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Red Dead Redemption 2

Horseman Challenges

Ben Chard
Jarrod Garripoli
, &
Nathan Garvin

During your journey through Red Dead Redemption 2 you’ll be able to take on a series of challenges which will vary from hunting down certain breads of horse or trying to do certain objectives whilst horseback.

Horseman Challenge 1

The first Challenge you’ll face will require you to kill five Rabbits whilst horseback, this challenge is a simple one as there are Rabbits scattered across the whole map.

Horseman Challenge 2

(1 of 2) Jump over in three obstacles in the world,

Jump over in three obstacles in the world, (left), to complete this challenge. (right)

Your next challenge will require you to jump over three obstacles within 15 seconds, which is also another simple challenge as your horse can jump over almost everything.

Horseman Challenge 3

Challenge three will require you to ride on your horse from Valentine over to Rhodes within five minutes. This challenge is easier done once you’ve got a racing horse and fully bonded with it to increase its stamina.

Horseman Challenge 4

This next challenge will require you to pull an enemy along the floor whilst being tied to your horse for 3300 feet. In order to do this, pull out your Lasso from your inventory and then grab an enemy and then tie him/her to your horse and pull them along some flat land.

Horseman Challenge 5

This Challenge is another simple one as all you’ll need to do is run over five animals whilst horseback. Simply just roam around the world until you see some animals around you and then sprint over them.

Horseman Challenge 6

For this Challenge you’ll need to take your horse and travel from Strawberry to Sain Denis in nine minutes without coming into contact with any water along the way. In order to do this efficiently you’ll need to make sure you have a racing horse with full stamina alongisde some shots to give the horse a boost along the way while making sure to use the bridges to help you get across.

Horseman Challenge 7

Your seventh Challenge will require you to kill seven enemies without getting off your horse. Once you’ve found your victims use Dead Eye to get clean headshots.

Horseman Challenge 8

This Challenge will require you to kill nine predators whilst you’re mounted on your horse, this is easiest done by taking out the alligators that are lurking around Lemoyne.

Horseman Challenge 9

This Challenge is similar to Challenge 6 but this time you’ll need to travel from Van Horn to Blackwater within 17 minutes. Like in the previous challenge make sure that you’re prepared with a high stamina racing horse and plan your route in advanced.

Horseman Challenge 10

Once all the other Challenges have been completed, it is now time for the long one, as you’ll need to break every horse breed within Red Dead Redemption 2. In order to break a horse you’ll need to approach it slowly and then calm it enough until it allows you to mount it, once you’ve mounted you’ll need to wiggle the left stick until it becomes comfortable with you.

Horse Breeds Locations
Wild American Standardbred Can be found to the North of the West Elizabeth Region.
Wild Morgan Can be found to the North of the West Elizabeth Region.
Wild Mustang Can be found in the New Hanover Region near the Heartlands.
Wild Tennessee Walker Can be found in the New Hanover Region near the Heartlands.
Wild Appaloosa Can be found in the Ambarino Region.
Wild Hungarian Halfbred Can be found near Blackwater.
Wild Kentucky Saddler Can be found to the South of Blackwater.
Wild Nokota Can be found to the South of Armadillo in the New Austin Region.
Wild American Paint Can be found South of Tumbleweed in the New Austin Region.
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