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Pokémon: Ultra Sun & Moon

Akala Outskirts

Vincent Lau

(1 of 2) Prepare yourself. Akala Island’s strongest trainer is just around the corner.

Prepare yourself. Akala Island’s strongest trainer is just around the corner. (left), (right)

Pokemon Encounters - Akala Outskirts

Name Type(s) Location (Rate)
"Wingull" IconWingull Water/Flying [Day] All grass patches (30%), [Night] (50%)
"Natu" IconNatu Psychic/Flying All grass patches (20%)
"Xatu" IconXatu Psychic/Flying SOS from "Natu" IconNatu
"Gumshoos" IconGumshoos Normal [Day] All grass patches (20%)
"Raticate" IconRaticate (Alolan) Dark/Normal [Night] All grass patches (20%)
"Nosepass" IconNosepass Rock All grass patches (15%)
"Stufful" IconStufful Normal/Fighting All grass patches (15%)

Pokemon Encounters - Fishing

Name Type(s) Location (Rate)
"Magikarp" IconMagikarp Water Standard fishing spots (55%), bubbling fishing spots (40%)
"Gyarados" IconGyarados Water/Flying SOS from "Magikarp" IconMagikarp
"Wishiwashi" IconWishiwashi Water Standard fishing spots (40%), bubbling fishing spots (25%)
"Chinchou" IconChinchou Water/Electric Standard fishing spots (5%), bubbling fishing spots (35%)
"Lanturn" IconLanturn Water/Electric SOS from "Chinchou" IconChinchou

This small area is sandwiched between Memorial Hill and the Ruins of Life. If you’re looking for a place to train before the next Grand Trial, this is an alright place. Coming from Memorial Hill, you’ll start towards the south-west. To begin with, make your way east, past the lamppost below the hill.

After a short while, you’ll run into a a patch of tall grass that you can’t avoid. Step into the grass, then carry on east past it. On the other side, there’s a slope leading north and a rocky cliff ledge towards the east. Near the south-east corner is a fisherman who can’t decide whether he wants to fish or walk around.

Fisherman Vernon

Pokémon Level Type
"Wishiwashi" IconWishiwashi 24 Water

Finally, a "Wishiwashi" IconWishiwashi that’s high enough Level to transform into its School form. In this fearsome state, it has massively increased offensive and defensive stats. But its HP and Speed remain poor. Try to take it out with Grass-types if possible. Once its HP goes below a quarter, it will revert to its weakling state.

After defeating Vernon or otherwise, head north along the rocky cliff edge. At the far end is TM28 Leech Life. This move used to be absolutely dreadful; used by "Zubat" IconZubats and "Paras" IconParas at the beginning of the game. But ever since Pokémon Sun and Moon, it’s been massively improved for some reason, not that we’re complaining!

Moving on, head north from the tall grass, up the slope. At the top of the hill, there are several patches of tall grass, and a martial artist practising near the center. As he punches, he’ll look to his west, south, east and then repeat. It’s possible to avoid him by heading north when he looks west.

Black Belt Kenji

Pokémon Level Type
"Crabrawler" IconCrabrawler 25 Fighting

Remember, this gutsy crab is a pure Fighting-type and not a Water-type at all. That said, it does know Bubble Beam, which might confuse you. As with Hala’s "Crabrawler" IconCrabrawler, send your Flying, Psychic or Fairy-types after it to earn a quick victory.

If you study the hill top carefully, there are three patches of tall grass–to the west, south and east of Kenji. As it happens, each patch has a hidden item. For the tall grass to the west, search near its north for a Big Mushroom. Next, search the west side of the south patch for a Tiny Mushroom.

Finally, look around the center of the east patch for a second Tiny Mushroom. If you navigate carefully, it’s even possible to pick up these items without entering Kenji’s vision. Just be careful when moving between the west and south patches. Afterwards, go north from Kenji to reach the entrance to the Ruins of Life.

Before you proceed, make sure your Pokémon are all healed up and ready for battle. As you approach the exit, a member of Team Skull you’ve never seen before will appear. She’s not happy you’ve been trashing her teammates and battles you to seek revenge.

Team Skull Admin Plumeria

Pokémon Level Type
"Golbat" IconGolbat 26 Poison/Flying
"Salandit" IconSalandit 27 Poison/Fire

Plumeria leads with "Golbat" IconGolbat, an evolved Zubat. This giant bat boasts high Speed and its other stats aren’t half bad either. For moves, it has Poison Fang and Wing Attack for STAB damage and Confuse Ray to mess up your Pokémon. Nail it with Electric, Rock, Ice or Psychic-types.

Her next Pokémon, "Salandit" IconSalandit, is less of a threat since it’s not yet evolved. However, just to be safe, Ground-types will deal 4x damage, which is a certain KO in most cases. Alternatively, Water, Rock and Psychic-types should perform very well.

Show Plumeria why her teammates have failed thus far and you’ll be free to continue on your way. There’s no need to heal, but you may want to rearrange your party to get ready for the Rock-type Kahuna.

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