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Red Dead Redemption 2

Paradise Mercifully Departed

Ben Chard
Jarrod Garripoli
, &
Nathan Garvin

This mission will require expert shooting from you if you’re to obtain the Gold Medal as you’ll need to be quick while also going for headshots. You’re on a timer throughout the mission so be sure to be moving at all times, only stopping when the mission forces you. Like all time based missions, consider playing on a replay so that you can skip cutscenes to save time, there’s a few in this mission.

Follow the rest of the gang as you head up to the first canon and sneak around to the first two sentries with Micah. Sneak up to the left one and stealth kill him while Micah kills the right one. Plant the explosives on the canon and then the mission will shift from a sneaking mission to a shootout.

(1 of 2) Stealth kill the left sentry at the start of the mission

Stealth kill the left sentry at the start of the mission (left), stay on the move as you go for headshots. (right)

Stay on the move as you head to each canon, you’ll need to be precise with your shooting as you need 25 headshots for the Gold Medal. Fortunately there is no accuracy objective here but as you’re on a timer, you don’t have time to sit in cover and pick enemies off. Once you reach the final canon, you’ll have to hunker down with Dutch while Micah sets up the explosives, this is a good time to use Dead Eye to score some easy headshots on the soldiers coming down from the fields.

Once the explosion goes off, be on the move right away as you head towards the workers compound. There’s only a few enemies here so move and shoot as you head towards the house at the back and enter it. During the standoff, look at everybody using the [LS] and then when you get the chance, look down at the Captain to kick the gun to him.

(1 of 2) Look to the soldier on the left cliff as you reach the final compound

Look to the soldier on the left cliff as you reach the final compound (left), aim the cannon at the top of the tower to kill Fussar. (right)

With the Captain in tow, you now have a secondary timer to deal with, you have 1 minute 45 seconds to reach the boat. Dash the entire time and try to headshot each of the soldiers as they approach your path. As you reach the final compound, look up to the cliff to the left to spot one final soldier and then head inside. The final section of this mission pits you up against Fussar’s cannon in the tower, head left and over the walls to reach a cannon yourself and take aim at the tower. Aim towards the top of the tower and fire off a few rounds to take Fussar down once and for all and end the mission.

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