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Outlaws from the West

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On the Run

After a failed robbery in Blackwater, the Van der Linde gang find themselves up in the mountains on the run. You’re introduced to the game’s protagonist, Arthur Morgan here as you gain control of him.

Use the [X]/[A] button to control the speed and keep pace with Dutch and follow the onscreen prompts to get used to how to control the horse. Tapping the [X]/[A] button will cause the horse to gallop faster at the expense of draining some of the horse’s Stamina while you can press the [R1]/[RB] button to slow the horse down. Eventually you’ll meet with another gang member, Micah Bell, who will guide you to a Homestead nearby.

Head down and hitch the horse to the post by holding down the [Triangle]/[Y] button and follow Dutch’s instructions to hide in the shack to the left. Once inside, press the [R1]/[RB] button to take cover while using the left stick to keep an eye on Micah’s position. It seems all is not right and Dutch needs protecting, equip your Revolver and then carefully take aim at the nearby person to the left, preferably at his head.

(1 of 2) Line up a headshot before the shootout begins

Line up a headshot before the shootout begins (left), pay special attention to the enemy in the top window (right)

This will begin the shootout and if you wish to obtain the Gold Medal for this mission, you’ll need to make sure that you’re not hit once and that at least 80% of your shots hit their target. Make good use of the cover where you are, only lifting your head when you’re sure you can score a kill. If you’re not sure of your shot hitting it’s target, then retreat behind cover, a red reticule will indicate that your shot will land. Take the time to practice hitting the enemies in the head, this will kill them instantly. The biggest threat in this shootout is the enemy in the top window, it’s easy to have some of your shots miss. At the end of the shootout, one of the enemies will make a run for it, if you choose to gun him down then your Honor will lower.

With all the enemies defeated, follow Dutch into the cabin and begin searching for supplies. You can search the area by holding the [Square]/[X] button to open up cabinets and other furniture while you’ll find food provisions on the table. For the Gold Medal, you’ll need to pick up at least six items while in the house, all of which are out in the open (don’t forget to climb the ladder). You’ll be instructed on how to use the Satchel, do so by holding down the [Right Dpad] and then eat some of the Oatcakes you may have picked up, this will restore Arthur’s Health and Stamina Cores.

(1 of 2) You can open cabinets and other furniture to find stored items

You can open cabinets and other furniture to find stored items (left), spare the O’Driscoll to prevent your Honor from decreasing. (right)

Once you’ve fully looted the place, head back outside and obey Dutch’s instructions to check out the bar. As you open the door, Arthur is jumped by a hidden O’Driscoll and you’ll be instructed on how to melee. Use the [O]/[B] button to punch your attacker, grabbing hold of him after you knock him down to interrogate him. You’ll be given the opportunity to decide how you’ll deal with him after the successful interrogation which will affect your Honor (it’s best to let him run, he won’t survive the cold either way). Follow the onscreen instructions to pick up your hat and gun before leading the horse to the nearby hitching post.

Head into the cabin following the commotion with Micah to find a survivor from the family that lived here. Dutch takes the woman with him and the gang returns to the temporary hideout to conclude the mission.

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