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Pokémon: Ultra Sun & Moon

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Finale - Versus Ghetsis & Giovanni

Vincent Lau

After activating the two triggers at the end of the east and west staircase, enter Lusamine’s room, where Lillie is. Up ahead, you can use the teleporter to reach the final area, where you fought Lusamine during the main story. As you approach the teleporter though, you’ll be stopped by another fiendish team leader.

Team Plasma Ghetsis

Pokémon Level Type
"Cofagrigus" IconCofagrigus 66 Ghost
"Bouffalant" IconBouffalant 66 Normal
"Bisharp" IconBisharp 66 Dark/Steel
"Hydreigon" IconHydreigon 66 Dark/Dragon
"Zekrom" IconZekrom (Ultra Sun) 68 Dragon/Electric
"Reshiram" IconReshiram (Ultra Moon) 68 Dragon/Fire

The wicked Ghetsis uses a variation of his team from Black and White. His first Pokémon, "Cofagrigus" IconCofagrigus, excels in Defense and has reasonable special-based stats, but awful Speed. It can use Shadow Ball for STAB, Dark Pulse to cause flinch, and Will-O-Wisp to cripple physical attackers. Obviously, Dark-types are ideal.

"Bouffalant" IconBouffalant is a Normal-type that’s completely unrelated to "Tauros" IconTauros. It has respectable Attack and bulk, at the cost of below average Speed. For attacks, it can use Head Charge to deal heavy STAB damage, and Earthquake, Poison Jab and Megahorn to combat a variety of Types. Fighting-types are clearly the way to go.

"Bisharp" IconBisharp boasts high Attack and Defense, but its other stats are on the low side. Beware of its Defiant Ability, which up its Attack if you lower its stats. For attacks, it can use Night Slash and Iron Head for STAB, Stone Edge to hurt Fire-types, and X-Scissor just in case. Fighting-types are its bane; Ground-types are also good.

"Hydreigon" IconHydreigon is Ghetsis’s signature Pokémon–a levitating Dark and Dragon-type with all-around great stats, excelling in Special Attack. It can use Dark Pulse and Dragon Pulse to deal STAB damage, and Hyper Voice and Surf to hurt resistant Types. Fairy-types will finish it fast; Fighting and Ice-types also work wonders.

Finally, Ghetsis has a Legendary Dragon Pokémon from the Unova region. In Ultra Sun, you’ll face "Zekrom" IconZekrom, which possesses frightening Attack and otherwise excellent stats. For attacks, it has Bolt Strike and Dragon Claw for STAB–the former in particular hits really hard. It also has Hyper Voice and Zen Headbutt because why not?

Meanwhile, in Ultra Moon, you’ll be up against "Reshiram" IconReshiram, which likewise has great stats, with Special Attack being its highest stat by a large margin. This Legendary can use Blue Flare and Dragon Claw for STAB–the former is painful if it lands. It also has Hyper Voice and Zen Headbutt like Zekrom, although they aren’t that useful.

For Zekrom, Ground-types are ideal, since they render Zekrom’s strongest move–Bolt Strike–useless. Alternatively, Ice and Fairy-types work well. As for Reshiram, Rock-types are the best to weaken Blue Flare. Otherwise, Ground-types are a solid choice. Or you can throttle them with Ultra "Necrozma" IconNecrozma if it has Dragon Pulse etc.

Even after defeating Ghetsis, the evil man won’t back down without a struggle. Just when things are looking tough, help comes from afar. Afterwards, you can freely enter the teleporter to seek out the source of all the trouble. Beyond is the final team leader–and the original, to boot. Although he’s got some new tricks up his sleeve…

Team Rainbow Rocket Giovanni

Pokémon Level Type
"Dugtrio" IconDugtrio 68 Ground
"Nidoking" IconNidoking 68 Poison/Ground
"Nidoqueen" IconNidoqueen 68 Poison/Ground
"Rhyperior" IconRhyperior 68 Rock/Ground
Mega "Mewtwo" IconMewtwo X (Ultra Sun) 70 Psychic/Fighting
Mega "Mewtwo" IconMewtwo Y (Ultra Moon) 70 Psychic

Giovanni uses mostly the same Pokémon during his gym battle in Red and Blue. First up is his Kantonian "Dugtrio" IconDugtrio, which has excellent Attack and Speed, but otherwise low stats. It can use Earthquake for STAB, Sucker Punch to go before an attacker, and Sandstorm and Stealth Rock to deal residual damage. Grass-types are ideal.

"Nidoking" IconNidoking has fairly well-rounded stats, with its Attack being the highest. This one can use Earthquake and Poison Jab to deal physical STAB damage, Throat Chop to punish Psychics and disable sound-based moves, and Aqua Tail to hurt Ground-types. Water and Ice-types are recommended to deal with this beast.

"Nidoqueen" IconNidoqueen has even more well-rounded stats, with none of them being real stand outs. Giovanni’s Nidoqueen can use Sludge Wave and Earth Power to deal special STAB damage, Surf to punish Ground-types, and Flamethrower to punish Ice-types. This time, Water and Psychic-types are recommended.

"Rhyperior" IconRhyperior boasts outstanding Attack and Defense, but terrible special-based stats and Speed. For attacks, it has Stone Edge and Earthquake for STAB, Thunder Punch to annoy Water-types, and Megahorn to annoy Grass-types. Despite this, Water and Grass-types are ideal since they do 4x damage, especially if they’re special attackers.

Finally, Giovanni has a "Mewtwo" IconMewtwo that is capable of Mega Evolving. In Ultra Sun, it will transform into Mega Mewtwo X, gaining the Fighting-type and drastically boosting its Attack stat. In this form, it uses Zen Headbutt and Drain Punch for STAB, Earthquake to combat Steel-types, and Stone Edge to thwart Flying-types.

Whereas in Ultra Moon, Mewtwo will transform into Mega Mewtwo Y, which has massively increased Special Attack. In this guise, it uses Psychic and Psystrike for STAB–the latter inflicting physical instead of special damage. It also has Aura Sphere, which never misses and hurts Dark-types, and Ice Beam to counter a variety of Types.

Against Mega Mewtwo X, Fairy-types are the safest choice, but they’ll need to be kept healthy since Mega Mewtwo X packs a punch. Meanwhile, Ghost-types have the best match up against Mega Mewtwo Y, but again you should send them in with full health. Ultra Necrozma will be great here since it resists both of Mewtwo’s forms.

Defeat the leader of Team RR and peace will once again return to Alola. Afterwards, as thanks for your efforts, you’ll receive 55 Big Nuggets from Wicke. You can sell these at any Poké Mart for a total of 1,100,000 Poké Dollars. Whoa, don’t spend it all at once (or do)! From here, you can go wherever you please.

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