Description Reward Page(s)
Show the beauty in the Tourist Bureau Salazzle’s Pokédex entry. 10,000 Poké Dollars Heahea City
Show the bellhop outside Tide Song Hotel a Magmar. Charcoal Heahea City
Find the letter in the bottle in Heahea Beach, then speak to the dancer in Tide Song Hotel. Heart Scale Heahea Beach, Heahea City
Reunite the old man on the 3rd floor of Tide Song Hotel with his three old friends. Revival Herb Heahea City
Fend off the Team Skull Grunts bothering the Alolan Vulpix, then return the next day. Bottle Cap Paniola Town
Give the man in red who sometimes appears just outside the Pokémon Center a random item he requests. Can be repeated daily. 5,000 Poké Dollars Paniola Town
Calm down the angry Tauros near the north-west corner of the ranch. Scope Lens Paniola Ranch
Show the scientist in the Pokémon Center Corsola’s Pokédex entry. 3,000 Poké Dollars Route 5 (South)
After completing Lana’s trial, battle the veteran in Brooklet Hill when it’s raining. Nothing After the Storm
Show the man in the Game Freak offices, who usually quizzes you about color, a Pokémon from the Virtual Console editions of Pokémon Gold and Silver. 1 of each Apricorn Ball Sidequests - Heahea City
After completing Lana’s trial, find the Corsola in Hau’oli City’s Beachfront. Luminous Moss Sidequests - Return to Melemele
Give the noisy employee in the malasada shop Moomoo Milk. Big Malasada Royal Avenue
Drop a Protein in the fountain below the malasada shop and answer honestly. Iron Royal Avenue
Show the Aether Foundation employee inside the trailer Goomy’s Pokédex entry. 5,000 Poké Dollars Route 8
After saving the Alolan Vulpix in Paniola Town, visit it in the trailer and give it a Big Malasada, then return on the next day. Nothing Route 8
Battle the preschooler outside the Pokémon Center. Lum Berry Route 8
Apprehend the Ditto Five in the police station and around Konikoni City. 100,000 Poké Dollars, Focus Band Route 9 & Konikoni City
Show the Aether Foundation employee in the Pokémon Center Hoothoot’s Pokédex entry. 5,000 Poké Dollars Route 9 & Konikoni City
Battle the office worker by the wooden pier and use a Z-Move. Max Revive Route 9 & Konikoni City
Show the lass at the northern cape an Alola Dugtrio. Afterwards, visit her again and dye your hair Honey Blond. Dire Hit, Soft Sand Route 9 & Konikoni City

After the Grand Trial

Description Reward Page(s)
Speak to Burnet in her office in the Dimensional Research Lab. Reveal Glass Sidequests - Melemele & Akala
Teach the Incineroar in the north-west corner of Royal Avenue the Acrobatics TM (obtained from Route 15 on Ula’ula Island). Power Belt Sidequests - Melemele & Akala
Give the Machamp in the north-west corner of Royal Avenue a Coba Berry (randomly obtained from Poni Wilds on Poni Island) TM08 Bulk Up Sidequests - Melemele & Akala
Visit the restaurant in Konikoni City and choose the “Special Z-Set”. Can be repeated daily. 4 Heart Scales Sidequests - Melemele & Akala
Watch the Bewear costume show at the Hau’oli City Shopping Mall (day). Max Potion Sidequests - Melemele & Akala
Visit the Hau’oli City Police Station and identify the true culprit. Big Nugget Sidequests - Melemele & Akala
Speak to the young boy near the entrance to the hotel and watch the wedding. Rose Incense Hano Grand Resort
Drive off the reporter bothering the Pikachu superstar just outside the hotel entrance. Pikanium Z Hano Grand Resort
Battle the dancer near the north-east corner of the hotel interior while using a Z-Move 5 Full Heals Hano Grand Resort
Speak to the bellhop near the lifeguard tower and throw 6 Pyukumuku back into the sea. Can be repeated daily. 20,000 Poké Dollars Hano Beach
After completing the above sidequest, return to the beach and interact with the Pyukumuku halfway along the eastern shoreline. Big Pearl Hano Beach


Description Reward Page(s)
Battle Morimito and Iwao at the Game Freak offices. Oval Charm Akala Clean-up (Part 1)
Show Iwao a completed Alola Pokédex. Shiny Charm and Battle Gi/Pokémon Center Nurse Outfit Akala Clean-up (Part 1)
Chat to Kiawe’s pa at his home in Paniola Town. Protector Akala Clean-up (Part 1)
Ultra Sun only. When it’s night, find Kiawe in his room in Paniola Town. Then follow him to Royal Avenue. Idea for Reverent Battle Style Akala Clean-up (Part 1)
Find Colress near the Aether Foundation trailer on Route 8. Douse Drive, Shock Drive, Burn Drive and Chill Drive Akala Clean-up (Part 1)
Speak to the punk girl in Mallow’s restaurant in Konikoni City. Whipped Dream and Satchet Akala Clean-up (Part 2)
Ultra Moon only. When it’s the day, find Mallow in her room in Konikoni City. Then follow her to Lush Jungle. Idea for Reverent Battle Style Akala Clean-up (Part 2)
Visit Lana’s room in Konikoni City and win against her. Deep Sea Tooth and Scale, idea for the Girly Battle Style Akala Clean-up (Part 2)
Chat to Kahili inside Hano Grand Resort. TM92 Trick Room Akala Clean-up (Part 2)

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