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Pokémon: Ultra Sun & Moon

Route 10

Vincent Lau

(1 of 2) Off to the bus stop we go!

Off to the bus stop we go! (left), (right)

Pokemon Encounters - Route 10

Name Type(s) Location (Rate)
Fearow Normal/Flying All grass patches (30%)
Gumshoos Normal [Day] All grass patches (30%)
Raticate (Alolan) Dark/Normal [Night] All grass patches (30%)
Ledian Bug/Flying [Day] All grass patches (20%)
Ariados Bug/Poison [Night] All grass patches (20%)
Skarmory Steel/Flying All grass patches (10%)
Pancham Fighting All grass patches (10%)
Pangoro Fighting/Dark SOS from Pancham

Pokemon Encounters - Special Areas

Name Type(s) Location (Rate)
Fearow Normal/Flying Rustling trees (50%)
Pineco Bug Rustling trees (30%)
Skarmory Steel/Flying Rustling trees (20%)
Crabrawler Fighting Underneath berry trees (100%)

As the first numbered route on Ula’ula Island, you could say this is where your adventures on this new island begin proper! By the way, you only should come here after meeting Lillie at Malie Library, unless you’re dying to catch new Pokémon etc.

To her west is a martial artist offering a warning about the shaking trees on this route. If you get close enough to a shaking tree, you’ll get ambushed by a wild Pokémon, again just like the tourist warned you.

In any case, follow the trail west past the shaking tree. Standing above the trail, below a bed of tall grass is the first trainer of this route.

Firefighter Alex

Pokémon Level Type
Octillery 30 Water

The evolved form of Remoraid is still a pure Water-type, so it’s weak to Grass and Electric. This one knows Aurora Beam and Psybeam, so Types weak to Ice and Psychic (which includes Grass) should be somewhat cautious.

Directly opposite Alex, towards the south, there’s the first Stufful hiding above the bamboo leaves on the other side of the trail. After rescuing the sorry thing, head north-west from Alex, through the tall grass. After coming clear, grab the Super Potion sitting outside the grass. Now go west behind the nearby shaking tree.

On the other side is a berry stack that you should definitely dig through. Here, you can find berries that lower stats (or more accurately Effort Values), but increase Happiness. While it may seem strange to make your Pokémon weaker, they can be useful for resetting your stat distribution when building a competitive team.

After grabbing the berries, look behind the berry tree to find the second Stufful. At this point, you should also spot the third Stufful that’s hiding just behind the nearby shaking tree. Wow, these things are masters of hiding!

Step back onto the main trail below, then search the corner directly south, near the bamboo leaves, to find a hidden Tiny Mushroom. Next, head directly west, following the trail for a short while, until it starts to bend north-west. Nearby, there’s a Beauty strutting up and down the trail. To safely avoid her, dash west when she’s walking up.

Beauty Andrea

Pokémon Level Type
Flaafy 29 Electric

The middle evolution of Mareep. Because it’s a pure Electric-type, its only weakness is Ground. Considering the Electric-type trial is coming up, you should hope to have a Ground-type by now. Anyway, it also has Confuse Ray to annoy.

Towards the west, after leaving the trail, there’s a side path full of tall grass. Patiently wade through the grass to the nearby space. Grab the Max Revive sitting there and also the fourth Stufful a short distance away to the east. Afterwards cut through the tall grass to the north-east to return to the trail.

Back on the trail, head directly east. On the other side, you should see the fifth Stufful hiding in the corner behind another shaking tree. If you didn’t fight Beauty Andrea, be careful when approaching as she can see you along the tip of her path. Also around here is a trainer tips sign–and just behind it is the sixth Stufful.

Moving on, follow the trail north-west from the trainer tips sign, past the idle Pokémon trainer. Towards the right side of the trail is a patch of tall grass being patrolled by a policeman, walking up and down. In the very center of the tall grass is–surprise, surprise–the seventh Stufful.

Police Officer Mitchell

Pokémon Level Type
Growlithe 30 Fire

This trusty dog is weak to the usual Water, Ground and Rock-types. The latter should be mindful of Growlithe’s Reversal, should it survive with low HP. It also has the Intimidate ability, lowering Attack, which can facilitate a low HP situation.

Above the tall grass is another shaking tree that you should either avoid or run straight into, depending on your ambitions. Finally, if you haven’t spotted it already, the eight–and final–Stufful is idling towards the left side of the trail, opposite the tall grass.

To finish off, follow the remainder of the trail north from the last Stufful. As it happens, the end of the trail isn’t much further. When you get there, approach the Team Skull weirdos hanging around the bus stop. Before they truly make your head hurt, you should scare them off with your crazy Pokémon battling skills.

Team Skull Grunt

Pokémon Level Type
Houndour 29 Dark/Fire

Ooh, the grunts have something new. This Dark and Fire-type is exclusive to Ultra Sun. Water, Ground, Rock and Fighting-types will deal the most damage.

Without a moment to rest, the other grunt will step in to try and finish the job.

Team Skull Grunt

Pokémon Level Type
Golbat 29 Poison/Flying

An evolved Zubat like the one Plumeria has. As before, it’s weak to Electric, Ice, Rock and Psychic-types. Because it’s quite fast, slow Pokémon should be careful. Especially since it can use Confuse Ray to toy with your Pokémon.

After teaching the numbskulls not to get in your way, Kukui will finally arrive as promised. Now that you’re both here, inspect the bus stop to catch a bus straight up to the top of Mount Hokulani. Trying to walk up the mountain yourself is impossible, not least because the path ahead is blocked by a road barrier.


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