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Hunting Request 2

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Remember that the second hunting request will begin as soon as you obtain your reward from the first one. Things will start to get a little trickier with this one, as birds are thrown into the mix. Birds are highly annoying, as you can never get too close without them flying away. This is where you binoculars come into play, as you will be able to spot them from further away. Your list also expands to three animals for this request, with them being a Cardinal, a Rat and a Woodpecker.


Cardinal Carcass

This is one of the two animals that can prove to be a royal pain for this request. Hopefully you listened to the tip above in getting the Buck Antler Trinket, as it will save you a lot of trouble, allowing you to use the Varmint Rifle without having to worry about not getting perfect carcasses. It is still possible to use your bow, but it needs Small Game Arrows, which can be crafted by a campfire when you’re in the wilderness. Of course, while the perfect dream of spotting birds on the ground might be feasible, you will likely always run into them flying away.

You will find a plethora of smaller birds at this location

Despite that, though, there is a very good place that can have a lot of the smaller birds present. Looking at your map, it is found north of the Annesburg name on the map, where the path crosses the river in two spots next to each other. Go here during the morning hours or during the earlier parts of the day to find the birds sitting on rocks. Remember to be very careful not to spook the birds, plus there is the off chance that you might find a cougar now and then. Since the birds will be on rocks, it’s a lot easier to line up shots with the bow and Small Game Arrows.

Woodpecker Carcass

The Woodpecker is another animal that can be troublesome to find, but basic knowledge should help in knowing they will be in forested areas. There are actually two different kinds, the Red-bellied Woodpecker and the Pileated Woodpecker. The former can be found up in the northeast, in the area near Annesburgh, while the latter can be found in the wooded regions of New Hanover. Look at the Cardinal above for the best spot to easily snatch the Woodpecker carcass.

Rat Carcass

South of where Annesburg is marked on your map is a small lake called Elysian Pool. There is a small waterfall here that hides a cave behind it, which is where you will find both bats and rats. It will be dark in here, so make sure you use your lantern (occupies the same slot as your knife). Use Small Game Arrows to kill the rats, which shouldn’t be too difficult considering the location.

Since all of the animals for this request are small enough to fit in your satchel, you don’t have to worry about them decomposing. Once you have them all, bring them to the post office and mail them to Ms. Hobbs. Wait 24 hours from the time you sent the mail to get your reward ($75.00), then you’ll receive your new list.

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