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Pokémon: Ultra Sun & Moon

Optional - Berry Fields

Vincent Lau

Route 2

Having explored Big Wave Beach, the "Crabrawler" IconCrabrawler blocking access to the rest of Route 2 will disappear. From the broken crossroad, head boldly north. Soon, you’ll come across another of those fanatical Pokémon trainers eager to stop you for the purpose of battle. Although you could sneak behind him, by hugging the motel wall.

Gentleman Stanley

Pokémon Level Type
"Murkrow" IconMurkrow 10 Dark/Flying

This rich geezer has a "Murkrow" IconMurkrow probably picked up from Hau’oli Cemetery. Psychic-types should be benched as their main attacks will do no damage. Likewise, "Rowlet" IconRowlet users will need to prepare other Pokémon for the fight. Just remember to avoid using Bug and Fighting-types.

Not far from Stanley, towards the east, is the entrance to the Berry Fields. If you want to make the most of your time, you ought to pay it a visit.

Berry Fields

(1 of 2) Berries are small, but can have very useful effects.

Berries are small, but can have very useful effects. (left), (right)

This large plot of land was meant to be a place to plant and harvest berries, until the people here realized that berry trees are abundant in Alola, making their plans useless. Oops, that’s why you need to do your research first! Anyway, follow the path east towards a man standing in front of one of the berry trees we mentioned.

Chat to him to receive a humble Oran Berry as a souvenir of your time here. You can also entertain him by picking up a Persim Berry from the stack of berries under the tree. Show one of these berries to him and you’ll receive a snazzy Sitrus Berry. Afterwards, carry on east towards the house.

Before going inside, squeeze your way between the south-facing wall of the house and the fence. Plastered on the bottom-right corner of the house is Totem Sticker #015. North from here, along the east side of the house, is a Silver Powder in the far corner. Once you’re done hiding around here, navigate back to the front of the house.

Inside the house, go over to the bottom-right corner, where a pair of "Delibird" IconDelibirds are chilling. Chat to the Delibird below the sofa to receive a free Revive. Then peel off Totem Sticker #016 stuck to the wall on the right. There are no more presents here, so promptly leave the house.

Back outside, go through the nearby gap in the fence towards the south. Here are the actual berry fields, but they’re depressingly empty. Or that’s what it seems. Go all the way west, while keeping below the fence. When you reach the top-left corner of the fields, go down and search the garden tools for a hidden Paralyze Heal.

Next, go around the empty field to your right and make your way to the bottom-left corner to pick up the visible Big Mushroom. Return to the gap in the fence and this time briefly head south along the wide path. Once it ends, go east towards the bottom-right corner, then up and around until you reach the empty-looking basket.

Have a good rummaging inside to find a Repel stashed away for safe-keeping. You won’t find anything else here, so pack your bags and make a beeline for Route 2 once more.

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