Number Name Type How to Obtain
251 Trevenant Ghost/Grass Evolve Phantump by trading. Trade Phantump at Tapu Village Pokemon Center.
252 Natu Psychic/Flying [Day] Akala Outskirts
253 Xatu Psychic/Flying Evolves from Natu at Lv 25
254 Nosepass Rock Akala Outskirts
255 Probopass Rock/Steel Evolves from Nosepass at Blush Mountain or Vast Poni Canyon
256 Pyukumuku Water Route 7, Hano Beach
257 Chinchou Water/Electric Route 8, Akala Outskirts
258 Lanturn Water/Electric Evolves from Chinchou at Lv 27
259 Type: Null Normal Gift from Wicke in Ancient Poni Path after becoming Champion
260 Silvally Normal Evolves from Type: Null with high happiness
261 Poipole Poison Gift from Ultra Recon Squad in Ultra Megalopolis after defeating Ultra Necrozma
Number Name Type How to Obtain
262 Nagnadel Poison/Dragon Evolves from Poipole when knowing Dragon Pulse
263 Zygarde Dragon/Ground Resolution Cave, Gift from Dexio and Sina, Can disassemble and reassemble at Aether Foundation trailer in Route 16
264 Trubbish Poison Outer Cape
265 Garbodor Poison Evolves from Trubbish at Lv 36
266 Minccino Normal Outer Cape
267 Cinccino Normal Evolves from Minccino using Shiny Stone
268 Pineco Bug Route 10
269 Forretress Bug/Steel Evolves from Pineco at Lv 31
270 Skarmory Steel/Flying Route 10, 17, Mount Hokulani, Vast Poni Canyon
271 Ditto Normal Mount Hokulani, Route 9, Konikoni City
272 Cleffa Fairy Mount Hokulani
273 Clefairy Fairy Evolves from Cleffa with high happiness
274 Clefable Fairy Evolves from Clefairy with Moon Stone
Number Name Type How to Obtain
275 Elgyem Psychic Mount Hokulani
276 Beeheyem Psychic Evolves from Elgyem at Lv 42
277 Minior Rock/Flying Mount Hokulani
278 Beldum Steel/Psychic Mount Hokulani
279 Metang Steel/Psychic Evolves from Beldum at Lv 20
280 Metagross Steel/Psychic Evolves from Metang at Lv 45
281 Porygon Normal Gift from the Aether House
282 Porygon2 Normal Evolves from Porygon when traded holding Up-Grade
283 Porygon-Z Normal Evolves from Porygon2 when traded holding Dubious Disc
284 Pancham Fighting Route 10, 11
285 Pangoro Fighting/Dark Evolves from Pancham at Lv 32 with a Dark-type Pokemon in your party
286 Komala Normal Route 11
287 Torkoal Fire Route 12, Blush Mountain
288 Turtonator Fire/Dragon [Ultra Sun] Blush Mountain
Number Name Type How to Obtain
289 Houndour Dark/Fire [Ultra Sun] Breed Houndoom
290 Houndoom Dark/Fire [Ultra Sun] Evolves from Houndour at Lv 24. Route 12
291 Dedenne Electric/Fairy Blush Mountain
292 Togedemaru Electric/Steel Blush Mountain
293 Electrike Electric [Ultra Moon] Breed Manectric
294 Manectric Electric [Ultra Moon] Evolves from Electrike at Lv 26. Route 12
295 Elekid Electric Blush Mountain, Mount Hokulani
296 Electabuzz Electric Evolves from Elekid at Lv 30
297 Electivire Electric Evolves from Electabuzz when traded holding Electirizer
298 Geodude* Rock/Electric Breed Graveler*
299 Graveler* Rock/Electric Route 12, 17, Blush Mountain
300 Golem* Rock/Electric Evolve Graveler* by trading

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