Red Dead Redemption 2

A Fisher of Fish

Ben Chard
Jarrod Garripoli
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This Stranger Mission begins at the start of Chapter 3, once you’ve relocated to Clemens Point, make your way up the shore to the northwest of Clemens Point and you’ll find Jeremy Gill fishing off the pier. Upon speaking to him, he’ll hand over a Legendary Fish map and inform you that he’ll pay you well for any of the Fish you catch and return to him.

There are 13 Legendary Fish in total to find across the world of Red Dead Redemption 2 and you’ll need to reach the Epilogue to gain access to the final two. Although any Lure can be used to catch these fishes, using the correct one will make this endeavour a lot easier. Finally, unlike most regular fish, the Legendary Fish are too large to be tucked away in your pouch so you’ll have to carry it with you, making it a sensible idea to go for one at a time. This is a Stranger Mission best left for the Epilogue when you can complete it all in one go.

You can find every Legendary Fish on the Interactive Map and below is a summary of each one along with which Lure to use:

Fish Lure Location
Bluegill Special Lake South of Clemens Point, between the small island and the shore
Bullhead Catfish Special River Fish off the island to the west of the Penitentiary
Chain Pickerel Special River Dakota River near Flatneck Station
Lake Sturgeon Special River Fish off the bridge southwest of Saint Denis
Largemouth Bass Special River Requires Epilogue progression, San Luis River southeast of Lake Don Julio
Longnose Gar Special Swamp Fish just off the northern part of Lakay
Muskie Special River Fish at the bottom of the Lighthouse at Van Horn Trading Post
Perch Special Lake Elysian Pool
Redfin Pickerel Special Lake Requires Epilogue progression, largest body of water at Stillwater Creek
Rock Bass Special Lake Fish off the pier at Aurora Basin
Smallmouth Bass Special Lake Owanjila Lake
Sockeye Salmon Special Lake Southern section of Lake Isabella
Steelhead Trout Special River Far northeast of the map, along the waterfall

As you find and mail the fish to Jeremy Gill, you’ll be awarded the following items:

Fish Mailed Reward
1 Lake Lure
10 $45 and Succulent Fish Meat x5
13 Advance the Stranger Mission

Once all 13 Legendary Fish have been mailed to Gill, he’ll invite you to his cabin where he’ll invite you to join him on an adventure to catch a giant Catfish in Rio Bravo. Once you arrive at your destination, Jeremy Gill will attempt and fail to catch the fish. In the aftermath, you’ll be able to claim his Special Spinner and Hat.

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