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Pokémon: Ultra Sun & Moon

Poni Wilds

Vincent Lau

(1 of 2) No numbered routes exist on this largely untouched island.

No numbered routes exist on this largely untouched island. (left), (right)

Pokemon Encounters - Poni Wilds

Name Type(s) Location (Rate)
"Pelipper" IconPelipper Water/Flying All grass patches (30%)
"Granbull" IconGranbull Fairy All grass patches (20%)
"Inkay" IconInkay Dark/Psychic All grass patches (20%)
"Furfrou" IconFurfrou Normal All grass patches (20%)
"Gastrodon" IconGastrodon Water/Ground All grass patches (10%)
"Crabrawler" IconCrabrawler Fighting Underneath berry trees (100%)

Although Poni Island is relatively small, the majority of its land is harsh and undeveloped, making it long and difficult to get to places. From the entrance, to the east is a Dancer who serves as this area’s “boss” trainer. For now, head west from Lillie’s position, through the patch of tall grass.

After escaping the grass, there should be a slope nearby on the left, which leads towards the beach. Feel free to check out the beach if you want.

Anyway, when you’re ready to continue, head north along the west side of Poni Wilds. Along the way, there’s a male Ace Trainer looking towards Poni Beach. Talk to him and he’ll request a Pokémon battle.

Ace Trainer Elwood

Pokémon Level Type
"Tropius" IconTropius 45 Grass/Flying
"Lilligant" IconLilligant 45 Grass

Both of his Pokémon are Grass-types, although "Tropius" IconTropius is part Flying, thus making it weak to Fire, Flying and Rock, and doubly weak to Ice. In addition, both Pokémon have Solar Beam as their one and only move. This move requires a turn to charge up, so it’s possible to KO both without taking damage.

Towards the far north, there’s a patch of tall grass on the right and two trainers dancing near a berry tree by the edge of the cliff. Besides wild Pokémon, there’s nothing to be found in the tall grass. Instead, look between the two rocks to the north of the grass, where a Rare Candy has been cleverly placed.

Feel free to rummage through the nearby berry stack, and perhaps challenge the dancing duo to a battle.

Capoeira Couple Cara and Douglas

Pokémon Level Type
"Mienfoo" IconMienfoo 44 Fighting
"Mienfoo" IconMienfoo 45 Fighting

A Double Battle against two "Mienfoo" IconMienfoo. Both Mienfoo can use Hi Jump Kick, an incredibly damaging move that hurts the user if it misses, and U-Turn to damage Psychic-types. They can also use Swords Dance to greatly raise Attack and Helping Hand to boost its ally’s damage.

Afterwards, go all the way back to the entrance to Poni Beach, then head north-east. Standing just below the tall grass is a female Ace Trainer, who’s looking left and right. You can easily sneak past her by hugging the raised ground to the north-west.

Ace Trainer Lindsey

Pokémon Level Type
"Garbodor" IconGarbodor 45 Poison
"Toxapex" IconToxapex 46 Poison/Water

Now this is where the battles start getting tougher! Lindsey’s first Pokémon, "Garbodor" IconGarbodor, is an evolved "Trubbish" IconTrubbish. For attacks, it can use Gunk Shot, which is extremely powerful, and Body Slam to try and cause paralysis. Its nastiest trick is using Toxic to inflict deadly poison and Protect to stall for time.

Her "Toxapex" IconToxapex is an evolved "Mareanie" IconMareanie that has amazing Defense and Special Defense. It can use Poison Jab and Liquidation to inflict STAB damage, and Pin Missile to tickle Psychics. On top of that, it’s holding the Poison Z-Crystal. Thankfully, it’s slow and has low Attack. Hit it hard with Electric and Psychic-types.

North from Lindsey is another berry tree. After picking up the berries or otherwise, there are two ways to proceed. If you don’t mind battling, head directly east from the berry tree. Standing above the next patch of tall grass is an Ace Trainer that you can’t avoid, at least not from this direction.

Ace Trainer Kekoa

Pokémon Level Type
"Granbull" IconGranbull 45 Fairy
"Sharpedo" IconSharpedo 45 Water/Dark
"Ampharos" IconAmpharos 46 Electric

"Granbull" IconGranbull is a Pokémon native to Poni Island, and the evolved form of "Snubbull" IconSnubbull. This intimidating Fairy has exceptional Attack and decent HP, but otherwise lackluster stats. In addition to a STAB Play Rough, it can use Fire Fang, Thunder Fang and Ice Fang to combat common Types.

