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Author(s): Vincent Lau, Cassie Sun
First Published: 23-12-2017 / 00:00 GMT
Last Updated: 12-02-2019 / 19:30 GMT
Version: 1.1 (????) 25-08-2019 / 16:44 GMT

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Melemele Island

Hau'oli City (Part 1)

This is the largest city in the Alola region, so unsurprisingly, there’s a lot of ground to cover. After your trip to the Trainer’s School, Lillie will lead you towards the city entrance. However the Tauros from earlier is still blocking the road. When prompted, give it a good show of love so it can go home content.


People always seem to accidentally leave items on the beach.

When you regain control, you’ll be in the beachfront. Follow the road north to begin with, while keeping to the pedestrian path along the east side. About halfway along, there’s a woman standing around, facing the beach. Chat to her to receive a free Potion . Next, cross the road to the west.

Make your way past the yellow truck up ahead, then go down the concrete ramp to the actual beach. Walk north-west towards the pair of palm trees. Search the area (by mashing the A button) a few paces to the left of the left-most palm tree to discover a buried Fresh Water .

Next, follow the sandy beach in a south-easterly direction, past the bikini-clad woman and her Slowpoke, until you reach a woman relaxing on a sunbed just before the next concrete ramp. Again, there’s another item buried out of sight. Check the area just below the palm tree north-east from the sunbather for a Pearl .

Continue south-east, past the second concrete ramp. Hopefully you should notice an item in the corner to the right of the ramp. Lo and behold, it’s a free Poké Ball ! That’s everything in the Beachfront. Head up the nearby ramp and follow the road all the way north to the next part of the city. We’ll see you when you arrive!

In lieu of an Item Finder, mashing the A button will have to suffice.

Lost and Found

For your information, all hidden items in the sand have a chance of reappearing after a few days. This applies to the Beachfront or any beach area in fact (including the beach near Kukui’s lab). So it’s not your memory playing tricks or anything! Also, there will be an easier way to hunt for hidden items soon.

Shopping District

Welcome to the main part of Hau’oli City–the bustling shopping district! You’ll bump into Hau again and the cheeky lad doesn’t waste time dragging you to the nearby tourist bureau. As part of a special promotion, you’ll receive a Poké Finder app for your Rotom Dex.

Before leaving, head for the bottom-left corner, where a perplexed researcher requires your help. If you have recorded 10 or more Pokémon in your Pokédex, you’ll be rewarded with 10 Ultra Balls . This is well worth your time, since Ultra Balls are some of the best Poké Balls you can get.

Back outside, a nearby local will try and catch your attention; you can’t leave until he’s finished helping you. Anyway, sometimes you may find Photo Spots where you can use the Poké Finder to take snapshots of Alola’s wildlife. As it happens, the cracked wall nearby is one such Photo Spot.

Pikachu, say "cheese"! No, not "chuu"...

Pokémon Snap (Lite)

If you come across a Photo Spot, you’ll hear a "boop" sound effect and a camera icon will appear in the middle of the bottom screen. When this happens, press the R button or tap the camera icon to whip out the Poké Finder.

You can aim your camera by using the gyro controls or with the Circle Pad. Press R again or the middle button to take a photograph. You can take up to 6 photographs per session. Afterwards, you may choose one of the 6 to "upload" and receive a score.

Pokémon Encounters - Shopping District

Name Type(s) Location (Encounter Rate)
Furfrou Normal Grass near Pokémon Center (25%), grass near Beachfront (15%)
Mime Jr. Psychic/Fairy Grass near Pokémon Center (20%), grass near Beachfront (10%)
Abra Psychic Grass near Pokémon Center (20%), grass near Beachfront (10%)
Meowth (Alolan) Dark All grass (10%)
Magnemite Electric/Steel All grass (10%)
Grimer (Alolan) Poison/Dark Grass near Pokémon Center (10%), grass near Beachfront (5%)
Wingull Water/Flying Grass near Pokémon Center (5%), grass near Beachfront (40%)
Mr. Mime Psychic/Fairy SOS Partner from Mime Jr.

