

Starting with Nanu

When you started off on your journey, you received a starter Pokémon from Melemele’s island kahuna, Hala. However have you ever wondered how Pokémon trainers on other islands get started? If so, go and visit the police station on Route 17. There, you can help a young trainer choose their starter from Nanu.

Team Skull Fashion

For all their tough talk and flamboyant posing, at the end of the day, it’s hard to truly detest the goofy Team Skull Grunts. If you’re a fan of Team Skull and would love to have a bit of Team Skull flair to your life, check out the Pokémon Center in Po Town. The grunts there will let you buy a Team Skull Tank and Cap for 10,000 Poké Dollars.

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