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Pokémon: Ultra Sun & Moon

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Vincent Lau

(1 of 2) Who’s that Pokemon…?

Who’s that Pokemon…? (left), (right)

Using Island Scan, you can get tons of Pokemon that just aren’t available anywhere else unless you have Pokemon Bank and Poke Transporter. How can you ensure you get the Pokemon you want, though? Well, Island Scan will scan the island you are on, and then use the day of the week to give you a Pokemon to catch.

Use the following tables to ensure you can get the Pokemon you want. Pokemon like the Kanto, Hoenn, and Sinnoh starters are available along with many other cool Pokemon!

Melemele Island Scan

Charmander, Squirtle and Bulbasaur will make old-school fans smile. Horsea is also a nice pick, especially if you got the Dragon Scale from Ryuki in the Kantonian Gym. For collectors, Scatterbug is essential for gathering all the Vivillon patterns.

Pokemon Day Location
Charmander Sunday Route 3
Squirtle Monday Seaward Cave
Onix Tuesday Ten Carat Hill
Horsea Wednesday Kala’e Bay
Scatterbug Thursday Hau’oli City
Bulbasaur Friday Route 2
Litwick Saturday Hau’oli Cemetery

Akala Island Scan

The Hoenn starter Pokemon are all here! Ralts and Beedrill are great choices because of their access to Mega Evolution. Experienced battlers may also want Honedge so they can evolve it into Aegislash, which is a very versatile mon that can switch between extreme offense and defense.

Pokemon Day Location
Ralts Sunday Route 6
Spheal Monday Route 7
Combusken Tuesday Route 8
Honedge Wednesday Akala Outskirts
Beedrill Thursday Route 4
Grovyle Friday Route 5
Marshtomp Saturday Brooklet Hill

Ula Ula Island Scan

Sinnoh starters make an appearance. In addition, Pidgeot is worth catching to sample its Mega Evolution. Meanwhile if you received the Protector from Kiawe’s pa, you can give it to Rhydon, which Rhyhorn evolves into.

Pokemon Day Location
Rhyhorn Sunday Blush Mountain
Swinub Monday Tapu Village
Prinplup Tuesday Route 16
Grotle Wednesday Ula’ula Meadow
Pidgeot Thursday Route 10
Monferno Friday Route 11
Axew Saturday Mount Hokulani

Poni Island Scan

Last but not least, we have the Kalos starters in their fully evolved forms! Mega Evolution fans will appreciate Aggron. Plus we can hardly not comment on the inclusion of Rotom as an actual Pokemon you can use in battle! What will the Rotomdex think of this?!

Pokemon Day Location
Eelektross Sunday Poni Grove
Aggron Monday Poni Plains
Rotom Tuesday Poni Gauntlet
Leavanny Wednesday Poni Meadow
Chesnaught Thursday Exeggutor Island
Greninja Friday Poni Wilds
Delphox Saturday Ancient Poni Path


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