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Po Town

Vincent Lau

(1 of 2) Reckless as it may be, it's time to charge straight into enemy territory.

Reckless as it may be, it's time to charge straight into enemy territory. (left), (right)

This rundown town is ruled by Team Skull, who are the exact opposite of “friendly”, so gear up and get ready for a wild time. As you enter, the road ahead is blocked by a barricade propped up by a persistent pair of Grunts. First, head east, towards the south-east corner of town, where a Max Repel is lying on the ground.

Return to the front of the barricade and go west a few paces. Look for a hole in the middle of the wall that’s lined by bushes, which is just big enough for you to squeeze through. On the other side, check the south-facing wall of the nearby house to find Totem Sticker #078. Next, cautiously head east to go around the barricade.

The two Grunts behind the barricade are not happy that you’ve managed to find a way past their pride and joy. You’ll fight both of these angry fellas back-to-back.

Team Skull Grunt

Pokémon Level Type
"Spinarak" IconSpinarak 36 Bug/Poison

A puny spider that shouldn’t take long to stamp. It’s weak to Fire, Flying, Rock and Psychic. The only thing to watch out for is its Sucker Punch, but without STAB and a good Attack stat, it won’t do a lot of damage.

Team Skull Grunt

Pokémon Level Type
"Trubbish" IconTrubbish 36 Poison

This rubbish bag with eyes can use Toxic to inflict deadly poison and Sludge Bomb to deal decent STAB damage. Early on, it might’ve been scary, but your fully evolved Pokémon can easily trounce it.

Afterwards, carry on east towards the town’s Pokémon Center. Before checking in, go over to the bottom of the building and pull off Totem Sticker #076 from the wall.

Either way, go over to the cardboard boxes between the counter and the café and grab Totem Sticker #077.

Outside in the rain, proceed north towards a second barricade. From here, go east and crawl through the gap in the hedge along the north. You’ll emerge right in front of a ghastly pair of Grunts.

Team Skull Grunt and Team Skull Grunt

Pokémon Level Type
"Raticate" IconRaticate (Alolan) 37 Normal/Dark
"Golbat" IconGolbat 37 Poison/Flying

The Alolan "Raticate" IconRaticate is weak to Bug and Fairy, and doubly weak to Fighting. This one can use Super Fang to halve your Pokémon’s HP, Sucker Punch to attack first if your Pokémon is using an attacking move, and Crunch and Assurance for powerful STAB damage.

Meanwhile, "Golbat" IconGolbat is weak to Electric, Ice, Rock and Psychic. The one you face has Poison Fang for STAB damage, Leech Life to punish Psychics, and Mean Look to prevent a Pokémon from escaping. Good coordination is key to handling this pair.

Once you’ve quietened the Grunts, head over to the north-east corner of this enclosed area and swipe the Full Restore. Crawl back through the gap in the hedge, then make your way west towards the opposite side. Over here, there’s also a gap in the hedge that’s large enough for a child. After crawling through, go east, but slowly.

As you step on the road, towards the south is a lonely Grunt patrolling above the barricade.

Team Skull Grunt

Pokémon Level Type
"Drowzee" IconDrowzee 37 Psychic

This is the Nth time that Team Skull has sent out "Drowzee" IconDrowzee, so there’s not a lot to talk about. In addition to a STAB Psybeam, it can use Synchronoise, which damages all Pokémon that are the same Type as Drowzee. However since it targets Psychic-types, it’s basically pointless here.

Meanwhile, directly to the north is a Grunt standing on top of a red truck in the middle of the road. Thanks to his increased height, he can easily spot incoming intruders. If you want to get past him without a fight, it’s difficult, but possible. First, you’ll need to position yourself so the Grunt’s head is just out of view.

Carefully observe the way his lower body moves as he looks left to right. As soon as he starts looking left, you can run straight ahead to his right or vice versa.

Team Skull Grunt

Pokémon Level Type
"Ekans" IconEkans 37 Poison
"Salandit" IconSalandit 37 Poison/Fire

"Ekans" IconEkans has the Intimidate Ability, which lowers Attack; otherwise, it’s not particularly intimidating. His "Salandit" IconSalandit is sadly a male one, so it’ll never evolve into "Salazzle" IconSalazzle. Put it out of its misery with Water, Ground, Rock or Psychic-types.

Past the red truck is the third and final barricade. This time, going east leads to a dejected Grunt. To the west, there are two crates stacked up in front of a gap in the metal fence that you can use to reach the other side. As you emerge, be cautious of the Grunt patrolling the road up ahead.

Team Skull Grunt

Pokémon Level Type
"Fomantis" IconFomantis 37 Grass
"Mareanie" IconMareanie 37 Poison/Water

"Fomantis" IconFomantis can use Leaf Blade for STAB damage and Synthesis to restore HP, but not a lot because of the rain. Meanwhile "Mareanie" IconMareanie can use Poison Jab for STAB and Recover to actually restore HP. Electric, Ground and Psychic-types are recommended for dealing with the latter.

To the north, across the road, there’s an "Oranguru" IconOranguru that you can play with, as well as a few Team Skull Grunts that aren’t interested in a fight. Moving on, follow the cobbled road east. Halfway along the road, the entrance to Team Skull’s base is waiting north from the crossroad. Before storming their base, continue east for a while.

Above the road, there’s a yellow truck in the middle of a grassy space, but otherwise nothing of interest. Instead, head over to the easternmost part of the road. Where there’s a blue arrow-shaped graffiti on the floor, head south and crawl through the gap in the hedge. On the other side, grab the nearby Smoke Ball.

Finally, return to the crossroad and start heading north towards the front of the large mansion. When you reach the front door, head east between the wall of the mansion and the bushes, then peel off Totem Sticker #079 from the corner, visible from the eastern side. Afterwards, approach the front door of the mansion and boldly step inside.


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