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Pokémon: Ultra Sun & Moon
Strategy Guide

Author(s): Vincent Lau, Cassie Sun
First Published: 23-12-2017 / 00:00 GMT
Last Updated: 12-06-2020 / 06:11 GMT
Version: 1.1 (????) 05-07-2020 / 20:06 GMT

Watch your step... not even the trees are safe! Brr...

Pokemon Encounters - Memorial Hill

Name Type(s) Location (Encounter Rate)
Gastly Ghost/Poison All grass patches (50%)
Phantump Ghost/Grass All grass patches (30%)
Zubat Poison/Flying All grass patches (20%)
Golbat Poison/Flying SOS from Zubat

To reach Olivia's Grand Trial, you'll need to brave Akala Island's burial site. From the Route 9 entrance, head east to find a set of small stairs leading up to a simple hedge maze. The maze is too narrow for your Ride Pokémon, which is somewhat awkward since there are hidden items to find. But thankfully they're hidden in easy places.

Anyway, you'll start towards the south-west corner of the maze. Nearby, there's a woman and her Rockruff. Go a few paces east and search the next tombstone for a hidden Heal Powder . Continue east towards the south-east corner of the maze, then head north towards the big tombstone. From here, go west until the path splits in two.

Traveling north will take you outside the maze, but you've still got plenty to explore. For now, head south from where the path splits. Immediately to the west is a gentleman staring outside the maze. Search the tombstone behind him for an Adrenaline Orb . If it's a battle you want, go over and tap the gentleman's shoulder.

Gentleman Smith

Pokémon Level Type
Jolteon 24 Electric

The Electric-type evolution of Eevee has sky-high Speed and reasonable Special Attack. Naturally, it's only weak to Ground-types. To minimize headaches, take it out fast with Ground-types or those that resist Electric, like Grass or Dragon.

Afterwards, head directly east, then south at the corner. Be careful as you approach because a child is looking left and right for a battle. Nearby to his right is a Cleanse Tag , in front of a tombstone. If held by the first Pokémon in your party, this lowers the chance of meeting ghostly spirits... or, rather, wild Pokémon.

Preschooler Liam

Pokémon Level Type
Magby 23 Fire
Ledian 23 Bug/Flying

Two very different Pokémon, but with one shared weakness: Rock. Otherwise Magby is weak to Water and Ground, and Ledian is weak to Electric, Ice and Flying.

Return north to where the path splits, then head north-west towards the exit. Before leaving, go south from the north-west corner of the maze towards the lonesome tombstone above Gentleman Smith. Search the front of the tombstone to pick up a hidden Super Repel . After escaping the maze, you'll reach the northern side.

Around here, there's a rich lady walking left and right. Take care as she can easily see you as you exit the hedge maze, while she's standing towards the left of her path.

Madame Sayuri

Pokémon Level Type
Furfrou 24 Normal
Comfey 24 Fairy

The Normal-type Furfrou receives halved damage from physical moves because of its Fur Coat ability. Most Fighting-type moves are physical, so don't be alarmed if they just miss a KO. Comfey is a supportive Fairy-type, but the best this one can do is Sweet Kiss, which causes confusion.

Step into the tall grass to the west of the maze's exit, then follow it south around the corner. After the tall grass ends, there's a Dusk Ball a few paces below, next to the trees by the mountain wall. Note that if you didn't fight Gentleman Smith earlier, you can't avoid his gaze while trying to pick it up.

To the south is a ledge that leads back to the entrance. Instead, go back through the tall grass, towards Sayuri. Afterwards, head east, while following the northern side of the maze. Soon, there's a thick patch of tall grass surrounding the north-east corner of the maze. You can walk above the grass, but you'll bump into a trainer.

Punk Girl Melissa

Pokémon Level Type
Ariados 24 Bug/Poison

The evolved version of Spinarak is still weak to Fire, Flying, Rock and Psychic-types. It knows Shadow Sneak, so Psychic-types should be somewhat wary.

While in the tall grass, as you pass by the north-east corner of the maze, go west through the gap in the hedge. In front of the final tombstone is a Spell Tag that boosts the power of Ghost-type moves. After that curious find, head directly east across the tall grass. When you reach the mountain wall, go south past the line of trees.

On the other side, there's a Hyper Potion towards the east, above the white fence. Finally, return to the thick patch of tall grass and head south between the hedge maze and the line of trees. Once you're free of the grass, you can exit Memorial Hill via the south-east. Before you can leave though, someone is in a spot of trouble.

Team Skull Grunt

Pokémon Level Type
Raticate 24 Normal/Dark

The evolved form of Rattata has better stats, but they're still all borderline mediocre. That said, it is capable of causing serious damage with its STAB Hyper Fang or Crunch, especially to your Pokémon with low Defense. Quickly exterminate it with Fighting, Fairy or Bug-types.

Pokémon Checklist

The only new Pokémon here is Phantump, a Ghost and Grass-type. It evolves into Trevenant when traded to another player. If you're lacking a trade partner, there is an in-game trainer later on who will trade you his Phantump.

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