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Pokémon: Ultra Sun & Moon

Battle Formats

Vincent Lau

(1 of 2) To ease you in, the normal stages have no restrictions whatsoever.

To ease you in, the normal stages have no restrictions whatsoever. (left), (right)

The Battle Tree offers a few different battle modes. Don’t like single battles? Go for double battles and try out strategies that are otherwise impossible! Want to link up with a friend in real life or do doubles together? There is a place for that too. Here, we will cover battle modes and rules you will need to keep in mind before you make your first foray up the tree.

Normal vs Super Modes

The Battle Tree has two modes: Normal and Super. When you first get to the Battle Tree, you will find that you only have access to the normal mode. However, your Pokemon are not level capped in normal mode, and you can use any Pokemon you want. Yes, that means your Mega "Rayquaza" IconRayquaza can storm through the tree to rapidly build up streak and unlock the Super battle modes.

Normal mode will cap off at 20 battles. Once you have beat all 20, you’ll get some BP and be reset back to a streak of 0. However, if you go to Super mode, your streak can be never-ending…as long as you have the skill to keep going.

If you are not interested in the Super mode of Battle Tree, feel free to just use the Normal level of battle to grind BP.

Single, Double, and Multi Battles

You have three different types of battles to pick from.

Single Battles are pretty standard. You know them like the back of your hand if you got all the way here, after all. Each trainer brings three Pokemon and the first to lose all of theirs loses.

Double Battles are also standard. You and your opponent each bring four Pokemon to the field and send out two at a time. A lot of strategies that don’t work in Single Battles with moves like Wide Guard have a lot of potential here.

Multi Battles are Double Battles but with a twist. Two trainers each bring two Pokemon, so you are fighting with either a real life friend or an AI partner. At first you only have access to one trainer, a Breeder, but each time you fight someone in the Battle Tree, you can pay 10 BP to Scout them. This includes the likes of Cynthia and Wally, and many other characters from other games. You can even partner with Lillie.

Super Battle Rules

In Super mode, the rules get a lot tighter, making this truly the last frontier of the single player experience. First off, similar to Battle Royal, there is a cap of Level 50. Pokemon above this level will get the downgrade (it’s not permanent, don’t worry), but Pokemon under Level 50 don’t get an upgrade.

Second, Pokemon sharing the same Pokedex number cannot be on the same team. You also cannot have duplicate hold items, so get creative with what your Pokemon can have.

Finally, you cannot use any Mythical or “Box” legendaries. The following table lists all the banned Pokemon. Any legendary Pokemon not on that list is allowed (ex. "Terrakion" IconTerrakion, "Entei" IconEntei, etc.)

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