Number Name Type How to Obtain
151 Herdier Normal Evolves from Lillipup at Lv 16
152 Stoutland Normal Evolves from Herdier at Lv 32
153 Eevee Normal Route 4, 6
154 Vaporeon Water Evolves from Eevee with a Water Stone
155 Jolteon Electric Evolves from Eevee with a Thunderstone
156 Flareon Fire Evolves from Eevee with a Fire Stone
157 Espeon Psychic Evolves from Eevee with high happiness during the day
158 Umbreon Dark Evolves from Eevee with high happiness during the night
159 Leafeon Grass Evolves from Eevee when leveled up near Moss Rock in Lush Jungle
160 Glaceon Ice Evolves from Eevee when leveled up near Icy Rock in Mount Lanakila
161 Sylveon Fairy Evolves from Eevee with two hearts of affection
162 Mareep Electric Paniola Ranch
Number Name Type How to Obtain
163 Flaaffy Electric Evolves from Mareep at Lv 15
164 Ampharos Electric Evolves from Flaaffy at Lv 30
165 Mudbray Ground Route 4, 6, 12, Blush Mountain, Paniola Ranch
166 Mudsdale Ground Evolves from Mudbray at Lv 30. Poni Plains
167 Igglybuff Normal/Fairy [Day] Route 4, 6
168 Jigglypuff Normal/Fairy Evolves from Igglybuff with high happiness
169 Wigglytuff Normal/Fairy Evolves from Jigglypuff with a Moon Stone
170 Tauros Normal Paniola Ranch, Poni Plains. Trade Bewear at Poni Gauntlet.
171 Miltank Normal Paniola Ranch, Poni Plains
172 Surskit Bug/Water [Night] Brooklet Hill
173 Masquerain Bug/Flying [Night] Malie Garden
174 Dewpider Water/Bug [Day] Brooklet Hill
175 Araquanid Water/Bug [Day] Malie Garden
176 Fomantis Grass Route 5, Lush Jungle
177 Lurantis Grass Evolves from Fomantis at Lv 34 in the daytime
Number Name Type How to Obtain
178 Morelull Grass/Fairy [Night] Brooklet Hill, Lush Jungle
179 Shiinotic Grass/Fairy Evolves from Morelull at Lv 24. [Night] Route 11
180 Paras Bug/Grass [Day] Brooklet Hill, Lush Jungle
181 Parasect Bug/Grass Evolves from Paras at Lv 24. [Day] Route 11
182 Poliwag Water Brooklet Hill
183 Poliwhirl Water Malie Garden
184 Poliwrath Water/Fighting Evolve from Poliwhirl using Water Stone
185 Politoed Water Evolves from Poliwhirl when traded holding King’s Rock
186 Goldeen Water Brooklet Hill, Malie Garden
187 Seaking Water Evolves from Goldeen at Lv 33
188 Basculin Water Brooklet Hill, Malie Garden, Vast Poni Canyon
189 Feebas Water Brooklet Hill
190 Milotic Water Evolves from Feebas when traded holding Prism Scale
191 Alomomola Water Brooklet Hill
Number Name Type How to Obtain
192 Fletchling Normal/Flying Route 8, Wela Volcano Park
193 Fletchinder Fire/Flying Evolves from Fletchling at Lv 17
194 Talonflame Fire/Flying Evolves from Fletchinder at Lv 35
195 Salandit Poison/Fire Route 8, Lush Jungle, Wela Volcano Park
196 Salazzle Poison/Fire Evolves from Salandit at Lv 33 (female only)
197 Cubone Ground Wela Volcano Park
198 Marowak* Fire/Ghost Evolves from Cubone at Lv 28 during the night
199 Kangaskhan Normal Wela Volcano Park
200 Magby Fire Wela Volcano Park

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