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Pokémon: Ultra Sun & Moon

Aether Paradise - Residence

Vincent Lau

(1 of 2) No matter the occasion, there’s always time to check all the corners.

No matter the occasion, there’s always time to check all the corners. (left), (right)

Outside, you’ll be on the path leading to the Aether President’s residence. Standing in your way, however, is Guzma and his gang of numbskulls. Gladion will rush straight in, but you don’t have to follow him so quickly. From the entrance to this area, head all the way west, then up the stairs to the raised area.

Near the bottom-left corner is a Full Heal that you should pocket. Afterwards, go back down the stairs, then travel all the way east towards the raised area on the opposite side. Over here, there’s a Pelipper you can play with and another Full Heal in the top-right corner. Finally, head along the central path.

Here, multiple Grunts line the path and there’s no way to avoid a clash. Are you ready to break some skulls?

Team Skull Grunt

Pokémon Level Type
Golbat 42 Poison/Flying

Yet another Golbat. By now, you should have its weaknesses memorized: Electric, Rock, Ice and Psychic. This one can use Poison Fang for STAB damage, Leech Life to damage Psychic-types and Mean Look to prevent escape.

Team Skull Grunt

Pokémon Level Type
Raticate (Alolan) 42 Normal/Dark

This ginormous Raticate is weak to Bug and Fairy, and doubly weak to Fighting. It can hit reasonably hard with Double Edge and Crunch, try to surprise attackers with Sucker Punch, and annoy resistant Pokémon with Super Fang.

After wiping the floor with the first two Grunts, the remaining Grunt will let you go through without a fight. From here, the Skull’s fearsome boss awaits. Before challenging him, heal up your Pokémon if you need to.

Team Skull Boss Guzma

Pokémon Level Type
Golisopod 45 Bug/Water
Masquerain 45 Bug/Flying
Pinsir 45 Bug
Vikavolt 45 Bug/Electric

You recently fought Guzma in Po Town, so you should be well-prepared. His first three Pokémon are largely unchanged and can be fought using similar tactics. For reference, Golisopod is weak to Electric, Flying and Rock. A Pokémon that resists Bug is recommended to resist First Impression.

Masquerain is weak to Fire, Flying, Electric and Ice, and doubly weak to Rock. Again, a Pokémon that resists Bug will be helpful, this time for resisting Bug Buzz. Flying-types will need to be cautious of Icy Wind though. Pinsir has gained Stone Edge, so Fire and Flying-types are not completely safe from harm.

Finally, Guzma has a new Pokémon: Vikavolt. This critter hits like a truck thanks to its sky-high Special Attack. To offset this, it’s slow and not particularly durable. Fire and Rock-types are super-effective, but the latter can receive significant damage from Flash Cannon. Avoid Ground moves because it has Levitate.

Prove your might for the third time and Guzma will wisely step aside. Without a moment to waste, enter the mansion from the front door. Inside, all the doorways are barred off, except the door straight ahead. As you try to walk further in though, another ally of Aether Foundation will attempt to stop you.

Ultra Recon Squad Dulse/Soliera

Pokémon Level Type
Poipole 47 Poison

This UB was formidable when your Pokémon were weak and unevolved, but now the situation is reversed. Still, it’s never wise to underestimate creatures from other worlds. For attacks, it has Poison Jab for STAB damage and Fell Stinger to drastically raise Attack if the attack KOs the opponent.

It can also use Nasty Plot to bolster its Special Attack, and Toxic to whittle down its foe. Ground-types are ideal for dishing out super-effective attacks, while Steel-types are ideal for defensive combat. Psychic-types should stay away unless they’re bulky enough to survive multiple Fell Stingers.

Past this hurdle, you can reach the door on the opposite side. Beyond, you’ll catch up with Lillie, but it’s not all roses and sunshine. When you’re mentally prepared, step on the warp circle inside the wardrobe to proceed. Your Pokémon will be magically healed before the next battle, so don’t bother using any items, etc.

Aether President Lusamine

Pokémon Level Type
Clefable 47 Fairy
Lilligant 47 Grass
Lopunny 47 Normal
Milotic 47 Water
Bewear 47 Normal/Fighting

Up to this point, Lusamine has the strongest and most varied Pokémon party that you’ll face. But no matter how strong your opponent is, if you can take advantage of their Pokémon’s weaknesses, while playing to your Pokémon’s strengths, it’s always possible to come out winning.

Lusamine’s first Pokémon is Clefable, evolved from Cleffa and Clefairy. This pure Fairy-type has good special-based stats, but poor Speed. It can use Moonblast for STAB damage, Psychic to damage Poison-types and Charm to greatly lower Attack. Physical attackers are recommended, especially Steel-types.

Next up can be Lilligant, which is an evolved Petilill. This Grass-type has exceptional Special Attack and Speed, but mediocre defenses. It can use Teeter Dance to cause confusion, Stun Spore to cause paralysis and Petal Dance to deal respectable damage. Fire, Flying, Bug and Poison-types should do very well here.

Lopunny, evolved from Buneary, is a pure Normal-type. This bunny boasts impressive Speed and surprisingly robust defenses, in exchange for mediocre Attack. To make up for this, it can use Dizzy Punch to potentially cause confusion, and has access to Thunder Punch, Ice Punch and Fire Punch to deal with common Types.

The marvelous Milotic, evolved from Feebas, has high Special Defense and Special Attack, but middling Defense and Speed. For attacks, it can use Hydro Pump for STAB damage, Icy Wind to slow down foes and damage Grass-types, and Dragon Pulse as a last resort. Combat it with fast Electric-types or bulky Grass-types.

Finally, Bewear has incredible HP and Attack, but poor special-based stats and Speed. This monstrous bear has the Fluffy Ability that weakens direct contact moves and makes it weak to Fire. It can use Take Down and Drain Punch for STAB damage, and Zen Headbutt to annoy Fighting-types. Batter it with Flying, Psychic or Fairy-types.

Even after showing Lusamine that her power isn’t all that, she carries on with her machinations regardless.

Clean Up

(1 of 2) The front of Aether Paradise is hiding a couple of lost items.

The front of Aether Paradise is hiding a couple of lost items. (left), (right)

The next day, you’ll be in Lusamine’s room. Exit the mansion via the south to regroup with Lillie and the others.

Once the chit-chat’s over, you can go to the docks to leave for the next island. Before that though, there’s one more place that you can visit. Make your way south back to the entrance area, then continue through the southern exit, which was blocked off earlier. On the other side, you’ll arrive at the front of Aether Paradise.

From now on, you can use Charizard to fly to Aether Paradise, where you’ll land here. Anyway, head west towards the south-western part of the facility. Over in the top-right corner is a Heal Ball you can use for a friendly capture. Next, run all the way east towards the south-eastern part of the facility.

In the top-left corner of this area, you’ll find a Hyper Potion. Having cleaned up Aether Paradise, return to the elevator shaft in the entrance area and use it to travel to the docks on B1F. Once there, go south-west where Lillie and Gladion are waiting by the ferry. Speak to Gladion to travel to the final island: Poni Island.


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