"Sharpedo" IconSharpedo is the same as the Ride Pokémon. It has exceptional Attack and very good Speed, but suffers in the durability department. This one can use Liquidation and Crunch to deal STAB damage, and Aqua Jet to finish off weakened foes. Take it on with Grass, Electric, Fighting, Bug or Fairy-types.

Finally "Ampharos" IconAmpharos is a fully evolved "Mareep" IconMareep and Flaafy. This majestic Electric-type has high Special Attack and solid defensive stats, but woeful Speed. It can use Discharge to deal STAB damage, and Rock Gem and Dragon Pulse because there are no better choices. Obviously, Ground-types are ideal.

If you’d prefer not to battle, step back into the tall grass from where you came from, then continue east from there. You’ll end up behind the Ace Trainer. Either way, head north-east from Kekoa’s position to escape the tall grass. Near the north of this path, there’s a Max Potion that you can claim as yours.

(1 of 2) Murkrow and Misdreavus will benefit from the Dusk Stone.

Murkrow and Misdreavus will benefit from the Dusk Stone. (left), (right)

Next, make your way south, going through two patches of tall grass. After going through the second patch of grass, carefully go up the slope to the left and grab the Dusk Stone below the rocks. Don’t jump over the ledge, unless you want to return to the entrance. Instead, head east until you reach the next patch of tall grass.

Go north from the tip of the tall grass, and up the slope that’s to the right of the trainer tips sign. At the end of this raised area is a third berry tree. Once you’ve grabbed all the berries you wanted, return south. Afterwards, follow the path from the right side of the tall grass. Halfway along, the path will switch over to the left side.

When you come to this point, watch out for a trainer standing at the edge of the tall grass on the right side. To avoid him, you can simply go through the tall grass behind him.

Cook Fil

Pokémon Level Type
"Exeggcute" IconExeggcute 44 Grass/Psychic
"Ribombee" IconRibombee 44 Bug/Fairy

Both of Fil’s Pokémon are holding Leftovers, which gradually restores HP. "Exeggcute" IconExeggcute is a Pokémon you can catch soon. It’s weak to Fire, Flying, Ice, Dark and Ghost, and doubly weak to Bug. Its notable attacks are Solar Beam, which requires a turn to charge, and Confusion, a weak Psychic-type move.

"Ribombee" IconRibombee you may have encountered in Ula’ula Meadow. This scarf-wearing critter has exceptional Speed and solid Special Attack, but pitiful defensive stats. For attacks, it can use Dazzling Gleam and Bug Buzz for STAB damage. Crush it with Fire, Flying, Rock, Poison or Steel-types.

Finally, continue towards the far south-eastern corner to reach the exit to the next area. Just above the exit is Totem Sticker #092 that might be easier to find compared to the exit itself. Oh, there is one more thing. If you defeated all the other Pokémon trainers, you can battle the Dancer waiting to the right of the entrance.

Dancer Julia

Pokémon Level Type
"Oricorio" IconOricorio (Baille) 46 Fire/Flying
"Oricorio" IconOricorio (Pom-Pom) 46 Electric/Flying
"Oricorio" IconOricorio (Pa’u) 46 Psychic/Flying
"Oricorio" IconOricorio (Sensu) 46 Ghost/Flying

Julia’s party consists of all the "Oricorio" IconOricorio forms, including the one native to Poni Island. As she warns you, all of her Oricorio are holding a Focus Sash that prevents one-hit KOs. Therefore, unless you use strong multi-hitting moves (like Rock Blast and Icicle Spear), expect them to survive your attacks.

Furthermore, all the Oricorio have the exact same moves. They can use Revelation Dance, to deal STAB damage corresponding to the Oricorio’s primary Type, Air Slash to try and cause flinch, and Teeter Dance to cause confusion. Confusion can be a nuisance so Persim or Lum Berries are useful to have.

All of the Oricorio are weak to Rock, so that’s an easy way out. In fact, the Baille Style takes 4x damage from Rock. All but the Pom-Pom Style are weak to Electric, and all but the Baille Style are weak to Ice. Both the Pa’u and Sensu Styles are weak to Dark. Finally, the Baille Style is also weak to Water and Sensu to Ghost.

Survive against Julia’s feathered onslaught and you’ll receive a Focus Sash for yourself. Although the Focus Sash is a fantastic held item, beware that it permanently disappears if it activates during the main story. So it’s best you save it for Versus Battles, etc.

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