After showing the man you know how to use the Poké Finder, it’s time to properly begin our tour of the big city! If you’d like to catch some more Pokémon, head for the red gate west from the tourist bureau’s entrance. On the other side is a bunch of tall grass. Past the tall grass is another red gate, but it’s not in use right now.

Back on the main road, follow it north (from your point of view, not the map). You’ll see Lillie just outside the apparel shop. She’ll give you a spare Lens Case and, if playing as a female, Makeup Bag. You can use these inside a changing room to change your eye colour (and lip colour if you’re a female).

Once Lillie’s gone, speak to the old lady standing by the apparel shop’s entrance to receive a fancy Silk Scarf . Let a Pokémon hold onto this to boost the power of their Normal-type moves. You may also notice a shimmering gold sticker between the apparel shop and the next shop–we’ll come back to this very soon.

By the way, if you’re looking to upgrade your appearance, feel free to visit the apparel shop yourself. Inside, you’ll find a decent range of clothing, decently priced as well! Likewise, check out the salon to the left if you want a haircut or even to dye your hair a different color.

When you’re ready to move on, continue strolling north along the main road. After the salon is the shopping mall, although it’s currently closed for renovations. To the west of the mall, across the road, is a second red gate. Swing it open, then wade through the tall grass towards the south-east corner.

Where there’s no tall grass, search around to find a hidden Tiny Mushroom . As before, there’s another red gate in this enclosed area, but it’s off-limits right now. Exit back to the main road and follow it towards the Pokémon Center at the corner of the T-junction. Captain Ilima is here to tell you about Totem Stickers…

We have a full list of stickers at the end of our guide!

Totem Sticker Hunt

The captains of Alola have teamed up to stick shiny, golden Totem Stickers all over the place. In total there are 100 to collect; you’ll find them in towns, inside houses and along routes. But not in caves, because they were probably too scared.

If you played Pokémon Sun and Moon, Totem Stickers have replaced the Zygarde Cells you had to collect. Unfortunately, just like before, the game doesn’t bother tracking their locations, so you’ll want a pen and paper at the ready–and our guide of course!

For now, collecting stickers will "help" you during your island challenge, which translates to checking every nook and cranny looking for these blasted things! Once you reach the next island, they will become useful though, so be sure to peel off any you find. Starting with Totem Sticker #003 on the side of the Pokémon Center.

Before you forget, you should run back to the apparel shop to peel off Totem Sticker #002 next to the kind old lady. As for the very first sticker, you can’t actually get it just yet. Return to the Pokémon Center and speak to the sightseer in the corner; he’ll give you a Heal Bell as a friendly gesture.

Finally, step inside the Pokémon Center and use any of its facilities if required. Of note, the right Poké Mart clerk sells battle items. Below the café, near the leaflet display, is a pretty lady who wants to see the Pokédex entry for Abra. This Psychic-type Pokémon is found in the tall grass within the enclosed areas in the city.

Trouble is, Abra will Teleport when the battle begins, causing it to flee the battle. At this early stage in the game, your best bet is chucking an Ultra Ball (gotten from the researcher in the tourist bureau) on the first turn and hoping for the best. Your reward is 10,000 Poké Dollars .

Meanwhile, below the Poké Mart is the Move Deleter . This forgetful old man can help you delete unwanted moves from your Pokémon. Back in the days, this was useful for getting rid of HMs, which couldn’t be removed otherwise. But HMs no longer exist in Alola. Still, it’s nice to have the option.

Pokémon Checklist

We briefly touched on the tricky-to-catch Abra, but it’s a worthwhile catch since it eventually evolves into the speedy but frail powerhouse, Alakazam (although you have to trade it to evolve). Mime Jr. is the other Psychic-type; it evolves into the more defensive-oriented Mr. Mime.

The poodle Pokémon Furfrou is interesting in that it has many appearances, depending on the trim cut it’s given. This is all for show though; it fights the same no matter how (silly) it looks. Like Alolan Persian, its Fur Coat ability reduces the damage inflicted by physical moves.

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