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Exeggutor Island

Vincent Lau

(1 of 2) This island is shaped like an "Exeggutor" IconExeggutor, and is also home to "Exeggutor" IconExeggutor.

This island is shaped like an "Exeggutor" IconExeggutor, and is also home to "Exeggutor" IconExeggutor. (left), (right)

Pokemon Encounters - Exeggutor Island

Name Type(s) Location (Rate)
"Tropius" IconTropius Grass/Flying All grass patches (20%)
"Exeggcute" IconExeggcute (Alolan) Grass/Psychic All grass patches (20%)
"Pelipper" IconPelipper Water/Flying All grass patches (20%)
"Exeggutor" IconExeggutor (Alolan) Grass/Dragon All grass patches (20%)
"Gastrodon" IconGastrodon Water/Ground All grass patches (10%)
"Pinsir" IconPinsir Bug All grass patches (10%)
"Sliggoo" IconSliggoo Dragon SOS in the rain (10%)
"Castform" IconCastform Normal SOS in the rain, sun, hail, or sandstorm (10%)

Unlike in Pokémon Sun and Moon, you’ll be visiting this former trial site alone. From the entrance, there are three highly agitated Alolan "Exeggutor" IconExeggutor in the grassy area to the west. Approach each of the "Exeggutor" IconExeggutor and poke them with the A button. You’ll be attacked by wild Bug-type "Pinsir" IconPinsir that you can catch or defeat.

After dealing with all three "Pinsir" IconPinsir, the topmost "Exeggutor" IconExeggutor will shuffle along to the north. Follow the "Exeggutor" IconExeggutor north. Search inside the alcove to the left to find a hidden Big Pearl. Next, squeeze past the "Exeggutor" IconExeggutor and follow the path all the way around to the back of the island, where a Revive is waiting to be found.

Return to the "Exeggutor" IconExeggutor and give it a friendly poke. As thanks for driving away the "Pinsir" IconPinsir, it’ll launch you up to higher ground. From here, call "Tauros" IconTauros and charge through the rocks to the north-east. Once the path is clear, search the foliage towards the north to find a hidden PP Up. After that, step onto the easternmost slope.

At the bottom of this overgrown slope, there’s a partially obscured rock. Let "Tauros" IconTauros handle the rock, then pick up Totem Sticker #099 underneath. By the way, that’s the final sticker until you’ve completed the game. Moving on, continue north-west from the "Exeggutor" IconExeggutor, then up the slope to reach the top of the hill.

Directly ahead is a pedestal containing the Sun Flute (Ultra Sun) or Moon Flute (Ultra Moon). Go over to the pedestal and grab the flute to complete your mission. Afterwards, you’ll be automatically brought back to Seafolk Village, where you must begin a new journey to the Vast Poni Canyon.


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