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Pokémon: Ultra Sun & Moon

Poni Breaker Coast

Vincent Lau

(1 of 2) Not to be confused with the postgame area called “Poni Coast”.

Not to be confused with the postgame area called “Poni Coast”. (left), (right)

Pokemon Encounters - Poni Breaker Coast

Name Type(s) Location (Rate)
Tentacruel Water/Poison Surfing everywhere (40%)
Lumineon Water Surfing everywhere (25%)
Pelipper Water/Flying Surfing everywhere (20%)
Gastrodon Water/Ground Surfing everywhere (20%)
Lapras Water/Ice Surfing everywhere (5%)
Wailmer Water Special surfing spots (70%)
Clawitzer Water [Ultra Sun] Special surfing spots (20%)
Dragalge Poison/Dragon [Ultra Moon] Special surfing spots (20%)
Wailord Water Special surfing spots (10%)
Wimpod Bug/Water Chasing Wimpod (100%)

Pokemon Encounters - Fishing

Name Type(s) Location (Rate)
Magikarp Water Standard fishing spots (49%), bubbling fishing spots (40%)
Gyarados Water/Flying SOS from Magikarp
Wailmer Water Standard fishing spots (40%), bubbling fishing spots (30%)
Wailord Water SOS from Wailmer
Carvanha Water/Dark Standard fishing spots (10%), bubbling fishing spots (20%)
Sharpedo Water/Dark SOS from Carvanha
Relicanth Water/Rock Standard fishing spots (1%), bubbling fishing spots (10%)

Coming from Ancient Poni Path, head south-east until you’re clear of the rocks lining the path. Over here, there’s a geyser to the north that routinely spouts out water, and a stretch of water along the south side. To begin with, approach the water and call Lapras or Sharpedo. Go over to the floating boulders towards the south.

Swim between the line of boulders and you can find a submerged Max Revive near the center. Watch out for the Pokémon in the splashing water that will ambush you if you get near. Next, go all the way west, either along the water or along the land. If taking the watery route, you’ll need Sharpedo’s help to break the boulders.

If traveling on foot, look out for a tourist along the way who’s walking clock-wise around a hole in the ground.

Sightseer Jamie

Pokémon Level Type
Sandshrew 44 Ground
Persian 44 Normal

Jamie has the non-native Sandshrew and Persian, which are pure Ground and Normal respectively. Since it’s unevolved, Sandshrew should be a piece of cake. Meanwhile, although Persian is evolved, it lacks super-effective STAB damage and thus poses little threat.

Upon reaching the westernmost part of the coast, go up the slope to reach a sectioned off area of Ancient Poni Path. Here, head east through the row of tall grass, so you can pick up TM55 Scald, which was teasing you earlier. Afterwards, return to the area south from the main entrance, near the geyser.

Now make your way east, past the geyser. Towards the far east is the entrance to the Ruins of Hope, between two tapu statues. South from here is a swimmer stretching up and down next to a large, deep pool of water. If you’re looking to quietly get past, keep in mind that he can see behind himself when he’s stretching down.

Swimmer Derek

Pokémon Level Type
Dragalge 44 Poison/Dragon

An evolved Skrelp only found in Ultra Moon. This sea dragon has exceptional Special Defense and respectable Defense and Special Attack, but abysmal Speed. It can use Hydro Pump and Sludge Bomb for STAB damage and Toxic to wear down foes. Smite it with Electric, Ground, Psychic or Dragon-types.

There’s nothing else around here, besides fishing spots. As soon as you’re ready to meet up with Hapu, exit via the east.

Ruins of Hope

(1 of 2) These ruins are home to Tapu Fini, the Water-type guardian.

These ruins are home to Tapu Fini, the Water-type guardian. (left), (right)

From the entrance, go down the steps along the south side to reach the entrance to the actual ruins, where Lillie and Mudsdale are. Inside, there are humongous blocks that are simply too heavy for a human to move. But luckily, just before you came here, a Pokémon with superhuman strength was added to your Ride Pager.

Call Machamp and push the block on the left path all the way north, until it can’t go any further. Next, push the block in the center of the two paths east. Once that block is on the right path, push it all the way north into the gap ahead. After the block has fallen into the gap, walk over it and then proceed through the northern exit.

On the other side, watch as Hapu fulfills her destined task. Afterwards, you’ll be asked to meet up back at Seafolk Village. Exit the ruins the way you came. Outside, call Charizard and have it transport you to the Seakfolk Village Pokémon Center. Back at the village, go to the Wailord ship towards the west to report back to Captain Mina.

Eventually, preparations will be made so you can travel to Exeggutor Island, where an artifact related to the Legendary Pokémon slumbers.


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