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Pokémon: Ultra Sun & Moon

Aether Paradise - Lab Area

Vincent Lau

Down below, follow Gladion east through the open door at the far end of the elevator room. On the other side, a trio of Aether Foundation employees will stand in your way. If you wish to continue, you’ll have to defeat all three in a row. Should you have a Ground-type, set it as your first Pokémon.

Aether Foundation Employee

Pokémon Level Type
Muk (Alolan) 41 Poison/Dark

This evolved Grimer is only weak to Ground. If you don’t have a Ground-type, Steel-types are the next best thing, for negating its Poison-type moves. This rainbow-colored sludge can use Gunk Shot, which is absurdly strong, plus Crunch and Knock Off. Note that the employee may use an X Def.

Aether Foundation Employee

Pokémon Level Type
Magneton 41 Electric/Steel

An evolved Magnemite that shares the same Fire and Fighting weaknesses, as well as a double weakness to Ground. It can use Flash Cannon and Electro Ball for STAB damage, and Metal Sound to greatly lower Special Defense. The employee can use an X Sp. Def to boost its mediocre Special Defense.

Aether Foundation Employee

Pokémon Level Type
Porygon 2 41 Normal

An upgraded Porygon. This improved model carries the Electric-type Discharge and Bug-type Signal Beam. If allowed, it can use Magnet Rise to give itself the Levitate Ability, rendering Ground-type moves useless. Normally it’s slow, but the employee may use an X Spd to fix this.

Defeat the trio they’ll run with their tails behind their legs. With nobody to stop you, carry on south-east along the passageway. Gladion will be blocking the door to Secret Lab A, so stroll on past him. Towards the far end, go inside the door to reach Secret Lab B. A pair of employees will notice you and try to stop you.

Aether Foundation Employee and Aether Foundation Employee

Pokémon Level Type
Huntail 41 Water
Gorebyss 41 Water

For this battle, Hau will assist you with his Alolan Raichu. Your opponents both use Pokémon evolved from Clamperl. Since these fish have adapted to life on the sea floor, they are incredibly slow. Chances are Hau’s Raichu will do most of the work with its super-effective Electro Ball.

After the employees are gone, check the computer in the bottom-right corner to find some information about the experiments being done here. Hau will leave to find Gladion. If you’re curious, you can inspect the bookshelf towards the north. Otherwise, leave the lab back to the corridor to meet up with Gladion and Hau.

So you’ve been led to a dead end. To continue, head all the way back to the elevator shaft. Although now that Gladion is no longer blocking Secret Lab A, you could check inside if you’d like. Of note, there’s a Full Restore in the bottom-right corner. The computer and bookshelf in this lab may be worth investigating as well.

Back upstairs, in the entrance area, the Aether Foundation has been preparing for your eventual return.

Aether Foundation Employee and Aether Foundation Employee

Pokémon Level Type
Lileep 41 Rock/Grass
Anorith 41 Rock/Bug

Hau will once against assist you with his Raichu. Your opponents this time have two fossil Pokémon. Lileep is weak to Ice, Fighting, Bug and Steel, while Anorith is weak to Water, Rock and Steel. Evidently Steel-types are ideal here. Try to defeat Anorith first, since it can hurt Raichu with its Bug Bite.

Once you’ve scared away the employees, Wicke will come along to heal your Pokémon. When you’re ready to re-continue the assault, follow Hau and Gladion towards the northern exit. Over here, you’ll need to battle your way through Faba and his fanatical minions.

Aether Foundation Employee and Aether Foundation Employee

Pokémon Level Type
Magmar 42 Fire
Houndoom 42 Dark/Fire
Electabuzz 42 Electric
Manectric 42 Electric

During this Multi Battle, Gladion will assist you with his Type: Null. The first employee has a Magmar and Houndoom. Both are Fire-types, while Houndoom is part Dark and thus also weak to Fighting. Meanwhile the second employee has an Electabuzz and Manectric, both of which are Electric-types.

Immediately afterwards, you’ll face Aether Paradise’s self-proclaimed “last line of defense”.

Aether Branch Chief Faba and Aether Foundation Employee

Pokémon Level Type
Claydol 44 Ground/Psychic
Bruxish 44 Water/Psychic
Hypno 45 Psychic
Ledian 42 Bug/Flying
Pupitar 42 Rock/Ground

Hau will tag along for this battle. Egotistical Faba has three Pokémon. His first, Claydol, is weak to Water, Grass, Ice, Bug, Ghost and Dark. Hau’s Raichu is useless against Claydol, so you should aim to remove it from play.

Faba’s second Pokémon can be Bruxish, which is weak to Grass, Electric, Bug, Ghost and Dark. If Hau’s Raichu is still around, it has a fighting chance. Although Bruxish can use Crunch to hit Raichu super-effectively and Aqua Jet to finish it off.

Finally, it isn’t Faba without his favorite Hypno. Like previously, it may use Hypnosis to inflict sleep, then Nightmare to damage sleeping Pokémon. On top of that, it has Psychic for STAB damage and Focus Blast to deal with Dark-types.

Meanwhile Faba’s lackey has two Pokémon. Ledian is weak to Fire, Electric and Ice and doubly weak to Rock. Pupitar is weak to Ground, Ice, Fighting and Steel, and doubly weak to Grass and Water. Hau’s Raichu can handle Ledian, but is useless against Pupitar.

Smash through Faba’s shambolic defenses and he’ll have no choice but to let you through.


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