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Pokemon Ultra Sun & Moon
Strategy Guide

Author(s): Vincent Lau, Cassie Sun
First Published: 23-12-2017 / 00:00 GMT
Last Updated: 12-02-2019 / 19:30 GMT
Version: 1.1 (????) 21-08-2019 / 20:56 GMT

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Ultra Warp Ride

Legendary Pokémon

Add Legendary Pokemon to your team to make it even more unstoppable!

All the Legendary Pokemon from previous generations excluding Mythicals are available for capture in Ultra Sun & Ultra Moon! How? Through Ultra Warp Ride, of course.

Legendary Pokemon can be found in any non-white Ultra Wormhole, but you have your greatest chance of landing jackpot in the fourth tier of wormhole. Of course those are also the hardest to find but try to get the rarest wormholes possible.

You will know that a Legendary has spawned when a message talking about you sensing "the presence of immense power" shows up on the screen. Unfortunately you don’t really have much of a way of knowing what has spawned until you see it, so make sure you save beforehand.

If you’re not ready to take that particular Legendary on, you can leave or knock it out. Legendary Pokemon only become unobtainable after you have caught one of it.

Doesn’t Matter Where They’re From

Some legendaries are version exclusive, and more confusing still, other legendaries require you to have two legendaries related to them in your party, or they just won’t show. To make things trickier, those two legendaries are usually version exclusives as well.

Don’t fret, however! You don’t need the legendaries from Ultra Space. If you played previous Pokemon games and migrated your Legendary Pokemon into your copy of Ultra Sun or Ultra Moon, dump them into your party and keep hunting!

Blue Wormholes

Several lake and water-loving Legendary Pokemon are here.

Pokemon Type Notes
Suicune Water Requires Entei and Raikou in party
Lugia Psychic/Flying Ultra Moon exclusive
Latias Dragon/Psychic Ultra Moon exclusive
Latios Dragon/Psychic Ultra Sun exclusive
Kyogre Water Ultra Moon exclusive
Uxie Psychic N/A
Mesprit Psychic N/A
Azelf Psychic N/A
Kyurem Dragon/Ice Requires Reshiram and Zekrom in party

Red Wormholes

Skybound Legendaries can be found within the red wormholes.

Pokemon Type Notes
Articuno Ice/Flying N/A
Zapdos Electric/Flying N/A
Moltres Fire/Flying N/A
Ho-Oh Fire/Flying Ultra Sun exclusive
Rayquaza Dragon/Flying Requires Kyogre and Groudon in party
Cresselia Psychic N/A
Tornadus Flying Ultra Sun exclusive
Thundurus Electric/Flying Ultra Moon exclusive
Landorus Ground/Flying Requires Tornadus and Thundurus in party
Yveltal Dark/Flying Ultra Moon exclusive

Green Wormholes

Legendaries historically found in meadows or other open areas can be found here, with a few odd exceptions.

Pokemon Type Notes
Mewtwo Psychic N/A
Raikou Electric Ultra Sun exclusive
Entei Fire Ultra Moon exclusive
Dialga Steel/Dragon Ultra Sun exclusive
Cobalion Steel/Fighting N/A
Terrakion Rock/Fighting N/A
Virizion Grass/Fighting N/A
Reshiram Dragon/Fire Ultra Sun exclusive
Zekrom Dragon/Electric Ultra Moon exclusive
Xerneas Fairy Ultra Sun exclusive

Yellow Wormholes

Legendaries historically hidden away from the outside world await your challenge here.

Pokemon Type Notes
Regirock Rock N/A
Regice Ice N/A
Registeel Steel N/A
Groudon Ground Ultra Sun exclusive
Palkia Water/Dragon Ultra Moon exclusive
Heatran Fire/Steel Ultra Sun exclusive
Regigigas Normal Ultra Moon exclusive
Giratina Ghost/Dragon Requires Dialga and Palkia in party

Similar to Ultra Beasts, Legendary Pokemon found through Ultra Wormholes are not shiny locked. Simply save before the encounter and soft reset until you get your coveted shiny. These Legendary Pokemon will not come with their Hidden Ability. Again, no Mythicals can be caught through Ultra Warp Ride (Mew, Celebi, etc.).

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