Red Dead Redemption 2

Survivalist Challenges

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The Suvivalist Challenges will teach everything you need to know in order to survive out in the dangerous world of Red Dead Redemption. You’ll be sent out on a variety of tasks that will include some fishing, crafting, and a little bit of hunting here and there.

Survivalist Challange 1

Your first challenge will have you go out into the world and do a little bit of fishing until you catch three Bluegill fish. You’ll be able to find these in almost every lake in the game, just make sure you take some cheese to use for bait which will increase your chances of catching something.

Survivalist Challenge 2

Your second challenge will have you head out into the world and hunt down and kill five animals and deliver them to a camp.

Survivalist Challenge 3

The third challenge is simple one, as it will require you to purchase a varmint rifle from a gunsmith and kill five animals with it.

Survivalist Challenge 4

(1 of 2) Head to this location on the map to find a Fence,

Head to this location on the map to find a Fence, (left), and then purchase the weapon blueprints. (right)

The fourth challenge will require you to head over to Emerald Ranch and purchase the dynamite, fire, improved, poison, and small arrow blueprints. Once you’ve arrived, take a look at the ingredients needed and explore around the world to gather atleast one of each to craft it.

Once all the arrows have been crafted this step will be completed.

Survivalist Challenge 5

For the fifth challenge you’ll need to head over to Lemoyne to find The bayou. Once you’ve arrived you’ll need to take look around until you find a riverboat, but beware there are a few alligators lurking about. After the boat has been acquired head over to the tracks and then catch a fish to complete this challenge.

Survivalist Challenge 6

This next challenge will require you to wait until any predator is having a quick snack on any corpse and then you’ll need to quickly pop a shot to its head to kill it. Repeat this step five times to complete this challenge.

Survivalist Challenge 7

In order to complete this challenge you’ll need to take out small animals that include rabbits, skunks, and racoons with small game arrows. Once the arrows have been crafted, you’ll need to look around until you find a location where there are a few of the small animals standing close to each other, quickly take them out to complete this challenge.

Survivalist Challenge 8

This next challenge will require you to craft an Improved Tomahawk, Homing Tomahawk, Volatile Dynamite, and Volatile fire bottle. In order to do this you’ll need purchase the recipes from a fence, for example Emerald Ranch is good place to go to. After you’ve gathered the ingredients, craft the items to complete this challenge.

Survivalist Challenge 9

This challenge will require you to catch a fish that weighs around 19lb, your best path to take to do this is by heading over to any of the legendary fishing spots on the map and take some lure with you.

Survivalist Challenge 10

The final challenge is a very time consuming one as you’ll need to fully complete the game first and then catch one of every type of fish within Red Dead Redemption 2 and that is including all the legendary ones too. Make good use of the tracking section that is avaliable to you.

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