(1 of 2) Your tour of Malie City begins in earnest!

Your tour of Malie City begins in earnest! (left), (right)

After meeting Kukui in Malie Garden, you’ll be told to wait at the end of Route 10. However, if you go there straight away, you’ll end up waiting forever. Instead, go and find Lillie, who’s standing in the middle of the road south from the entrance to Malie Garden. She’ll invite you to visit Malie Library, located further in the city.

Knowing Lillie, she’s not in a rush, so let’s go and explore the city while there’s nobody to stop us! Start by following the road west. Along the way, you’ll pass by two yellow trucks parked in a garage and a Hariyama cutout board. Stop when you reach the first street leading north. If you’re hungry, go inside the next building to the left.

This is Malie City’s malasada shop. Here, you can order Spicy and Bitter malasada for your Pokémon to munch on, in a bit to boost their Happiness.

Towards the west of the malasada shop is another street leading north. Further west, by the corner of the road is another food place, the Sushi High Roller. Inside, you can order a meal for 4,000 Poké Dollars and get 4 Heart Scales as thanks. Back on the main road, head north between Sushi High Roller and the malasada shop.

After a few paces, stop when you reach the black circle on the floor. Along this street, there’s a salon to the left and an apparel shop to the right. Whether you want to try on a new look or not, head towards the entrance of the apparel shop. To the left of the door, behind the sign, is none other than Totem Sticker #053. Afterwards, step inside.

Towards the bottom-left corner, there’s a collector who’s madly in love in Minior. If you show him Minior’s Pokédex entry, you’ll receive 10,000 Poké Dollars. Smashing! As he mentions, Minior can be found near Hokulani Observatory, which is where you’re headed next. Back outside, continue north from the black circle.

The next street is marked by a black triangle on the floor. To the right is a building you can’t enter, while to the left is a newly opened establishment: the Kantonian Gym. Before going anywhere, inspect the bottom-right corner of the building to find Totem Sticker #054.

After thrashing the Kantonian Gym or otherwise, head north from its east side towards the next–and final–street. Here, Lillie is standing next to the black square in front of the library. Approach her and she’ll lead you inside the library. Before you follow her upstairs, head towards the right side of the staircase.

In the far corner, past the chef, is Totem Sticker #055 trying its hardest to not be noticed. Next, go to the table to the left of the staircase. Chat to the traveler sitting here and answer her questions (any way you’d like) to receive TM76 Fly. Back in the days, Fly was a Hidden Machine (HM) used for traveling between towns.

However, having been made redundant by Charizard Glide, it has been demoted to a mere TM. Still, it’s a decent move for Flying-types during the story, where your opponents are generally dumb enough to attack while you’re mid flight. Anyway, walk directly west towards the bookshelves on the wall.

Inspect the green book that’s poking out in the bottom-most bookshelf. You’ll discover an old photograph hidden between the pages. This will trigger a small event later on in the game, when you reach Poni Island. Finally, head for the north-east corner of the bookshelves. Over here, Samson Oak wants you to bring him an Alolan Persian.

There’s a chance of encountering Persians during S.O.S. battles with Meowth in Malie Garden. Or you can evolve a Meowth by increasing its Happiness (by training it while holding the Soothe Bell, sending it to Poké Pelago’s Isle Avue etc.). Do so and you’ll receive a rare Love Ball.

(1 of 2) The Love Ball goes well with pink colored Pokémon.

The Love Ball goes well with pink colored Pokémon. (left), (right)

After you’re bored of the books here, go up the staircase to see how Lillie’s doing. You’ll receive a brief history lesson about the Legendary Pokémon of Alola. Chances are, knowing how Pokémon games usually progress, you’ll be able to catch and fight with this Legendary Pokémon at some point later on.

Once you’re left alone, head over to the south-west corner of this floor. Near the corner of the balcony, Totem Sticker #056 can be found stuck on the bottom-right pillar that’s supporting the roof. Unless you want to continue indulging in some books, leave the library the way you came in, then stroll east along the path.

To the right of Malie Library is the Malie Community Center. Before entering, strike up a conversation with the old man standing to the right. He’ll outline a path for you to follow: white square, white triangle, black triangle, black circle, white circle, black triangle, black square, white circle, white triangle, white square.

All you have to is step on the correct symbols on the floor in order; it doesn’t matter how you get there. The first symbol, the white square, is just below the old man. Afterwards, head south to the white triangle, west to the black triangle, south to the black circle and east to the white circle. That first part is easy enough.

Next, you need to head north-west, back to the black triangle, making sure not to touch the black circle or white triangle along the way. Afterwards, go north to the black square in front of the library. From there, you need to go back to the white circle to the far south-east. If in doubt, go west and follow the main road all the way around.

Finally, head north to the white triangle and finally back to the white square in front of the old man. If successful, you’ll receive 5 Max Repels. Inside the community center, head north-east towards the gentleman on the couch near the vending machine. He’ll give you a Strange Souvenir that has no real purpose.

After receiving that fine paperweight, go over to the little girl towards the south-east, by the corner of the lounge. If your first Pokémon has max Affection in Pokémon Refresh, she will give it a Best Friends Ribbon. Below the girl, there’s also a Spinda you can play around with. Moving on, head east along the corridor.

Inside the first room on the right is a weather class. Speak to the lady giving the lesson and pick the following answers: Damp Rock, Icy Rock, Heat Rock, Smooth Rock. Get the answers all correct and she’ll give you those four items. As you’ll have learned, these held items prolong the effects of certain weather.

Next, leave the classroom, but not before removing Totem Sticker #057 from the back wall, behind the Probopass. Inside the room at the end of the corridor is a market place of sorts. Approach the dealer on the right to get into an argument, which can only be resolved with a Pokémon battle.

Team Skull Grunt

Pokémon Level Type
Mareanie 28 Poison/Water

This venomous sea creature is weak to Electric, Ground and Psychic-types. It only knows Poison-type moves, so Steel-types will do wonders as well. Aim to finish this battle quick as its combination of Toxic and Venoshock can cause a world of pain.

Having demonstrated the strength of your convictions, the angry would-be-buyer steps aside, but not before persuading you to buy a useless Strange Souvenir for 100 Poké Dollars. Actually, go ahead and buy it; you can sell it at a Poké Mart for 1,500 Poké Dollars. Which is an impressive profit of 1,400 Poké Dollars.

Which you may need as the merchant you fought over is selling clothing items with very hefty price tags. Meanwhile, to the left is a young lad who’s probably selling for his first time. As such, he’s indecisive and won’t actually sell anything until later on. After browsing the wares, exit the community center to your next destination.

Back outside, make your way west towards the main road past Malie Library. Just before you reach the road, check out the corner to the left of the library. If you picked up the Left Poké Ball from the Aether Foundation office in Heahea City, approach the pair at the end to trigger a cutscene. You’ll receive a Mental Herb for your good deed.

From here, step onto the main road and follow it north towards the next area.

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