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Pokémon: Ultra Sun & Moon
Strategy Guide

Author(s): Vincent Lau, Cassie Sun
First Published: 23-12-2017 / 00:00 GMT
Last Updated: 12-06-2020 / 06:11 GMT
Version: 1.1 (????) 05-08-2020 / 02:32 GMT

This is the last numbered route on Melemele Island.

Pokemon Encounters - Route 3 (North)

Name Type(s) Location (Encounter Rate)
Mankey Fighting All grass patches (30%)
Spearow Normal/Flying All grass patches (30%)
Cutiefly Bug/Fairy All grass patches (30%)
Hawlucha Fighting/Flying All grass patches (10%)
Name Type(s) Location (Encounter Rate)
Spearow Normal/Fying Bird shadows (70%)
Rufflet Normal/Flying [Ultra Sun] Bird shadows (30%)
Vullaby Dark/Flying [Ultra Moon] Bird shadows (30%)
Crabrawler Fighting Underneath berry trees (100%)

This rather rugged route is the final one of Melemele Island and thus your last chance to prepare before Hala's Grand Trial. Hala happens to be a fan of Fighting-type Pokémon, so try and catch and train a Flying, Psychic and/or Fairy Pokémon if you can. Anyway, head north frm the entrance to begin.

Nearby, there's a hiker who warns you about the aggressive bird Pokémon hanging around the eastern branch of the fork. Like the burrowing Pokémon in the Verdant Cavern, bumping into one of the moving shadows of a bird Pokémon will instantly trigger a fight. Unlike the burrowers though, the birds won't purposely chase you.

At this point, you can choose one of two paths, although you can obviously go through both later--and we recommend you do so, for the experience and items. Against the odds, we'll be starting with the "dangerous" route, which is the eastern path where the bird Pokémon are. At the base of the path, there's a bird slowly moving in a small circle.

Past the lone bird, there's a large rock structure, with a bunch of birds traveling in a clock-wise direction around the structure. Heading east along the path below the structure is ill-recommended, as you'll rush straight into the birds' direction. Unless, of course, you want to actively seek a battle, which is fine.

For our sanity, we'll be heading east along the upper path, traveling in the same direction as the birds. Halfway along, there's a tiny alcove below. Search around here to find a hidden Stardust . Once you reach the other side, continue clock-wise, following the lower path west. Grab the Sharp Beak nestled in the nearby alcove, then dart back east if you can.

If you're too slow, no big deal, as the birds aren't particularly strong. Either way, heading east from here will take you to the point where the two paths from the beginning converge. From here, you may as well visit the other path, going backwards. Just above is a wandering Pokémon trainer.

Rising Star Tatiana

Pokémon Level Type
Cottonee 12 Grass/Fairy

This floating furball is Grass and Fairy, so it's weak to Fire, Flying and Steel-types and exceptional weak to Poison-types. Normally, Cottonee can be a pain with its Prankster ability that lets it use status moves before your Pokémon can act, but this one only knows Mega Drain.

Halfway along this ocean-facing path, there's a slope leading down to a ledge filled with tall grass. It's a bit hard to see from some angles, but there's a Heal Ball waiting to be found in the east-most corner. Just watching your footing when you pick it up! Further west is another up-and-coming trainer.

Rising Star Ian

Pokémon Level Type
Psyduck 12 Water

This silly duck isn't a Psychic-type despite what its name suggests. So Grass and Electric-types are the way to go. If you have none of those for some reason, pretty much any Pokémon that's not Fire, Water, Ground or Rock should suffice.

Beyond Ian is the beginning of the route, so in your own time, head back to where the two paths converge towards the east. Next, head south a few paces, until you see a darkened path with a signpost nearby towards the south-west. For now, carry on south along the lighter path, past the idle trainer.

Eventually you'll meet Kukui standing in front of a suspension bridge. He's not budging any time soon, so travel east to the final part of this route, for the time being anyway. At the far end is a man standing below a patch of tall grass. Say "hello" to receive a Soothe Bell , which increases Happiness when held.

As soon as you're done here, return north towards the darkened path, then enter to reach the next area.

Pokémon Checklist

For bird Pokémon, you've got the Normal/Flying Rufflet if playing Ultra Sun and the Dark/Flying Vullaby if playing Ultra Moon. The former is a physical powerhouse, while the latter is a defensive wall. You can also catch your own Hawlucha in the tall grass.

Otherwise, there's Mankey if you still need a Fighting-type. However now that the Normal-type trial is over, there's less incentive to drag around a fairly mediocre 'mon with you. If you must have a Fighting-type, Hawlucha has you covered and then some.

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