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Pokémon: Ultra Sun & Moon

Route 1 - The Professor's Lab

Vincent Lau

(1 of 2) Lillie will be your tour guide for a while.

Lillie will be your tour guide for a while. (left), (right)

The next day, the doorbell will ring once more. Make your way to the front door to see who the visitor is. Outside, you’ll find that Lillie has come to lead you to the Professor’s place. As you leave though, your Mom will send you off, but not before handing you 30,000 Poké Dollars. Aw, thanks, Mom.

Start by heading south-west towards the gap in the fence. Past the gap, Lillie will teach you about ledge hopping. If there’s a ledge, you can hop over its edge to reach lower ground. But note that it’s a one-way trip: you can’t jump back up to higher ground. Anyway, leaping over the nearby ledge will lead you straight to the lab.

That said, if you’re not in a rush, you may as well take the long route. Rather than jumping over the ledge, head east towards the tall grass. Just before the grass, an optional trainer battle awaits.

Pokemon Encounters - Hau’oli Outskirts

Name Type(s) Location (Rate)
Wingull Water/Flying All grass near Kukui’s lab (50%)
Inkay Dark/Psychic All grass near Kukui’s lab (30%)
Slowpoke Water/Psychic All grass near Kukui’s lab (20%)

Youngster Kevin

Pokémon Level Type
Inkay 6 Dark/Psychic

This curious-looking creature hails from the Kalos region. It’s a Dark and Psychic-type, which is rather unique. But at such a low level, that doesn’t matter too much. Just use your Pokémon’s STAB move to make quick work of it.

To continue, you’ll need to cross through a fairly long stretch of tall grass. Towards the north, below the hillside, is an Awakening that somebody left behind. From here, you can either go south through the remainder of the tall grass or go east and follow the path without tall grass.

Either way, a second Pokémon trainer is waiting where the tall grass ends further south. If you want to avoid her, you can exit the tall grass via the west, below the ledge wall.

Lass Madison

Pokémon Level Type
Yungoos 6 Normal

The same Pokémon that tried to jump you at the very beginning of the game. Now you can have your revenge, if you haven’t encountered one earlier in Route 1. It’s a Normal-type so all moves are OK to use against it. Except Ghost-type moves, such as Litten’s Lick.

On the other side, you’ll emerge near the bottom of the ledge that Lillie showed you. Just south from here, you should start to see the roof of Kukui’s lab. Before going there though, head east from Lass Madison. At the edge of the shoreline is a bikini-clad trainer who you can battle.

Swimmer Natasha

Pokémon Level Type
Wingull 7 Water/Flying

Natasha has a common seagull Pokémon that you can find in this part of Route 1. It’s a Water-type so Litten users should be careful. If you have one, Pichu will do amazing damage with Thunder Shock. Meanwhile Rowlet will inflict normal damage with Leafage, and Popplio will do fine as long as it doesn’t use Water Gun.

That’s all the trainers here taken care of. Head to the front of slightly dilapidated lab, where Lillie is patiently waiting. After she heads inside, carry on south towards the end of the beach. Search the bottom-most part of the beach (by hammering the A button) to discover a hidden Pearl buried in the sands.

Inside the lab, Kukui will power up your Pokédex, transforming it into the multi-purpose Rotom Dex. He’ll also tell you your next destination: the Trainer’s School in Route 1. If you’re nosy, you can check out Lillie’s attic room, as well as the Professor’s room downstairs.

(1 of 2) Rotom is friendly. Sometimes too friendly.

Rotom is friendly. Sometimes too friendly. (left), (right)

Outside again, make your way backwards to the area just outside your house. From here, follow the path all the way west, until you reach the tarmac.

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