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Pokémon: Ultra Sun & Moon
Strategy Guide

Author(s): Vincent Lau, Cassie Sun
First Published: 23-12-2017 / 00:00 GMT
Last Updated: 01-11-2019 / 16:09 GMT
Version: 1.1 (????) 13-12-2019 / 13:54 GMT

Pokémon: Ultra Sun & Moon Guide

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Poni Island

Seafolk Village

All of the village's ships are shaped after Pokémon.

Pokemon Encounters - Seafolk Village

Name Type(s) Location (Encounter Rate)
Magikarp Water Standard fishing spots (55%), bubbling fishing spots (40%)
Gyarados Water/Flying SOS from Magikarp
Wailmer Water Standard fishing spots (40%), bubbling fishing spots (25%)
Wailord Water SOS from Wailmer
Dhelmise Ghost/Grass Standard fishing spots (5%), bubbling fishing spots (35%)

This quiet, little village floating on the sea is your first stop before exploring Poni Island’s untouched wildernesses. Gladion will drop you off at the southernmost part of the village. Towards the east is the ferry that you can use to travel to other areas, while towards the west is a Magikarp boat that doesn’t go anywhere right now.

To begin with, head north towards the center of the village, underneath the shelter and where Lillie is chatting to the seafolk. You’ll receive a welcome of sorts from the local captain, Mina. Afterwards, you’re free to go wherever you’d like. Although your first priority should be exploring the village for the usual goodies.

Halfway between the center and the south of the village, there are walkways leading east and west. Head west to find a house boat that’s shaped like a pair of Huntail. Standing next to the ramp that leads to the boat is a woman who has trouble remembering the names of Pokémon.

First, show her a Magneton (which you’ll need to evolve from Magnemite) to receive a Parylze Heal . The next time you visit, bring along a Salazzle (from evolving a female Salandit) and she’ll give you a Smoke Ball . Finally, surprise her with an Alolan Exeggutor (from Exeggutor Island) to get a rare Psychic Seed .

Moving on, go up the ramp towards the house boat itself. Before opening the door, peel off Totem Sticker #085 stuck on the wooden box to the left. Inside the boat, check the boxes above the stairs to find Totem Sticker #086 .

Next, speak to the man with the Pelipper to receive a Magmarizer and Electrizer . These items will allow Magmar and Electabuzz to evolve in their final forms if they’re traded while holding onto them. Meanwhile, over in the corner is a woman who gives you Aerodactyl , a rare fossil Pokémon.

Outside, head across the eastern walkway towards a boat that resembles a Whiscash. Again, before using the door, check to the left to find Totem Sticker #087 . Inside the house, which belongs to Mina, go over to the bottom-right corner to discover Totem Sticker #088 . Whoever stuck these stickers isn’t very imaginative.

Moving on, go back towards the center of the village, then walk across the western walkway, where Mina is standing. On the other side is a boat that’s shaped like a Wailord, although it’s hard to tell from this angle. Inside, there’s a restaurant that offers noodles for 500 Poké Dollars and gives 1 Heart Scale for free.

Whether you want to eat or not, head west towards the pile of boxes below the rightmost dining table. Stuck on the ledt side of the boxes is something shiny: Totem Sticker #089 . Actually, this sticker is quite cleverly placed, we’ll give you that. Back outside, go across the eastern walkway, towards the Steelix boat.

Never mind that Steelix isn’t a Water Pokémon and would most likely sink in water. Inside the house, search the boxes along the north to find Totem Sticker #090 . Next, speak to the Rising Star on the sofa to receive a Lucky Punch . Meanwhile, the Veteran sitting on the opposite sofa wants to see an Alolan Raichu.

It's nice to see Raichu getting the special treatment for once.

Show her the goods and you’ll receive an Aloraichium-Z . This mouthful of a Z-Crystal can be given to an Alolan Raichu with the Thunderbolt move to unlock an exclusive Z-Move. Either way, step through the exit nearby to the south. On the south side of the boat, pick up TM91 Flash Cannon to the right.

Now head over to the north side of the village. Up ahead is the exit to Poni Wilds, which is your next destination. Instead of going that direction, go east along the walkway to reach another–strangely–empty lot. Before the empty lot, check the wooden boxes at the end of the walkway for Totem Sticker #091 .

Finally, go west and swing inside the lovely Pokémon Center–in fact, the only Pokémon Center on this island. Here, there’s an old man to the right who will teach Dragon Ascent to the Legendary Pokémon Rayquaza. In addition to being an incredibly potent move, Dragon Ascent also allows Rayquaza to Mega Evolve.

Also, there’s a girl standing between the counter and the cafe who can teach Draco Meteor to compatible Dragon-types that have achieved maximum Happiness. Finally, the right Poké Mart clerk is selling very powerful–and expensive–TMs. Some of these moves have annoying drawbacks though, like low accuracy.

Once you’re done sight-seeing, exit Seafolk Village via the north to continue your grand adventure.

Pokémon Checklist

Some new Pokémon can be fished up from the south side of the Steelix boat. The Water-type Wailmer can evolve into Wailord, a gargantuan Pokémon with the HP to match. Meanwhile Dhelmise is a rare Ghost and Grass-type that has the Steelworker Ability, granting its Steel-type moves STAB.

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