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Pokémon: Ultra Sun & Moon

How to Level Up Quickly

Vincent Lau

It’s every Pokémon master’s goal to reach that luxury level of 100, but how exactly does one go about doing it in a timely manner? Hyper Training won’t unlock itself! Well, there’s a few methods to do so, some of which can be done via multitasking, and many of these methods are surprisingly efficient. It just requires patience, tenacity, and some preparation!

Method 1 - Poké Pelago

(1 of 2) This is the hands-free approach!

This is the hands-free approach! (left), (right)

This can be done in tandem with the other methods to make sure you are always leveling up something, even in your sleep! It is slow but it is better than nothing, right? Besides, slowly but surely giving 18 Pokémon at once guaranteed, free Experience Points sounds like a great deal to me.

Simply dump up to 18 Pokémon of your choice into Isle Evelup at the Poké Pelago and set them to do 99 rounds of playing with the proper drink. You can use Poke Beans to speed it up, or not. Then once they are done, select the “Play Longer” option and keep it going!

Method 2 - Elite Four Grinding

The Elite Four, when you rematch them, are the highest Level trainers in the game (with teams of Level 66 Pokémon) that you can battle consistently. Pop a Rotom Power to boost Experience Point gain and start tearing up the place! Be sure to turn on the Exp. Share item, and ideally you should have Lucky Eggs on everyone.

This is the best way to go if you are also strapped for cash (trying to get that Kommo-o outfit or Lurantis outfit I take it?). If you are cleaning out the Elite Four with a Level 100, and everyone else is just tagging along for the experience, be sure to give them the Amulet Coin. But if you have all the money you need, this can become very slow and boring.

Method 3 - Chansey and Blissey Chaining

When stacked with an Exp. Share, a Rotom Power, and everyone holding Lucky Eggs, this is the fastest method in the game for how much it costs you to level up to 100. Go to Poni Plains and find yourself a Chansey, and begin to S.O.S. Chain.

Make sure Chansey has 1 HP left (use False Swipe), and has no status condition, then wait for it to call for help. Have a Pokemon capable of knocking out whatever it calls in one hit. Just a basic physical move will do fine since Chansey and Blissey have bad Defense.

PP will obviously run out at some point. To counter this, wait until Chansey successfully summons another Chansey (not a Blissey!), and then KO the first Chansey. The second Chansey will continue calling for help.

The reason this works is because Chansey and Blissey have the highest base Experience Values in the game. Experience Value determines how much experience a Pokemon forks over once you have defeated it.

Method 4 - Festival Plaza and Rare Kitchen

(1 of 2) Only recommended for the rich!

Only recommended for the rich! (left), (right)

Technically speaking, this is the fastest method. But the amount of preparation (and potentially luck), and the cost is extremely steep. If you are able to pull this off, you’ll be sitting in a pile of Level 100 Pokemon in no time, but be prepared to be frustrated if you don’t have the proper components!

This method revolves around the use of multiple Rare Kitchen facilities in the Festival Plaza to level up Pokemon quickly using their meals. First things first. You will need two 5* Rare Kitchen facilities. Either you got ridiculously lucky with Sophocles or you will have to buy these facilities from people who stop by.

There are many places online where trainers gather to share Friend Codes so that they can share Rare Kitchens with each other as well. Buying two Rare Kitchens will set you back 4,500 FC . I hope you like the Battle Agency!

Secondly, you will now need another massive pile of FC to buy their meals (on the order of close to 1,000 FC), and your Festival Plaza needs to be at least Rank 30 to unlock everything the Rare Kitchens sell. Bear in mind you can only do this once per day since facilities only sell you stuff once a day.

Are you ready? Let’s go!

First, you need to power level your target Pokemon to Level 66. You cannot go higher or lower than this magic number. If you are in the middle of the Elite Four, turn off that Exp. Share. Use wild Pokemon on Poni Island to get precise if you have to. Level 66 is the magic level.

Now, go to your first Rare Kitchen facility and order a Rare Dinner. This will get your Pokemon to Level 73. Go to your second Rare Kitchen facility and order another Rare Dinner. Now you are at Level 80.

Afterwards, go to your first Rare Kitchen facility and order a Rare Buffet. This takes your Pokemon to Lv 89. Finally, go to your second Rare Kitchen facility and order another Rare Buffet. You are at Level 98!

Either use two Rare Candies or finish off with some Pokemon battles and you have gotten to Level 100 very quickly!


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